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  1. What people are forgetting about Swansea is that it is even further away from civilisation than Norwich and is, to put it politely, a dump. Playing for one of the best footballers of his generation, in a team which plays attractive football, is a major pull... but it doesn''t make up for the fact that Swansea is a cess pit full of thieving junkies.
  2. "He had a turbulent loan spell at leeds where his attitude pretty much got him the sack" What a load of BS, Townsend was unhappy at Leeds and asked to leave! "His agent told me he didn''t like here, he wasn''t happy, and he hadn''t settled. I''ve heard that Birmingham want to sign him, I don''t know if that''s got anything to do with it. "I''m disappointed because we''ve lost a player, but I don''t want people who don''t want to be here so good riddance I say if that''s what he wants to do." - Neil Warnock Where do people get this rubbish into their heads?
  3. The best way to build a following in North America is to sign some North American players, unfortunately we have just released Simeon Jackson and sent Kei Kamara packing, so we don''t have any. Can''t we sign Landon Donovan?
  4. Brilliant player and I''d love to have him here. Townsend in, Surman out, sounds like a clear upgrade of a member of the 25 to me.
  5. "Why would you say that, Michu will now go attacking mid where he wants to play and subsequently his best position" I think he will go to Arsenal. Swansea will be formidable if they end up with Michu, Bony, and Ince in their team together.
  6. I''m following Shelvey on twitter and he seems like a decent guy, so I''d have him at Norwich, doesn''t seem to have a particularly large ego. Bony is a quality player but I assume that his arrival would see Michu''s exit.
  7. I think Kyle Naughton teaming up with Snodgrass or Redmond down the right could be worth more goals than another striker. His delivery is exceptional.
  8. A lot of money, but plenty will pay it, small price to pay to say "I saw Cristiano Ronaldo at Dean Court". Bet people on here would, in hindsight, have been happy to pay sixty quid to be able to say "I saw Pele play at Carrow Road".
  9. Not even the oldest goalkeeper in the league, Brad Friedel is 42!
  10. Reading too much in to it. We need a third keeper who has to realise that his chances of a game are very slim and the best he can hope for is a pitch side view of the game, Carlos Nash thinks "well at least the seats are comfy at Premier League clubs".
  11. "I would not be happy using a keeper who has played so little at this level never mind his age!" 18 Premier League games, that''s 18 more than Lee Camp had played when he arrived here last season, and 16 more than Declan Rudd has played in his career.
  12. What are Nike shirts if they aren''t cheap? Made in Bangledesh by people earning 20p an hour.
  13. Don''t understand peoples logic here. Whittaker can play left back, so we would have Garrido/Whittaker left back, and Naughton/Martin right back. That means that we wouldn''t need a new left back. Naughton is better than anything that we have at the club. "He struggles to replace Walker at RB, so has played at LB, but I think that he is far less impressive on the left" Another way to look at that is that for a large chunk of the season he kept Assou-Ekotto out of the team, and I can remember people suggesting we sign him last year! Don''t really see why people rate Martin or Whittaker as any better than Garrido to be honest, all similar standard in my opinion, all have weaknesses in their game.
  14. "I do not understand why people do not believe that sports companies pay clubs to wear their kit" And I do not understand why people do not believe that sports companies only give an advance on royalties, which they make back with huge profit.
  15. Not Premier League standard, only ever been a novelty player for Celtic and not even a Northern Ireland regular. Capable of the spectacular occasionally but then so was Adrian Forbes.
  16. Really can''t see how Tettey can be considered an attacking threat. He has pace and is quick on the counter but more often than not he''ll run 40 yards with the ball and then play a sunday league pass to Snodgrass which ends up 5 metres behind him. He got a grand total of zero assists and one goal in the cup in 31 appearances. Not saying that Johnson offers anything going forward either, he doesn''t, centre midfield is an area that we desperately need to improve, either with a player who can spray the ball about or at least one who can chip in with goals and a few through balls to Van Wolfswinkel. Tettey and Johnson are sufficient at sitting in front of the defence and soaking up some pressure, but Johnson is better at that job in my opinion, no room for both of them on the pitch at the same time.
  17. I know that my view on Tettey isn''t the popularist view, but I just don''t think the man is any more than a decent squad player at this level.
  18. He can play left back can''t he?
  19. I know that some will disagree, but for me Tettey is the weakest link and the most likely to lose his place. Not going to write him off but his passing is average at best and terrible at worst, got plenty of energy but really needs to work on his game. Lot''s of people criticise Johnson for his passing but he''s above Tettey in my opinion. If Fer arrives I''ll see him as an upgrade on Tettey.
  20. crabbycanary.... Pilkington/Sinclair left wing, Snodgrass/Redmond right wing, Elliott Bennett out on loan or groomed for the second striker role where he has impressed on occasion.
  21. I may be missing something here, but isn''t this deal yet to be confirmed? People already looking at Redmond with yellow tinted glasses and we don''t even know if he''s our player. You will all change your tune if he turns round and signs on the dotted line somewhere else!
  22. Never said anything about paying all of his wages, doubt West Brom will be. Can remember Man City still paying Craig Bellamy £55k a week when Cardiff were paying him £25k.
  23. Actually it was: "What would Peter Crouch be if he was not a famous footballer ?" "A virgin"
  24. Do you think that there remains any prospect of seeing this man back in a Norwich shirt or has that boat sailed? Last summer it was said that Naughton was priced at £6m and that we couldn''t afford it. I don''t know whether that price would now be £9m, but £6m for a full back of his caliber sounds like a snip to me?
  25. Or it means they preferred the price tag. No point in arguing over who the better player is, or what the better deal is, because only time will tell and even if Tom Ince turns out to be the next Gareth Bale there remains the chance that Redmond will still end up a fantastic player. I think that they are both tremendous prospects, and that just makes me excited about the future of the England national team. Can see both of these winning caps.
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