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  1. For just 5 games. He''s a caretaker manager and his mission is very simple.... try and lift, organise and motivate a team of players to try and get the 3 or 4 points that we need to stay in this division before probably stepping back down to his previous role to make room for Lennon or Mackay.Time for the players to show us what they are made of.
  2. I don''t need to wait until relegation to say "I told you so", and neither do most other Norwich fans who saw where we where heading in December or even earlier.Whilst a few deluded idiots have spent months telling us how close we are to 10th the majority of Norwich fans have been watching a slow motion car crash, desperate for the board of directors to do something, anything, to attempt to try and halt what has become an embarrassing and excruciating collapse. Why do we need to wait until relegation to say "I told you so". Just look at the table, look at the state we are in on the pitch and off the pitch. The "I told you so''s" started months ago, and I am happy to give you mine now:I TOLD YOU SO.Because I did, and so did thousands of others. The majority of Norwich fans have seen this coming and have been telling the minority who haven''t this for months. And why the hell shouldn''t they? The complete ineptitude of this management team, and arguably now the board, has been obvious for a very long time, for the duration of this season actually. Most people would have been happy to tell you that months ago, and will be happy to tell you that now.If we miraculously get a win at Fulham then great, amazing, incredible. I''m still scarred from Fulham 2005 so I''m going to try and get hold of some strong sleeping pills and will intentionally miss it. We do not need relegation to occur to be proven right, we have been proven right time and time again, the man is clueless and has lost the plot.... if he ever had the plot to begin with.
  3. I''m off out to gallop a horse but I shall show you it in my signature later.
  4. Long drives home.... I don''t know you but I already bloody love you.Your reply to LDC was just spot on.Unfortunately he still thinks he is in a majority. If McNally had gone with the consensus amongst fans Hughton would have been sacked in December.
  5. I''m not responsible for you being an uninformed head burying ostrich Morty.... everybody knows that he has almost a thousand votes, because our club were stupid enough to allow people to vote on the official facebook page.
  6. Votebecchio..... you just don''t understand.Hundreds of people have already voted for Carlo Nash.If you want to be a part of the protest then vote for Carlo Nash. There is no point in having a protest vote if we aren''t all voting for the same deadwood player.By getting people to vote Becchio you are damaging Carlo Nash''s chances of lifting the Barry Butler.
  7. "He has hung his hat on beating Fulham next week and we''ll be safe"He has lost the plot then.
  8. Completely agree getalife. Their is a complete disconnect between the club and the fans. The board have been deadly quiet all season, a couple of well scripted McNally interviews and that is all.We have unhappy players, a failing manager, and for some very strange reason nothing has been done. No January signings.Is almost as if we are in a financial mess, are being asset stripped or controlled by a third party of some sort, or intentionally getting relegated.This is the most truly bizarre and surreal feeling to a season that I have ever experienced and if somebody was doing a ''four year plan'' type documentary (like the QPR one) I reckon it would be almost as loopy.Something strange is going on.
  9. You also said that you wouldn''t sack him if we got relegated.Don''t make me change my signature Lakey because trust me you would much prefer the one that I currently have.
  10. You are the one who would rather us get relegated than sack a nice guy. That''s the truth.You even said that you would want to keep him if we got relegated, once something has been said it can''t be unsaid.
  11. "You seriously need to look at yourself Le Juge"They have great low prices on wall mirrors at The Range lakey.
  12. "Pilkington (likely to sign with Villa / West Brom)"We have a one year option on Pilkington, which I guess we will take up in order to get a fee for him.
  13. "with McNally saying if we avoided relegation that would be satisfactory or words to that effect" Early in the season Bowkett and McNally said that the objective was "continuous improvement" and that the target was therefore 10th.
  14. When we lose to Fulham at least LDC can tell us all how good our home form has been this season.
  15. I think it really depends on whether we can avoid defeat at Fulham.If we give them 3 points then I''d say yes.If we can steal a point then maybe not. With 6 consecutive away defeats, mostly against lower half teams, I think I''m going to have to say ''yes''.Despite Sunderland''s 3 games in hand..... I think it is Fulham who will catch us if they can beat us.
  16. There are one or two people who will find it impossible to backtrack from their position, LDC is certainly one of them.Morty has a lot more about him.... a few of us with long memories won''t forget though.
  17. "TBH Jugy, McNally has had a lot on his plate this year with his father''s passing" That''s not an excuse, if a personal issue affects your ability to do a £1m a year job, with £60m in revenue and lots of jobs at stake, you should take compassionate leave and delegate decision making to a capable interim deputy. I have sympathy for his personal issues, but if that has really prevented him from doing his very well paid job then that is gross negligence and he should resign.
  18. "about 60% here are either fake accounts, or morons. Or both"You are a moron, and I''m in the 40%.
  19. "Big game next week at fulham for you, question is who will want it more.."Congrats on staying up.Unfortunately our players don''t look bothered.Perhaps you should have looked at our fixture list before piping up with your patronizing nonsense.... we never win at Fulham, I''ll leave you to look at our final four fixtures.
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