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  1. "Or did he turn you down for a reach around in the Loft one night and your still gutted?"Casual racism goes down like a lead baloon on this forum, but casual homophobia does not. Your question isn''t worthy of a response.
  2. "In defence of the management team, we''d missed out on signing a decent pedigree striker in the previous windows so the pressure was on, we were priced out of most moves (Rhodes, Bony etc. etc.) and on paper, video evidence etc. Ricky looked a genuine goal threat"What? We signed him in March, before we were safe, and so were the very first club to make their move before the summer. Not a single other club in this league had already signed their strikers, so doesn''t look to me like we were willing to wait until summer to see who was about and at what price!
  3. "Just look at the league table and name one club that is doing substantially better than their financial budget"Where can I find a list of 2013/14 playing budgets for Premier League teams? "There isn''t one."You can''t make this claim because you can''t answer the first question. What we do know though is that Crystal Palace started this season with a £15k a week wage cap, which they probably broke to sign Chamakh and Ince in January. It is safe for us to assume that they are rock bottom in the budget table, and yet are 1 point below us in 16th with a game in hand, with more wins, a better defence and a better goal difference. "There never is"Our turnover exceeds that of Stoke City, 10th in the league, and was £10m higher than Swanseas at last check..... outperformed us last season and look to do the same this season despite the hindrance of Europe. If it was possible for you to answer the first question (it isn''t) then wouldn''t surprise me to see us at around 12th or 13th now in terms of playing budget.We are likely to be below at least three, possibly four teams who are operating with a smaller budget. That means we are underachieving, and for every underachiever there must be an overachiever. Stoke and Hull are the obvious overachievers.
  4. How do we know it was Loza that they were interested in? Murphy is also there.
  5. Summary:I blame the management team for spending £8.5m on the wrong player.I partially blame the management team for his lack of chances.I partially blame Van Wolfswinkel for his lack of chances.I blame Van Wolfswinkel for not burying a few of the five or six clear cut chances that he has had.I hope that by proportioning responsibility we are now clear on who I am criticising and why.
  6. My criticism is of Hughton for spending £8.5m on a mediocre poacher who doesn''t fit our system and wouldn''t be above Hooper in the pecking order even if we did play a game which suited the role of a poacher.Shame like morons like Indy_bones can''t grasp this simple premise. I agree completely that Hughton has spent a huge chunk of our transfer and probably wage budget on a player who isn''t suited at all to the way that he plays football, that''s precisely why I want Hughton sacked. You however are seriously struggling to find an argument to support the idea that RVW is better than Hooper (£5.2m), who is also a poacher and yet has managed to pinch 7 goals this season despite not being played in his preferable position.There is one thing not being played to your strengths, and there is another thing being so far out of your depth in this league that you can''t muster a single goal in 26 appearances out of 40 shots and 10 on target.He has had five or six clear cut chances and hasn''t stuck one away. You can blame whoever you want for that, we can blame it all on Hughton, or we can say that he hasn''t taken his chances. I''m saying that he hasn''t taken his chances.You can always find excuses for failure, or you can take responsibility. We have too much of the former at this club and nowhere near enough of the latter. Refunding away fans at Swansea is a good start. Be nice for our manager to start taking a bit of responsibility too.
  7. I thought you weren''t going to debate with me? But whatever. Let''s just hope that if Hughton sticks by your man and leaves his top scorer on the bench we can find enough goals from Snodgrass and the rest of the midfielders to stay up.Five games away from matching Danny Grahams goal drought and I hope he doesn''t play enough to reach that milestone this season.
  8. I think Lennon would be a good choice considering we have Gary Hooper here who formed a great partnership with Kris Commons, who is similar to Wes. Add the numerous incredible signings he has made for peanuts (Wanyama for example). He also has passion and a winners mentality. Mackay and Di Matteo would not be at the top of my list, think I''d rather take a punt on Eddie Howe or Uwe Rosler.But I do know that the time has come for Hughton to leave and for us to have a fresh impetus, I''d probably still be content with Mackay or Di Matteo.
  9. In the past week we have seen you insist that you have seen players in the Norfolk sunday league who are better than Emile Heskey who played 19 seasons of Premier League football and now we are seeing you say that a striker with pretty much no pace needs through balls and balls over the top like Michael Owen, one of the fastest players in the world on his day, so that he can score one on ones.... and yet I''m the mental incompetent who needs a lobotomy. Good one!
  10. Paul Lambert will never come back here because he''d see it as a step down.If Villa and him parted ways in the summer he''d probably rather take the Celtic job for a couple of years than come here.
  11. "Also, why start a new thread"Woop, woop, it''s the sound of da forum police. Woop, woop, that''s the sound of the beast.
