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  1. One minute you are asking us to name other teams who have four strikers and play one up front, now you are talking about playing three up front. I know that ''fluid'' is a buzz word in football at the minute, but to label Snodgrass, Redmond, and Pilkington as anything other than wide midfielders / wingers is taking it too far. They aren''t ''wide strikers'', they are wingers, pure and simple. They aren''t Spanish for a start. 
  2. [quote user="Downloads"]They don''t need to play up front in the middle if you are paying 3 up front! They absolutely can play on the left and right of a front 3. [/quote]Where has this three up front come from? We play 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1, not 4-3-3.  Easy to argue that they are the same, but the idea that Pilkington and Snodgrass are ''forwards'' is comedy gold.Even if we did play 4-3-3 and considered Redmond and Snodgrass as wide strikers, that would still leave us with just Van Wolswinkel and Becchio as our main striker. Most Norwich fans want to see at least one other quality striker. Nobody is imagining this 4-3-3 that you are. We all imagine the 4-4-1-1, and the only feasible argument that we can have for not signing two strikers is if the second striker who competes with Hoolahan is also able to lead the line, like that Swedish chap from PSV. Pilkington scored something like 2 goals last season and Snodgrass only a few from open play. It is lovely to close your eyes and dream of Snodgrass becoming Juan Mata overnight and scoring 20 for us next season, but it just isn''t going to happen. He is a right midfielder who can take a decent free kick, until he becomes anything different we play 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1.We just need somebody who can stick the ball in the net. A striker. Gary Hooper, for example. 
  3. [quote user="Lavanche"]And Newboy Gervinho is winger by education, Michu is CAM by education and both have played mostly in those positions. Borini, Aspas, Podolski and Ode have played at least half of their carreers at wing, so they are not out to out strikers.[/quote]Are we talking about ancient history or other Premier League clubs? Michu plays up front for Swansea, hardly ever played deep, doesn''t matter where he played in Spain. It simply doesn''t matter whether other teams have attacking midfielders who can play up front, we don''t. Snodgrass, Pilkington, Bennett, Hoolahan, none of those players can play as a striker. No idea about Redmond but doubt it.It is irrelevant whether Michu can play attacking centre mid, or whether Walcott plays right wing, all that is relevant is that Norwich have two strikers, one who is of questionable ability. Signing just one other striker would leave us one injury away from a crisis. If Arsenal had a couple of injuries they could play Walcott up front. Norwich would get relegated if we tried to play Elliott Bennett as a striker at this level. I really don''t see your point here, sorry. If your point is that we should sign one striker and and then an attacking midfielder who can play up front if needed, then fine, I agree.If your point is that we should only sign one striker because other teams have attacking midfielders who can score goals for fun when played through the middle, like Walcott, or Mata, or Podolski, then sorry I don''t get your point. We don''t have those players. 
  4. [quote user="Downloads"]Sorry you miss the point. Snodgrass can easily play the AM on the right role that Walcott does. Its not exactly a fair comparison as everyone knows what a great striker Walcott could be, but that doesn''t change the fact Snodgrass can do that, in fact he would be better at that role than a pure right winger. [/quote]Perhaps you missed the point, which is that Levanche challenged us to name teams which play 1 striker who have 4 strikers on their books, and I named four for Arsenal which did not include Walcott. So they have four out and out strikers whether Walcott is a right sided attacking midfielder or not. 
  5. Wouldn''t surprise me if Southampton make a profit on him at some point. So time will tell.... 
  6. [quote user="lincoln canary"][quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="lincoln canary"][quote user="Joanna Grey"]Another striker, another winger and an Attacking Midfielder. All according to the ''list''.[/quote] Disagree. All we really need is one more striker. Anything else is luxury. And tbh I''m concerned too many signings could upset the apple cart. I think we''ve signed enough. And what we have signed is quality.[/quote] Totally ridiculous. What happens if one gets injured and another gets sent off in the first game? You have to allow for injuries, loss of form and suspensions. As sure as night follows day, they all happen at some time. [/quote] It''s all very well saying this but if there are no injuries how will you keep excess players happy?[/quote]We get a squad of 25 just like any other team, and just like any other team we have some players who get more minutes than others. Elliott Bennet and David Fox have just got on with it, haven''t they? 
