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  1. Quite a lot of talk of Scott Sinclair being available on loan with West Brom and Espanyol being talked about. I know that Norwich fans aren''t big fans of loans, but a player of this quality surely has to be an exception? Would be a great acquisition, could potentially stick a clause in like £10m and he is ours at the end of the year? You never know, only a cup final away from Europe and players like this might be within our reach. The question is whether we need him, would almost certainly mean Bennett out on loan or even sold I guess, but a great player for Redmond to learn from?
  2. Well the club do pay them, a share of every shirt sold. Both Errea and Norwich City will make money from every shirt sold. It is a business arrangement, not a sponsorship, Errea don''t just give the club money to put their logo on the shirt. My point was that I don''t understand why some clubs don''t cut the kit brands out of the equation and just produce their own for a bigger share of the profit. especially clubs a little further down the pyramid. Nobody is going to give a lump sum advance to Cheltenham or Doncaster to produce their shirts.
  3. Football shirts are big business, these companies only pay an advance on royalties. Nike for example have a £303bn deal with Man Utd for 13 years, but that''s just an advance on royalties, there is then a profit share with the club. Nike profit massively from the sale of Man Utd shirts. How many people do you see walking around in Errea gear? Their main business is football kits. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erre%C3%A0 It is possible that Norwich got an advance, but they and the club will be revenue sharing. Do you really think that Nike just produce millions of Man Utd shirts and give them to the club for free? Ha, Nike will be making billions out of that deal, as will Man Utd.
  4. This is actually a very Lambert-like signing. With Lambert having been in for wingers this season (signed two), I wonder whether he was in for him. Especially with Redmond living on his doorstep.
  5. I thought Redmond was a right winger? He isn''t competition for the left wing is he?
  6. That was rather condescending, I didn''t require a link to understanding the principle of economies of scale. The Errea factory is in Italy. In Italy the cost of labour far exceeds that of the typical wage in China. China is the global textiles centre now, and the cheapest place to buy textiles is China. It is likely that Errea buy their material from China and assemble kits in Italy. They then sell the completed kits to our club with a mark up sufficient to generate their business a profit. There is just no chance whatsoever that a factory in Northern Italy would be able to beat Chinese prices for textiles.
  7. The book has had good reviews from journalists, would bore me though. Can''t see the problem with him writing a book if there is a market out there for it. If you don''t like the subject then buy another book. The Neil Warnock autobiography is said to be a very good read, if people need something to do to fill the football void.
  8. Why is there more to it than drawing a kit design? Bruce Oldfield designed one, can''t be rocket science for an experienced designer. What else do Errea do? The club make the promotional video, take all the orders, fulfill the orders, do the press releases. All they do is design the kit, have it made in their factory, and then sell them to the club at a probably substantial markup.
  9. I''ve always wondered just why the club needs to have a kit manufacturer. Surely they could just design the kit themselves, fly to China, and get a factory to make them without a middle man.
  10. Redmond has the potential to be a great player and a full England International, but he isn''t as good as Ince. Ince has the potential to be world class and it''s a huge coup for Cardiff if it comes off. Ince is also left footed, he will probably end up a left winger. In fact, I''d absolutely love it if we could just hijack Cardiff''s bid and get him for our left wing at £8m.
  11. I''d have him if he was a freebie and accepted a wage which was in line with the average wage of our senior squad.
  12. Hope this doesn''t mean goodbye to Bennett. Although as things stand we have three right wingers and one left winger, and Bennett can do a job on the left, so it will take another left winger to make Bennett surplus to requirements. Probably also take another attacking midfielder, because at one point it looked like he was being groomed for a second striker role.
  13. Thought it was quite funny, although I will see if remains funny the tenth time.
  14. Ridiculous, you could apply the same logic to any business in the world. You give your money to Tesco. The Tesco CEO buys a new car. Etc. Every single penny that you have in your bank account has been lent out over 30 times. That''s why we are in the mess that we are in. Not acceptable for me to throw twenty smackers at a bookie but acceptable to keep that £20 in my bank account so that spivs in London can gamble with it. Either I gamble with it or somebody else does.
  15. Clearly you don''t have any kind of grasp of the feelings that Leeds fans have towards Morison then.
  16. Becchio has started two games for us, is it really unfair for somebody to say that he deserves a chance? Sorry but if people can''t see that Becchio is an upgrade on Morison then they need their heads checked. How long did Morison last at Leeds? Enough said.
  17. So what you are basically saying PurpleCanary is that if and when we sign another striker, you will then make a judgement as to whether keeping Holt is worth it? Well I''m happy to go along with that, but it would take a very impressive signing to make me think "Holt isn''t going to get a game". As for Becchio, he showed in one touch against West Brom that he is capable of things that Morison never has been and never will be.