  12. "Then you have a seriously limited imagination. Think Allardyce for starters"OK..... 4 away wins, 4 away draws, 10 more goals scored, won every game they played in February (scoring 9 goals in the process), reached the League cup semi-final, 11th in the league and on 37 points already safe. West Ham fans may not enjoy his style of football but at least they can go to away games and have belief that they can win and score goals. Last three away games:Aston Villa 0-2 West HamChelsea 0-0 West HamCardiff 0-2 West HamOh poor West Ham being stuck with a manager who knows how to win games away from home!
  13. "who was that fat bloke who played up front for us last few seasons???"Grant Holt a poacher? I''ve heard it all now.
  14. "Poachers did NOT go extinct in the 90''s, players like Inzaghi were still plying their trade up until 2012, not to mention existing poachers like Huntelaar, Gomez and Chicarito (amongst a few others)"Brilliant. I say that poachers don''t exist in this country anymore, and you counter that by naming three players who have never played in this country and another who is nothing more than a supersub (see my Adam Le Fondre reference). You may as well become a parrot. "My main assertion is that RVW is NOT a target man, will NEVER work properly when played as a lone striker and asked to hold the ball and has been criminally misused this season under Hughton"You don''t see me arguing against that point do you Indy? Good work parrot."I don''t rate Heskey, simple as"You have already showed yourself up by claiming that the 17th highest PL goalscorer is sunday league standard, let''s not be getting into that again. "Gary Lineker scored so many goals because he was in the right place at the right time and was given the ball at that time, rather than him possessing some overpowering level of bravery"Why can''t Van Wolfswinkel be in the right place at the right time then? And yes he was brave with his low headers, a lot braver than Van Wolfswinkel. How is this an argument against my assertion that Lineker was a class poacher and Van Wolfswinkel is not? If one got in the right place at the right time 329 times in competitive football and Van Wolfswinkel hasn''t scored in 26 games?  "Well that is one of the key definitions of a goal poacher ffs"You are the one that is claiming Van Wolfswinkel is a goal poacher, I am the one questioning whether he is a very good one. Van Wolfswinkel wrong place wrong time. But Le Fondre and Hernandez and Lineker are or were all dangerous anywhere in the 18 yard box. "And how many genuine chances has RVW had this season to take those first time shots?"I should think he has wracked up quite a few good chances now in his 26 appearances actually, I think he has had half a dozen fantastic chances since his first goal, and probably another half a dozen half chances which he has fluffed or bottled. "Because he''s not being asked to play as a poacher by Hughton, he''s being asked to play as a target man instead. Look how often he has to drop deep to even get a pass, so how can he be having to play deep AND goal poach at the same time???"Oh look out a parrot. Are you just being terminally dim or what? I''ve already said that poachers play in a 4-4-2, and that''s why they are extinct, a walking contradiction you are. "He''s spent the entire season making the runs to get into position and consistently been ignored, I''m sure he''s got to the point where he thinks he may as well just not bother if the team are simply going to ignore his movement"Rubbish, I think his positioning and runs are poor, he often makes the wrong decision and he just doesn''t have that instict that predatory goalscorers need. Elmander gets into better positions more often than RVW. His lack of chances are partly his own fault, Elmander has missed several sitters but often being where Hooper or RVW should be if they are poachers. "Actually, it''s just you that seems to have some odd Lineker fetish, I simply feel that even players like Lineker or Inzaghi would struggle in our current setup"I''m pretty certain that Lineker the world class poacher would have had a hatful in whatever team he played for because he did whatever it takes to score and was a ruthless finisher with a natural instinct. I don''t think we can describe RVW in those terms. "If you want another video to watch, then have a look on YouTube for some of the Michael Owen compilations, note how the majority of those goals came from a through ball past the defence so he could use his pace behind them and score (even many of the finishes were somewhat powder puff tbh)"No way, you aren''t seriously comparing Owen with RVW? Are you flippin serious? Owen was one of the fastest players around at his peak, RVW does not have the pace to break away and several times has messed up a one on one. RVW is NOT a Bellamy or an Owen, he doesn''t have the pace to play that way. Blimey what a muppet you really are.
  15. I can''t imagine he could be any worse.He managed to win the Champions League and FA Cup in 2012, pretty epic achievement if you ask me.We need fresh ideas and to give all of our players a clean slate under a new man.My choice would actually be Lennon, but I''d rather Malky or Di Matteo than going into a third season under Hughton.
  16. Van Wolfswinkle hasn''t scored in his last 25 games..... he is only 5 away from matching Danny Grahams epic drought.Of course Hooper is struggling for goals also, 14 games without scoring.But he still has 7 for the season and has had less shots than Van Wolfswinkle over the course of this season.5 EPL goals from 36 shots not to be sniffed at.What do you have against us starting Hooper anyway? Who is keeping him out of the team and why?