  7. [quote user="smooth"]2 strikers, attacking midfielder would be perfect in the January transfer window bring in that defender or a winger as I do not think eb is up to it and actually if pilky get injured then I am worried as snoddy and Redmond would be our only two.  [/quote]Bennett is up for it, and we have Olsson who Blackburn fans claim is a better winger then he is defender. He has played left wing for Sweden.
  8. [quote user="Downloads"]Walcott doesn''t play through the middle. [/quote]Sometimes Walcott does play through the middle, but he was a fifth player anyway, I still named four. Walcott played through the middle and scored a hat-trick last year.We don''t have a player like Walcott who can score a hat-trick up front, so I don''t see the point. We need four strikers because we don''t have any wingers who can move up front if necessary. Chelsea do, Arsenal do, we don''t. If we sign one more striker and then a midfielder who can play as a striker then great, but we still need two players who can play up front. If one is an out and out striker and the other is a striker/winger like Huckerby then fine, but no point in saying that we only need one striker because other teams have wingers who can play up front. We don''t have them. 
  9. [quote user="Lavanche"][quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="Lavanche"]Oh yeah to add that I''m ofc talking out of out strikers. 3 is more than enought, but if we want to add attackers like Redmond who can play in many positions well as pure 9 I''m totally up to signing more of them ^^[/quote]   I am sorry but, in my opinion, I believe you are clueless on this. [/quote]  You buy players like Podolski, Moses Schurrle and Aguero who can either play equally well or better wide or behind the striker than as a lonely 9. I can be clueless and only preach for my own opinion, but most of managers seem to support my opinion was it for same reasons or not.[/quote]And we don''t have any wingers who can play as a lone forward so your point is mute. We need two strikers because we don''t have players like Zaha or Walcott who can play through the middle.That''s exactly why we need two strikers. If one of them can play out wide or behind the strikers then great, but as things stand we just don''t have wingers who can play up front. 
  10. [quote user="Lavanche"][quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="Lavanche"]Oh yeah to add that I''m ofc talking out of out strikers. 3 is more than enought, but if we want to add attackers like Redmond who can play in many positions well as pure 9 I''m totally up to signing more of them ^^[/quote]   I am sorry but, in my opinion, I believe you are clueless on this. [/quote] Give me a team that plays succesful football with 1 upfront and has 4 out to out strikers in their adult squad. [/quote]You are assuming that we will be playing one striker, may not be the case, at Newcastle Hughton did not.But anyway.... West Brom: Long, Rosenberg, Odemwingie, AnelkaYes, Odemwingie can play wide, but he is also a natural striker. At current they have four.Aresenal: Poldoski, Giroud, Gervinho, Chamakh + Walcott who is excellent up front.Swansea: Michu, Lita, Moore, BonyLiverpool: Suarez, Aspas, Sturridge, Borini
  11. [quote user="Marc Libbras haircut"] Every signing should be as good as or better than what we already have.[/quote]Has to be as good or better than no one then, we don''t have a third striker anymore! He went to the Bundesliga! 
  12. [quote user="Lavanche"]We have promising youngsters so I feel they are more than enought as a backup strikers so no need to get average joe in our payroll. So: Good striker, Playmaker 10 and modern CB.[/quote]Both Loza and Morris really need to go and get roughed up in the lower leagues somewhere before being thrust into Premier League football. The latter is only 17. Wouldn''t want to rely on them just yet, they need to go and get kicked about a bit by some bruisers in League One. 
  13. [quote user="lincoln canary"][quote user="Joanna Grey"]Another striker, another winger and an Attacking Midfielder. All according to the ''list''.[/quote] Disagree. All we really need is one more striker. Anything else is luxury. And tbh I''m concerned too many signings could upset the apple cart. I think we''ve signed enough. And what we have signed is quality.[/quote]That depends on what system he plans to adopt though, if he would like to switch to 4-4-2 then three strikers isn''t enough. One injury and you are left with two strikers, suddenly you become very reluctant to stick them both on the pitch at the same time. I don''t think we need an AM either, unless that player can double as an out and out striker. Can''t see how we need another winger, we have four, unless Elliott Bennett really is wanted by Lambert at Villa.... but Bennett is a good player and I think he is worth keeping hold of. But two strikers is a must imho. 
