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  1. I for one would be gutted to see either of them leave, both have played their parts in getting us where we are.
  2. If you add together ''Foulgers position to change'' and ''Foulger and Mcnally hate eachother'', then you really only get a realistic scenario of one of them considering their position untenable. I can''t see how Foulger and McNally falling out would result in Foulger becoming owner or chairman. It would instead only result in one of either Foulger stepping down or McNally getting the chop. Foulger doesn''t seem the type to say boo to a goose though and McNally has always said good things about all three of the major shareholders, so I just can''t see it myself.
  3. How do you get quoting to work on this forum? I use chrome, is this a chrome problem or do I need a plugin or something?
  4. [quote user="TheNewBoy"]"Bowkett resigns and Foulger becomes chairman. Delia sells up to Foulger making him the new majority shareholder. Will that do for starters or would you like a few more scenarios?" Well those are all nice positive scenarios, but they wouldn''t explain why you felt the need to share the rumour that Foulger and McNally do not get on, and how that relates to Foulger''s position changing. I will ask his son for you.[/quote] Test
  5. "Bowkett resigns and Foulger becomes chairman. Delia sells up to Foulger making him the new majority shareholder. Will that do for starters or would you like a few more scenarios?" Well those are all nice positive scenarios, but they wouldn''t explain why you felt the need to share the rumour that Foulger and McNally do not get on, and how that relates to Foulger''s position changing. I will ask his son for you.
  6. I just can''t see what you would get out of sharing a rumour about two club directors which are not sure to be true, when - if true - we shall get to hear it from the club in due course. Until it is confirmed it is just mindless gossip. If you really do have somebody ''in the know'' so to speak, then somewhere along the chain is somebody has shared something with somebody else in confidence. I just think that somebody who has ploughed in £3m of his own cash in recent seasons deserves a bit more respect than to become the subject of internet gossip about something which he clearly currently wishes to be the private business of the club.
  7. 11:17 PM "I understand that changes in the boardroom are being made involving Michael Foulger in his capacity as vice chairman and director" 10:30 AM "Some posters seem to be jumping to the conclusion that he is stepping down as vice chairman or a director and that is not what i have said" However did people manage to come to that conclusion? Out of interest, what other conclusions could people have reached?
  8. Rather than share mindless gossip why not ask the mans son: https://twitter.com/MichaelFoulger If you believe the rumour enough to publish it to an audience full of strangers then you should have the guts to ask him outright.
  9. Neil Adams had the last laugh though, he has a good job at a Premier League club and has just added his first managerial trophy win to his CV, he is highly thought of in Norwich and a legend at Oldham where he won the League Cup and helped them to two successive promotions to the Premier League. Glen Roeder is washed up on the football scrapheap, completely unemployable at 57 and out of work for four years. He won nothing as a player and the ''Intertoto Cup'' as a manager. "who will never manage anything better than an under-10 team" “They are people who will never manage a football club, they have little idea of managing a football club" I wondered whether these two comments entered into Neil''s head as he celebrated with our brightest crop of youngsters in the last 20 years. Neil Adams is still 3 years younger than Hughton was when he took his first permanent managers job, what are the odds on Neil Adams having a managers job by the time he is Roeder''s current age of 57? And what are the odds on Roeder ever getting a managers job again?
  10. "The stamp or whatever is one incident in the career of a 26 year old" I''m pretty much on the same wavelength as you, other than with respect of the stamp. That could have ended the other players career, it would have been ''just one little incident'' or whatever to the other man. A bit like saying Shaun Wright-Phillips challenge on Dean Ashton is just one incident.... was a big one for Ashton.
  11. Can''t say that I see any similarities at all between Hughes and Pulis to be honest, the closest thing to Stoke last season was Norwich City. Hughes always tries to play with the ball on the floor but just failed miserably at QPR. His Fulham side scored 49 goals and finished 8th on 49 points and scored 12 goals in their last four games.
  12. Exactly Joanna, although I don''t think he dives - more ''draws the foul'' so to speak. Holt has done this less since Snodgrass arrived, he assumed Holt''s role as for the three years prior that was Grant''s job. As for the dramatic falls from being lightly touched, seem to remember Bradley Johnson doing that at Loftus Road :) I love a cheeky player who bends the rules when they are on our side. Nobody complains if John Ruddy takes 30 seconds to take a goal kick. Is deeply unfair to liken him to Joey Barton. Out of the 10 incidents the only one that I would be genuinely ASHAMED to see from a player in a yellow shirt was the stamp on the knee, didn''t like that, but looks like an isolated incident to me and possibly even an accident.
  13. What a load of hyperbole. I followed that link expecting to see a horrible little chav with anger issues, and all I got was a player who is good at drawing cards out of the opposition, just like Bradley Johnson. A player who occasionally raises his elbows a bit high in a fifty fifty aerial challenge. Grant Holt does this. A player who goes down at the slightest of touches. Most attacking players in the Premier League do this. The only one that made me feel a little uncomfortable was the stamp on the knee. That was Muscat-esque, but could question whether that was accidental or intentional. Come back when he has put a cigar out in a fifteen year olds eye or battered a team mate in training and I will change my mind.
  14. This is actually a very good signing for Stoke, at a very good price. £3m for a 24 year old Dutch international, would have been nice for him to have joined a fellow 24 year old Dutch international at Carrow Road. I''d be happy with Olsson of course, but I couldn''t imagine a better left back for £3m. It does make you wonder whether there was somebody else signing players at QPR.
