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  1. I''m actually being serious, didn''t see this: http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/1/2947916/ShowPost.aspx#2947916So who was it? Hooper or Barton?
  2. Was it definitely Hooper? Couldn''t have been Joey Barton could it? I hope you are f''in right, because I''ve heard Joey Barton. Both got that gay retro fifties haircut. 
  3. Outside Carrow Road about an hour ago. God I hope that isn''t true.
  4. Wouldn''t begrudge him a move to Arsenal, that one would actually make some sense.If we got enough to buy Forster with a nice chunk of change then wish him well and get on with it. 
  5. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]It didn''t come down to a choice between the two. Jed, a Norfolk lad and City fan, was offered a contract. He chose not to sign it and went to Villa. Make of that what you will.[/quote]None of us know the details, could be a number of variables in that equation, he could have been offered one year at five hundred quid a week for all we know. He has gone from fourth choice to second choice, it is a good career move. Rudd is also a Norfolk lad, one of them had to leave at some point. 
  6. [quote user="walks on water"]Sadly Jed Steer is anything but rubbish, and I thought WAS the more highly regarded of our young keepers (if you don''t include Citehs Angus ...who is supposed to be outstanding)[/quote]He was touted as the better prospect of the two by Lambert, but last season Rudd had a tremendous loan at Preston and Steer had to do with a few games in non-league. With the England goalkeeping coach on the staff, who no doubts has all the contacts necessary, if they rated him that highly they would have found him a club further up the pyramid.I personally think that Hughton & company rate Rudd as the better prospect. Declan Rudd is the one with the England Under 21 cap to his name, so clearly there are a few people in the England set up who feel the same. Rudd was epic in League One last season, think it was 6 clean sheets in 13 games for a very poor side. Steer has gone because Rudd is, quite simply, at least as good as him if not better. 
  7. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]Not interested in Steer. He''s made his decision. I hope he fails[/quote]Oh come on, that''s a bit hard on the lad. Lambert rated Steer as a better prospect than Rudd, said so himself.Hughton and his staff appear to rate Rudd as better than Steer. They are probably both good young keepers of similar quality, but Steer was always going to want to feel wanted, if Lambert was here then it would probably have been Rudd heading out of the door to feel loved.He''s just a young lad trying to ''make it'' in football in the most competitive position in the game. 
  8. I had a sneaky feeling he was going to move abroad. 
  9. [quote user="Jan van Chopsburg"]I would imagine all football managers would do this, and inform their scouts accordingly.  I doubt we''d ever sign a player purely on the basis of another player''s recommendation though.[/quote]Graham Souness would. 
  10. A medical only takes a couple of hours unless they spot something unusual in a scan or blood test which can delay things for quite a while. 
  11. I may be wrong but Remy is yet to be cleared of rape allegations? What happens if we sign him and he ends up inside like Ched Evans?QPR would be able to terminate his contract if he gets convicted, but we wouldn''t surely as it is an allegation which is already in the public domain and we''d already know about the allegations? As for the £100k per week, QPR wages are always exaggerated, pretty sure Fernandes has come out and said that their highest earners are on £60k per week - and that was after they signed Samba and Remy.
  12. [quote user="The Walking Man "][quote user="swindoncanary"]Would Forlan, Beckham or Drogba be sold for £2 million because they are in their 30''s ?[/quote] That''s a fair point, those 3 players moved on free transfers...[/quote]Forlan didn''t, but yeah I was going to say that about the other two! 
  13. [quote user="Houston Canary"]I''m pretty sure he wasn''t driving to Carlisle every week. [/quote]I''m pretty sure he did. He would sometimes go Sunday and return as late as Wednesday.[quote] As horrendous as the city may be [/quote]The drive was horrendous, the city is quite pleasant. [quote] he could afford to fly most of the way there. [/quote]Easier said than done, Norwich airport has very limited service, would have been just as slow as driving to get from Norwich to Carlisle by plane. [quote] The being close to family angle is being way overplayed.[/quote]I don''t think so, his kids are very young, he is a devoted father and he was very obviously missing them like mad.
  14. I''m out. First game of the season, time to support our new players not focus on the old, however missed he will be. We have got Ricky Van Wolfswinkel and Nathan Redmond to get excited about. 
  15. Barcelona strikers......not one Premier League goal between them.And they have the cheek to call themselves a football team! Ludicrous! 
  16. If anybody has got Holt on their new shirt then I would suggest walking into the club shop and not leaving until they give you a new one. 
  17. [quote user="BigFish"][quote user="TheNewBoy"][quote user="BigFish"][quote user="TheNewBoy"]We still have Wesley! [/quote] ...........and home many games do you think he will be playing?[/quote]You tell me where I can find a tardis and I will tell you how many times he plays this season. [/quote] I suspect a season on the bench beckons[/quote]I think you may be underestimating Hoolahan''s ability. 
  18. [quote user="Houston Canary"]Its not the money, It''s that we let go and he team leader without anyone PROVEN who can relace him. [/quote]I''m gutted to see him gone but he was unhappy here and so letting him go was the right thing to do. I''ve driven to Carlisle, it was horrendous. He was doing that every week to see his young kids, can''t have been an enjoyable year for him. Would have been unfair to force him to stay so good luck to him. 
  19. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]The thread is a load of rubbish, but i don''t get this "he cost us £400k so it''s a good deal" I don''t see why previous worth should come into new worth. Say he''d moved for £1m, that wouldn''t be a good deal would it and yer that would be a 150% profit. £2.5m is neither good or bad in my book. It''s about right when you consider £25k a week is off the wage bill now and Holty has got the move he wanted. We have gambled by sacrificing our only striker who knows where the back of a premiership net is and Wigan have gambled that a 32 year old not known for his fine physique may or may not be up for it like he was with us. No doubt they will do well to sell him on for anything decent either. Now we just need to adequately replace him. Something we have perennially failed to do on many occasions in the past.[/quote]We would have done well out of £400k and whatever he was paid per week even if we gave him to Wigan for free, he has been a bargain, and Wigan will get enough goals out of him to justify their investment. 
  20. [quote user="BigFish"][quote user="TheNewBoy"]We still have Wesley! [/quote] ...........and home many games do you think he will be playing?[/quote]You tell me where I can find a tardis and I will tell you how many times he plays this season. 
  21. [quote user="norfolkngood"]all I am saying until a player has a shirt in his hands ay carrow rd you can not take anything for granted so say the person who was lined up to take holts place fails his medical target 2 is not available you are then onto target 3 to replace a proven goalscorer ! [/quote]How do you know we haven''t already signed his replacement? 
  22. [quote user="TheNewBoy"][quote user="Jimmy Smith"]A signing on fee will generally be a years contract [/quote]Not that high, more like a bit under half a years wages according to major PFA survey that I read once. Probably more for a Bosman mind if the player is high profile. [/quote]Plus they are usually spread over the length of the contract and dependent on loyalty.
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