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  1. Seen hernandez out shopping with his family today (not in argos!) so doubt it's him.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8of_X2_ZMg8
  3. during the game the villa fans got in an argument with micah richards when wycombe scored, then after the game the fans where shouting at them getting on the team does contain alot of swearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8of_X2_ZMg8 
  4. Could be worse, could be villa have you seen the reaction of the fans after their game today
  5. catchy song for him from a few ireland fans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0U7sgFAzOw
  6. Didn''t think of it that way but now you say it could be taken offensively I first thought of it for geroud at arsenal and Mulumbu was the only city players name I could think of that fit
  7. Looking forward to him finally playing, I thought of a bit of a cheesy song for him aswell Tune from jungle book Mulumbu I wanna play like you ooo ooo I wanna pass like you Shoot like you Mulumbu
  8. I didn''t win any bets but got my code this morning.
  9. Great stuff but there''s at least one goal missing
  10. i like the fact we have the same song for Johnson and Redmond maybe something like  number 4,number 4 bradly Johnson number 4 number 4 i say number 4 number 4 bradly johnson ,he gets booked nearly every game
  11. Have we signed Dorrans then or waiting for the Olson deal which doesn''t look like it will happen at the moment
  12. Can you not sign somebody pending a medical? Which can happen after 11
  13. Ssn talk the same old sh1t from morning till night
  14. They are now after jesse lingard would be a good signing for us on the left, we have pulled out of the noone deal maybe try and hijack there lingard offer
  15. Can''t knock his grit and determination but his passing is awful people moaning about us playing the long ball against Brentford but having the 2 worst passers in our team in the middle of midfield what do you expect he did a good job on the left that''s probably because he didn''t need to make as many passes I wouldn''t be bothered if he went and took whitiker with him
  16. We need someone who can pass in midfield, so many attacking chances end with bj kicking the ball straight off the pitch
  17. Had a quid on tettey being first goalscorer at 25/1 radio Norfolk said it was tettey but everywhere else says it''s redmond
  18. Who needs elmander now we''ve got Jerome Cameron Jerome, Cameron Jerome
  19. You put your laf ferty in Your laf ferty out in out in out he shakes it all about He does the hokey cokey and scores a goal That''s what he''s all about ooo klye lafferty Ooo klye lafferty Ooo klye lafferty Knees bent arms stretch laf fer ty Or Lafferty Ooo lafferty Ooo He came from Italy To play for the city Lafferty Ooo lafferty ooo
  20. As well as lafferty played I don''t understand why he plays wide and not gabben, he''s a big lad crossing the ball into nobody when he should be in the box himself, he holds the ball up well and is somebody to aim for when under pressure
  21. Teams from L1 seem to do well recently so I''ll go Norwich wolves and derby
  22. We need a couple of midfielders who can actually pass the ball Imo main reason for relegation last season as we could never build any pressure on anybody as they would just kick the ball out of play numerous times in a game
  23. Think we should get kalas on loan from chelsea ,looks a promising player can play cb or rb
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