  17. What would be the right time?I think it is the right time to write him off for this season and start playing our top scoring striker again.
  18. Betvictor and Stan James have been offering odds on the next Norwich manager (like they do all clubs).The odds are almost always very similar between the two. Malky Mackay remains the favourite with both, but Neil Lennon has gone from 3/1 to 6/1 with Betvictor, still 3/1 with Stan James.With Lennon going to 6/1 though has come Di Matteo coming down massively from 20/1 to 6/1 to be joint second favourite with Betvictor, but is still 20/1 with Stan James.Something has prompted them to massively slash the odds on Di Matteo at a time when there is no speculation or no vacancy and jack up the odds on Neil Lennon. Possibly some rich mug having a large speculative bet, but also could be a number of bets or some information circling. The interesting thing about Di Matteo is that the reason he hasn''t taken a job is that he is still being paid £130k a week by Chelsea on gardening leave, due to stop this summer.A lot of people are saying that they think Hughton knows he has gone in the summer (when I suggested this it was laughed off). Some have suggested Lennon won''t leave until the end of season celebrations have finished, others that Malky wants to agree his compo. Di Matteo basically becomes available for the first time in two years this summer, and for some reason Betvictor thinks he is coming to us.
  19. Well the summary of my post would be:"It is probably true that Van Wolfswinkel is a poacher but a cr@p one compared with Gary Lineker, and the Premier League stopped doing ''poachers'' in the Nineties when they died with 4-4-2"
  20. Think I''ve pressed the wrong button and gone back to 2010 when Darren Bent was good.
  21. He is a "poacher" apparently, and that''s why he has been rubbish.I think there is some truth in that actually, maybe he is a poacher. A very mediocre one who is very low on confidence.Unfortunately there is very little reason  to have hope, mainly for these reasons:Poachers went extinct in the nineties. Players like Gary Lineker don''t exist anymore in the Premier League for a very good reason. Poachers, when they existed in this country, did not play up front as a lone striker. They played in a 4-4-2 mainly, with a target man who can flick the ball on and hold balls up. We don''t even own a target man anymore (well, Becchio maybe), and if we did he wouldn''t be played in a front two by Hughton (or many other managers). Ironic really that the ideal strike partner for a poacher would be somebody like Emile Heskey, who was being ridiculed on another thread by somebody who was asserting that Van Wolfswinkel is a poacher. Probably the perfect partner for him.Gary Lineker scored so many goals because he was very brave. Go and watch his 46 England goals, there is no way that Van Wolfswinkel has the bottle to put his head where it might hurt quite like Lineker. Contrary to the belief that poachers need the ball in the six yard box (where Lineker scored most of his goals), Lineker was actually very adept at taking the ball with his back to the goal anywhere in the 18 yard box and fashioning a chance out of nothing, scoring several goals by flicking the ball and hitting it on the volley or half volley on the turn. We''ve not seen any evidence in 26 games that Wolfy is a threat anywhere in the 18 yard box, top strikers like Van Persie and Lineker are a threat if they get the ball anywhere in the 18 yard box.Gary Lineker scored most of his goals by hitting the ball first time, he hardly ever attempted to take a touch.A poacher scores most of his goals in and around the six yard box. Van Wolfswinkel is generally nowhere near the six yard box when a cross comes in, so if he is a poacher then why on earth isn''t he doing what poachers do? All they do is run towards the goal and hope to get a touch or a rebound or something. Van Wolfswinkel is often messing around on the edge of the box, if he is a poacher then why isn''t he doing what Lineker used to do? No bottle? No determination?Gary Lineker set the benchmark for poachers in this country, before they were made redundant as anything other than a supersub (Adam Le Fondre a living example perhaps). If people are holding out for our record signing to become Gary Lineker overnight then don''t hold your breath, Lineker was a world class poacher and Van Wolfswinkel is a poor imitation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAPtAsbEmII
  22. I actually feel a bit sorry for him in a way, this is the first time he has played in a top league and he chose the wrong one to play in at the detriment to his legacy. Would have been better off in La Liga playing for Villareal or somebody. Suspect he''ll be back off to a second rate top division like Portugal or Holland, or one of the top three or four teams in Turkey or somewhere. No matter where he goes that 1 in 23 will be a stain on his CV and he will go down as a flop in the EPL, doesn''t matter how many he goes and scores in La Liga or Eredivisie. Isn''t the first and won''t be the last to do well on the continent but flop in the Premier League.At least he hasn''t done a Jozy Altidore yet and made the same mistake twice.
  23. "now we have a post calling out hughton inners, based on 1 result"I can assure you that my reasons for wanting Hughton out are based on a lot more than 1 result. 6 consecutive away defeats, many against relegation rivals, is reason enough.
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