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  1. I''d love to see Jaemae2''s face right now, with insatiable hatred of Gary Hooper!
  2. I might not be able to make it to the game tomorrow, but I was just wondering if its going to be available on any paid sports channels that anyone knows of? I doubt there''ll be a stream will there.
  3. Making Plans - is it? Is that the Bein/Wiznet link you''re using?
  4. Aaagh.. my lovely wiziwig stream has turned into an infinite spinning disc :(
  5. [quote user="Kidderminster Exile"]Not sure but you could try this at K O time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsni3tZCnSE[/quote] Cheers for this - but a live stream of live footy on youtube? How is that happening/allowed?! I feel like just as it reaches 0:00 a big sign saying "F*CK YOU" is going to appear! Nothing on wiziwig tonight, but there''s 2 listed on myp2p.ec/ but they look decidedly dodgy!
  6. Liability is too harsh. A risk, yes. But as with most risks you take, there''s an upside to it. Yes he will get sent off one day, and will probably miss a few games when he gets 5 yellows, but if you took that aggression and bite out of his game he''d far less effective and we''d lose more points than we gain with him.
  7. JB.. Interesting choice of profile picture there. Does that suggest a kind of dual supporting of Leeds United and City?!
  8. To be fair Broadstairs, i think the signing and then non-playing of Becchio just about tops this Bassong situation. I think its obvious by now its an attitude and mental issue preventing bassong from playing for us. He was obviously loyal to Hughton who he had played under twice before, and probably wasn''t happy about his sacking and subsequent replacement with a manager with no previous experience. For him to still be out in the cold he must have really had a big fallout with the managerial team or McNally. Adams has given everyone else second chances and players such as Wes have come full circle and back into the team. The fact that Bassong hasn''t speaks volumes about his attitude. I was surprised no other clubs came in for him though. Maybe his reputation is preceding him?
  9. G47 - haha, maybe! I''m sure no one will disagree with me that jaemae has a somewhat over the top problem with Hooper though.
  10. £10m for Abel Hernandez, who scored 14 goals in 28 for Palermo alongside Lafferty last season, in Serie B. Not even Serie A. How many did Lafferty get?
  11. Jaemae/jdawg you little fruitcake. Have you ever made a post which doesn''t slag off poor Gary Hooper? Did he steal your lunch money at school or something? What is the reason for this deep rooted hatred?! I think you need to get some counselling mate. I''d hate to see you have a break down when he scores for us.
  12. Haha brilliant. He''s a very honest and likeable chap our Tettey.
  13. Bizarrely, I was going to start this very thread myself today! Must be due to Odjidja-Ofoe (that''s my first attempt at spelling his name without looking!). I will also vote for Steen. Based on my only having watched city the last 20-25 years. Tettey is on his way and is a close 2nd for me though.
  14. Annnnnnyway, back to Bassong. Anyone read the pinkun article about Adams saying he won''t be back in the fold for the Bournemouth game? The interesting bit is his comment about Becchio, which actually says more about Bassong than it does Becchio. Something about the right attitude when they have to drop down to the under 21s, which is why Becchio earned his place on the bench for Crawley. So presumably bassong is not showing any professionalism at all and is waiting for his agent to sort him a move. I still think he may get a move to a palace or Burnley, but he''s not doing much to help himself by the sounds of it. He should be trying to put himself in the shop window if he wants to get a premiership move.
  15. Grabban is not having a mare! He wasn''t far off with that lob, and if it hadve gone in no one would be criticising. His volley just then was top drawer. He''ll get more chances and I expect they''ll be on target. It feels surreal seeing our forwards getting so many chances to be honest! Garrido is having a good game don''t you think? Whittaker yet another poor one however.
  16. I agree Bor.. Lafferty''s link up and hold up play has been great but that''s 3 chances he''s totally fluffed so far. I expect jerome will replace him later in 2nd half as he''s been booked as well. At least grabban looks razor sharp! Not impressed with whittiker so far - still looks a liability. Hoolahan, Redmond and Grabban all linking up beautifully.
  17. Haha, good bump, on the back of a couple of beautiful strikes by Bradders! Also there''s some criticism of his free kicks. I seem to remember one of them smashing in last season.. and a couple more coming off the bar. I think he''s a good direct free kick taker as he can really hit em, but yeah not so great when he''s got to deliver it with finesse! Like most players at this level, it''s not that he''s particularly bad at anything, he''s just very inconsistent with the technical aspects of the game - be it passes, touches, whatever. But he makes up for it with his work rate and excellent tackling. I wouldn''t be upset if we got an upgrade on him though of course.
  18. Well I suppose I''ve missed all this Norwich vs Ipswich banter, it does bring back nice memories of our double promotions. And believe me, I do pity Ipswich in their current state - its obvious to all and sundry that City are in much better shape on and off the field. But! I don''t like the arrogant "can''t wait to see their faces when we beat them 5-1 again" comments, because as we all know football doesn''t always go the way it should on paper. Sometimes the better team plays poorly and the poorer team plays well and wins.. Let''s hope that doesn''t happen, but I don''t see the point in those posts, as you just end up with egg on your face if we lose. All I''ll say is well done Ipswich on your success in the past, but I know which fans are happiest with their clubs in the present day. Let''s hope for a great game, good refereeing and obviously another City win. But its not the end of the world if it doesn''t happen - theres another 40 odd games to win points in! OTBC.
  19. Spartacus - just because he''s from the country *next* to the country Fer is from? Or because he''s a foreign midfielder? Would you be more excited if he was English? I don''t think Fer was as bad as you seem to think anyway. Had hughton played him properly - I.e. further forward and with no defensive duties, he''d have done much better. All his best moments were offensive, so it makes sense.
  20. Mustard - that YouTube video is bizarre! Some nice goals but then they also include some odd moments which aren''t really highlights at all.. Like the final one where he skies a shot way over the bar! Looks a good player though, and confident to shoot it seems!
  21. Spartacus - so that means they''re all bad now does it? Anyway, despite Fer''s disappointing premiership season, if he''d have wanted to play this championship season he''d probably have been the best midfielder in the league. If Odjidja-Ofoe is as good as Fer then I''ll be happy.
  22. Hadn''t heard of him till today, but looks a good player especially for the championship. 5 caps for Belgium so can''t be bad. Move to Everton collapsed due to paperwork in 2012, and Lambert wanted him for £5m earlier this year before Lerner''s purse closed. From what I can tell, he''s an athletic midfielder who players centrally or wide right and has a bit of an eye for a goal. Comes highly recommended by Vincent kompany too! Anyone got anything else to add?
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