  14. Also looks to have a decent passing range, although we will have to wait and see how many of those land at feet! 
  15. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]Another striker, another winger and an Attacking Midfielder. All according to the ''list''.[/quote]Which of those positions would Alderweireld have filled? 
  16. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]I just took a few minutes to watch Fer on YouTube........and must say I can understand where you are coming from......a top top player and from what I can see we appear to have done some excellent business. Also, took a few minutes to watch some clips of Redmond...again, brilliant signing, can see him coming on initially as an impact player and causing some tired defenders some serious problems!! [/quote]People slate you for watching YouTube clips, but with Fer you can just see that he has some very obvious qualities which none of our current players currently offer. The speed at which he can win the ball and be forty yards up the pitch looks to be immense. It is what Tettey is supposed to do, and he does try to counter attack but he usually ends up running the forty yards and then misplacing his pass out wide. Tettey is a good squad player but he simply does not possess the quality of Fer, that much is obvious. 
  17. Just thinking about what it is that we still need to improve the squad. Another quality striker has to be the most important signing now doesn''t it? We probably need two, but one of those can be a bit average or a talented kid. So I would say that a quality striker and another cheap striker or kid is the most essential ingredient now. A lot of people would say attacking midfielder but I personally think that it is time for Howson to step up and show his Premier League quality. We saw it at the end of last season, and we saw it for a couple of months under Lambert. We already have the natural Hoolahan successor at the club if he can continue that form.I''m tempted to say that we actually need another quality centre midfielder, possibly a defensive one. I know that my opinion isn''t popular but I don''t rate Tettey. He now for me is backup for Fer. I do rate Johnson, and despite his poor passing his job now surely just has to be to win the ball and give it to Fer. We could still do better than Johnson though so if there is a quality holding midfielder on the market then I''d be tempted to want to bring him in. Victor Wanyama would have been perfect, but I''m sure there are others of his quality on the continent.I''m inclined also to look a little at the defence. Whilst it was our strongest part of the pitch last season you should never stand still. We have three quality centre backs if you don''t include Martin. If you do include Martin then that suggests that Whittaker is our right back. Either we should sign another centre back or we should sign another right back, so that we are left with four quality CB''s and two right backs. Hughton obviously has the intention to sign a centre back.For me personally I''d like to see two strikers, a defensive midfielder, and one defender (right back or centre back). What is your opinion? Do we need an attacking centre mid, and do we really need another winger? (two wingers according to RVW!). 
  18. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="TheNewBoy"]Yep, a bubble which could pop at anytime. [/quote] Which is precisely why we have to have the club run within its means.  It may mean ultimately we can''t progress as quickly as some would like, but keeping the club secure in the long term is more important.[/quote]There are no clubs in the Premier League who would remain solvent should Sky pull out of Premier League football. We are giving people three and four year contracts on Premier League money, we are completely reliant on it like every other team. 
  19. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]If we are only playing two central mid-fielders than the right hand berth is Fer''s. Who starts alongside him is the quandary, both Johnson and Howson prefer that side - maybe CH will change it around according to the strength of the opposition?[/quote]I see Fer as an upgrade on Tettey and I suspect it will be a Johnson - Fer partnership which starts the season, unless we sign another quality centre mid.I''d ideally like to see Howson compete with Hoolahan for that attacking centre mid spot, and actually question whether we need another player in that position. Would actually put a Johnson upgrade above an AM in importance tbh. 
  20. Although have no idea whatsoever what this bit has to do with Sky money: "sorry situation where a lot of supporters all over the country are indifferent to the England team.I for one will be absolutely gutted if we miss out on what promises to be an epic World Cup in Brazil next year"Supporters are indifferent to the England team because it is full of self-important w*nkers who think they are better than they are, never perform, and is controlled by non-football people in the FA who dictate team selection and put ''brand'' before football. 
  21. Yep, a bubble which could pop at anytime. 
  22. Johnson is the superior player in my opinion. Fer craps all over all of them. 
  23. Isn''t this the man who put Tranmere Rovers on eBay? 
  24. Has a better strike record for Utretcht than Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, got to be worth a look. 
  25. [quote user="AJ"]Howson, Tettey, BJ and Fer competing for central midfield, Pilks, Snoddy and Redmond fighting for the wings. Just need a striker to keep Winkeldink on his toes and we''ve done everything we needed in this window, with plenty of yet to go![/quote]You missed attacking mid to compete with Hoolahan. 
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