  18. Newcastle didn''t flog Shearer at 32 to get a few million before his legs went, instead that got a couple more OK seasons out of him and let me retire when his legs went. We should squeeze another season out of Holt and then let him go to Carlisle for free.
  19. I do understand why people are looking to the future RE: Holt, but there are numerous weaknesses in our team which need to be addressed. People should be more concerned at the moment about us signing a left back to compete with Garrido, a left winger to compete with Pilkington, and a centre midfielder who can dictate tempo and spray passes about. An upgrade on David Fox would be ideal. Several areas that we need to think about strengthening. Van Wolfswinkel, Hooper, Holt, and Becchio would be a very strong front four. As for Becchio, can''t help but feel that writing him off so quickly is in any way fair. He is an obvious upgrade on Morison and deserves a chance.
  20. I respect your right to an opinion which differs from mine, but I''d be interested to hear your list of ''younger Holt models'', can''t help but feel that people are being a bit unrealistic. Hooper for £5m would look like a decent enough deal, but he is a completely different player to Holt and certainly not a replacement. Can''t think of any off the shelf target men to be honest. Admittedly my knowledge of overseas football is limited, but I''d like to think that Becchio and Holt give us the option of play two up front this season. I think a much bigger factor than transfer budget is Hughton''s tactical aspirations. If 4-4-2 is in his mind at all then I assert that we need four strikers with two of them preferably being physical players capable of winning the ball in the air and holding the ball up. We were never likely to be able to sign Andy Carroll, and that''s what you pay for a younger model of Holt. There can''t be too many big physical strikers around because AC Milan were desperate for Andy Carroll. Steven Fletcher would do, but look what money he went for. You are suggesting that we allow a striker to depart without any ideas whatsoever in respect of who we would replace him with. I still assert that this is a year too early to lose Holt. Next summer we get another £60m, will hopefully not be in such desperate need of midfielders, and can think about signing another big name striker. I really think that we need to think about strengthening our midfield, if we don''t do that then there is no point in signing any additional strikers.
  21. Super, cheers guys, will waste a little bit of my beer money on some of those. Top ten and Van Wolfswinkel to score 15 look like decent bets, shame I couldn''t put them on the same slip though.
  22. I''ve had a few bets on betfair in the past on live games, and I always have a tenner on the grand national and wimbledon, but I want to know whether I can bet one something like: 1. Grant Holt not to leave in this transfer window. 2. Grant Holt to score at least 10 goals. 3. Ricky Van Wolfswinkel to score at least 15 goals 4. Norwich to finish top 8 or top 10 5. Norwich to reach a cup semi-final this season. Also, can you bet on all three relegated teams as a multi-bet? If so where is the best place to do this, can you do this at betfair? If any of the five above bets are possible without having to phone up for special odds or without having to go into an independent bookie I''d be grateful if you could tell me how? Cheers!
  23. What matters is what Hughton thinks, and we shall find out in due course. What doesn''t matter is what you think, or what I think. That''s reality. I''d be willing to stick a fiver on Holt being here until at least January, would probably be willing to stick a fiver on Holt being here next summer. So perhaps the only relevant question that I have for Purple is: 1) When do you think Holt will leave this club?
  24. 1). We have no reason to believe that Lambert''s staff are any better than Hughton''s staff, with the possible exception of Ian Culverhouse. 2). I''d never heard of four of them, had you? Did they steal our goalkeeping coach? Because we now have the England goalkeeping coach, and Ruddy was playing the best football of his career under Hughton up to the injury. 3) Jed Steer would not have played a single Premier League game for us in the 2013/14 season and I don''t think he is any better than Declan Rudd. 4) Nobody at the club has put a price of £10m on Ruddy''s head, a tabloid journalist has made this up. 5) We don''t need Kone, we will sign a better younger striker. 6) If Redmond has declared his desire to move to Everton then good luck to him. He is a good prospect, but would have been unlikely to have any greater impact than Elliott Bennett will have in the next season or two. 7) Toivonen was given until Wednesday to decide whether to join, and it isn''t Wednesday yet. 8) Martinez talks the talk, but Everton will be dragged into mid-table obscurity with us next season, that''s what you get when you sign mid-table players. 9) Selling coal to Newcastle would be a piece of piddle because the mines were closed by Thatcher in the 1980''s. 10) There will be the end of 3rd July, you can hold me to it. 11) McNally has said that we will sign four or five, I believe him. 12) Chill out, the players aren''t even back for training yet.
  25. Mark Bowen was a superb player too, head and shoulders over any full back that we have had in the past 20 years.
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