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  1. I will always laugh at the futility of the "holt out" brigade They remind me of the bad guys at the end of an episode of the A team Shaking their fists, defeated and made to look like idiots.
  2. I would remind everyone that Indy bones wanted us to get Michael Owen last season, effectively making any point he makes invalid.
  3. Oh so on top of everything your a home and away full kit w%#ker as well! What you said to holt is unforgivable. Please never go to a Norwich game again.
  4. Well I''m sure not everyone is against holt. You have those that are completely, obscenely against him. these are the real morons. I mean, "I can''t understand how they have enough cognitive power to get out of bed in the morning" Morons and then you have your run of the mill snipey, nasty ones. The ones that believe he moved to Carlisle for any other reason than his family. The ones that wrote him off in league one, the championship the premier league and the premier league again and will continue to do a Marge Simpson style groan until he''s driven out of the club.   Guess you are in the latter camp.   Both are completely irrational and wrong, proven wrong, with facts. 
  5. Marquees are for Village fetes. I''d rather have hard working players than "names"   I will never forget in my last incarnation at the beginning of last season a certain poster saying he''d love to see Michael Owen join Norwich   I won''t mention names of course but what I will say is "snakes, why did it have to be snakes"   At least he''s not as bad as the Cody McDonald bloke #restrainingorder
  6.  YAWN Looks like we''ve got another body language expert here guys.   How about you stop looking at Holts body and start looking at what he does for this team. He is our captain, our talisman and our hero and the way he is treated by sections of our fans is a DISGRACE
  7. Excellent point. I think if you didn''t celebrate Holt scoring that last minute winner against Everton there is something seriously wrong with you.
  8. Most Norwich fans are absolutely superb and the figures speak for themselves (20k+ season ticket holder in league one etc) and most make big sacrifices, personal and financial, to support the club they love. That is a really special and amazing thing we should be proud of.   However   There are those that are not quite as good as fans of Norwich.   We know their names, and we put up with their BS and we just get on with it. Why should we?   A poster on here by the name of banana (I can only assume he''s called that because he has the IQ of a banana) has launched a torrent of abuse at our captain and undisputed Norwich hero Grant Holt, you can catch that little mental breakdown here: https://twitter.com/NorwichBanana My personal favourite is "I haven''t celebrated a grant holt goal since his transfer request. And I won''t celebrate anymore of his goals"   This is unforgiveable in my eyes. Literally a waste of a seat at Carrow road   The question is then, whilst we undisputedly have some of the best fans in the country, do we also have some of the worst? Is it a problem for all clubs? and why do we put up with these type of people?  
  9. It would appear a few of our fans want us to become a selling club. Sorry chaps, not going to happen.
  10. Yawn, bore off pal. It''s hard to read through all the "wrong" in that post price. I''m just glad you know what the core of the dressing room is like. What a moronic thing to say.
  11. That tweet clearly means he''s going Said pant wetters everywhere
  12. It actually is quite heartwarming that the majority of people on here still support holt and want him to stay and contribute It is sad that there are those that persist with the line that holt is useless and should be sold. But frankly, they are wrong. They''ve always been wrong. They have been proved wrong and will continue to be proved massively wrong so there not a lot more to be said. Apart from a final reminder that they are all wrong. Proven wrong. Definitely wrong. Sorry lads, made a mug of, proven wrong. Yep. Wrong. ...so wrong.
  13. To be fair I think that certain fans are doing a great job of spreading unrealistic rumours without the club getting involved. Keep fighting the good fight, champion bulls@&ters. You are doing a great job.
  14. [quote user="The Great Mass Debater"]Concerns me that everyone thinks we no longer need Holt. Been our main goalscorer for the last four seasons, a proven goalscorer and its far too easy to believe that simply because Holt and the team scored fewer goals last season that Holt is past it. Holt and the team scored fewer as Hughton''s priority last season was to tighten up at the back and defend as a team, whereas Lambert was gung-ho and attack in numbers. Holts scoring record was always going to suffer with a change in approach. To have still scored 8 goals equates to a similar output as his 15 goal season previously IMO. Its lazy to not be able to look past the numbers. Holt has been written off every season. What more does the guy need to do to prove himself? What concerns me is that everyone is assuming RVW will be an overnight success and will automatically score 20 goals a season. Yes he is a great signing and a great signal of intent - but look how many strikers prolific in other leagues have failed to transfer this to another. RVW may be a flop, he might never cut it in the league, or he may need a season to adapt. People are just throwing his name around like we have 20 goals guaranteed next season. Holt is a proven Premiership goalscorer. So he''s not youthful, but who cares? His game was never built on pace, and players like Sheringham have proved that if pace was never your game you can go on for years. If Hughton brings in the players we hope can help the club go up a level and not need to play 10 men behind the ball, then Holt, provided with a similar amount of chances as in the first Premier League season, could easily score a similar amount. Dont write the guy off (as has been done every season - do some people never learn?) and dont be fooled into thinking we dont need him anymore because we have such high hopes for RVW. 2m for Holt is ridiculous. He has no book value (we signed him for 600,000) so we dont need our investment back, and what would we do with such a paltry sum? He is worth far more to us than anyone else would be willing to pay. He will be an important part of our season this year, I have no doubt, and shame on those who are ready to forget what he has achieved with this club![/quote] Great post. I guess these idiots are always going to be hanging around predicting doom and slating our players. Can''t really do much about them. Some "fans" created an image of holt as a slacker after the league one campaign and are determined to see him fail as they foretold back in the day, simply so they can proclaim they are right. All the while he is driving the team on and scoring us vital goals. These people probably have "holt 9" on the back of their shirts as well. Who are these people and why are they associating themselves with Norwich city? It''s a form of psychosis.
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