  15. http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/adams_sacked_as_colney_coach_1_643080
  16. To the contrary, I think it''s impressive how many players are being picked up by Championship, League One, and League Two clubs, and it should give the impression that Norwich provide these players with a very good footballing education with so many remaining in the game in recent years. The FA Youth cup win will attract players too, and it wouldn''t surprise me if all at the club simply consider the latest crop to be of superior quality to the last couple of harvests. I am a little disappointed personally with the departure of Adeyemi, I think that we should have kept hold of him and LOANED him to the Championship, but it still remains more likely that he will never become a Premier League player. If I can criticise the club for anything it is the way that we have allowed all these players to leave for free when several would have been worth something on the open market. It is almost as if we are so rich now that a few hundred grand isn''t worth it, I''d like to think that every few thousand counts. I think that Adeyemi could easily have justified half a million, Martin + Smith a quarter of a million, and Steer likely significantly more than we will get from a tribunal. We got £400k for Joe Lewis when we needed money, we even got £50k for Dale Stephens from Hibs. My point is that if an academy isn''t producing players of Premier League quality then it should at least be partially paying for itself..... a million quid isn''t a lot of money in first team terms, but it is a lot of money to be reinvested into the youth system. It should also be remembered that these players are a result of our Championship and League One years. Is it really a step backwards for Adeyemi to have broken through when we were a team of League One standard and then earned himself a move to a mid-table Championship club? Is it really a step backwards for Korey Smith to have had his breakthrough at League One level under Lambert and then signed for a League One team? I don''t think that Norwich have done any of these players a disservice, I think we are doing ourself more of a disservice by not seeing the academy as a means of income like some of the the bigger clubs in the country.
  17. Quite how people can question the quality of the German league after events last season is beyond me, come out of your cave and get with the times - the Germans are set for a period of football domination and the Barcelona manager has said that himself.
  18. Perhaps it would help if you read a thread in its entirety ryanncfc, for I''ve already clarified that Mancienne did not play for Wolves in their relegation season. Bassong played for a few months in a team which was already as good as relegated alongside Roger Johnson, who is about as good as Gary Doherty and will be playing in League One next season. As for your comment "if he was that good, he''d be in the PL and fighting for an England place at his age", then that is exactly the type of ignoramous moronic mongoloid comment which pretty much sums up why our national football team is in such a state. More English players should go and play in places like Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, instead of accepting £30k a week to play reserve team football on the basis that we have a backwards Football Association which picks the team for puppet managers on reputation and not on ability. Europe is a continent, made up of numerous countries, with several world class national teams, several quality football leagues, and contrary to popular belief it is not just a series of Ryanair destinations which exist solely for stag parties.
  19. He is indeed a good footballer, he is more of a Bassong than a Turner. I always feel that Turner is interchangeable with Ryan Bennett, similar types of no-nonsense centre half. When we lose Bassong however the same cannot be said, we don''t have another Bassong. Bassong however has that composure and ability with the ball at his feet to dictate play a little and get involved with the possession game. Mancienne would in my opinion be an excellent alternative to Bassong. If we want to seriously progress as a club then we need to start thinking about cup runs, and that can mean 50+ games a year. There is room for four good centre backs in any Premier League squad. Mancienne also has pace in abundance, just the player that we would need to stop somebody like Suarez scoring his usual bi-annual hat-trick against Norwich.
  20. Holt suffered a crisis of confidence last season but showed in the last three or four games that he still has what it takes to make a big impression as this level. If we got rid this summer then in my opinion that will be one year too early. I''d like us to keep him on side for one more season and then give him the courtesy of a cut price move to wherever it is that he wants to go, be that Australia, Carlisle, or Celtic, next summer... For me he has one more season in him, and we are one more year of TV money away from being able to sign another player of Van Wolfswinkel quality up front. I fear that parting ways with Holt this summer could be a huge mistake, I''d rather we milk another season out of him and then see him leave as a player who isn''t capable of going and scoring 10 goals for a Premier League rival. Besides, £2m is chicken feed when talking about a club legend and team captain, even if we only get 15 to 20 starts out of him next season.
  21. A couple of years ago somebody somewhere, probably Lambert, said that Jed Steer was a bigger prospect than Declan Rudd. But with Steer having to make do with a non-league loan last season and Declan Rudd keeping SIX clean sheets in thirteen games for a poor Preston side last season, I wonder whether Mr Lambert will be proved wrong. When Joe Lewis left the justification was that we had Declan Rudd coming through. That was a bold decision. At the moment we have one keeper who is making a big impression in League One, has done well when called upon by us, has an England Under 21 cap to his name, and was clearly seen as more ready than Steer by the current staff. In the meantime we have the England goalkeeping coach at the club at a time when Rudd has clearly been rated more highly than Steer. Could it just be that, no matter how good Steer, we still own the better prospect of the two? It is entirely possible that Jed Steer will become an excellent keeper in due course, but clearly there are enough people in the game who believe the same of Declan Rudd. Perhaps we are the club with the real diamond and Steer is just the victim of coming through a little after a superior keeper - Declan Rudd. I wish them both the best though, both local boys!
  22. Xara kits were pretty rubbish but I always liked the fact that they were made in the UK rather than in Bangledesh.
  23. Actually that is true, good point, I can''t remember hearing anything about those players either. Actually I think we heard about Turner a week or so before, but Bassong + Tettey definitely came out of nowhere.
  24. I wouldn''t wear a shirt with wonga on it if you paid me, unless it was a serious sum of money.
  25. No that was the season before. Bassong played with Roger Johnson (terrible footballer). Mancienne played at Wolves when they were decent, his departure probably played a part in their decline.
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