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  1. Sunderland are trying to reduce their wage bill and Sessengon is one of their highest earners.   £8m for a 29 year old who blows hot and cold is too much in my opinion. Also I doubt Sunderland will sell to a Premier League rival, more likely to try and ship him abroad somewhere.
  2. And looking at the original post he has forgotten the fact Norwich can''t loan two players from the same team - so can''t loan both Naughton and Livermore.
  3. Brighton have said there will be no transfers in or out until they have sorted out their manager situation.
  4. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="priceyrice"][quote user="Jimmy Smith"]I reckon we were honestly in for Van Ginkel and in prime position for around £15m, but some more exposure at the championships and new managers at Chelsea and Man U wanting him has probably driven his price up and maybe ruled us out of getting him. I''d be delighted if somehow we managed to get him though. I also don''t see his sense if he does join Chelsea, there won''t be room for him there and he will rot away on the bench for a year. He''d be far better coming here, playing games, proving how good he can be in the Premiership before moving to a top club.[/quote] I believe i read a few times last week that Mourinho has told him he is in his first team plans [/quote] Yes, it would be a bit of an odd move to spend several million on him if he wasn''t in your plans. [/quote] Doubt it has much to do with Jose, Emenalo does the transfer business at Chelsea (along with Roman of course).   Chelsea are in need of some new central midfielders with Mikel more than likely leaving this summer. I imagine Van Ginkel will get a decent amount of games for a young player. He''ll also probably look at it from the point of view that if he came to Norwich he would almost certainly be the best player in that position, whereas at Chelsea there are other, senior players, who can help him improve. If you want to become a top attacking midfielder there aren''t many players better than Frank Lampard to learn from.
  5. Wanyama has turned down the contract offer from Southampton, although they will probably go back with a second offer.   The extra moneyin the Perm means players like Wanyama, Lovern and Wolfswinkel will end up playing for clubs that most see as beneath their ability level.
  6. [quote user="lake district canary"]I have sympathies with both sides of the Holt argument.  However, what cannot be disputed is that he is the club captain and selling your club captain is not something you do lightly.  He is an inspiration, a positive influence on and off the field, always gives his best - yes he has off days, but so do all players.   I saw some fantastic efforts from him last season for the team, ok, not as well supported up front as we would perhaps like, but as has been said a thousand times - his relative lack of goals was more down to poor or lack of delivery into the areas he attacks.   People like to knock him and yes, he is not immune to criticism, but he is club captain for a reason.   That some fans are so easy about selling our club captain I find a little odd.  But then he has  never been good enough for some fans ever since league 1.  He just doesn''t fit their image of what a striker should be.  He is a rugged, down to earth  northerner from humble background and works hard.    To many, me included, he is an inspiration, but to some he hasn''t beaten the "overweight ex-tyrefitter" tag.   They continue to support their cause with "we can do better".  Well, we can do better - but with Holt on board rather than without him.  [/quote]   You have to also wonder that if he becomes unhappy at sitting on the bench most of the time next season if his influence will be so positive. He made a few unhappy noises when Morison took his place in the first season and we all known how that ended. He also made it clear he wasn''t happy this season and added more pressure onto Hughton at a difficult time in the season, surely a responsible club captain wouldn''t make comments on Twitter about how he wants to play in a front two, or say how the manager has made him a worse player by changing his role in the team.   I, and I''m sure many others, don''t really care about the mostly arbitary title of ''club captain'' and judge the player on what he can offer the team in the future, not what he gave the team in the past. In reality in the season just gone Holt was a 31/32 year old player who was finding it difficult to cope at times, I don''t see why he will suddenly fair any better at 32/33. Also, when I say ''difficult to cope'' I don''t just mean the number of goals he scored, at times last season Holt was guilty of constantly surrendering possession or make the wrong choices. As a lone striker you have to perform at least one of two jobs, scoring goals or bringing other players into the game in threatening positions, Holt did neither of these things in more than a few games. That''s not to say he wasn''t also Norwich''s best player on the pitch at times.   Hughton has to ask himself ''can Grant bring something to the team next season? If so, does that outweigh the potentially harmful effect he can bring by being on the bench and having a rather large mouth?''
  7. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]None of them convince me that much apart from Musa on the wing, he''s got class all over the place, Spain were lucky Nigerias strikers couldn''t hit a barn door, as they couldn''t deal with Musa.[/quote] Musa was certainly thier stand out player, along with Mikel of course, Sunday Mba was also impressive I thought and he is one of the players still playing in the Nigerian league.
  8. [quote user="birchfest"]I think it''s likely we have got him and are simply waiting for him to end his holiday, jump in a plane and sign on the dotted line. There haven''t really been any other rumblings since our accosted bid and any potential bidding war hasn''t appeared to have started. He wants a sign of ambition, then the signing of RVW and himself should be indication enough![/quote]   If he was convinced about signing for Norwich he wouldn''t let something like a holiday get in his way. The only reason to delay is in the hope other teams make he some offers, think there is a way to run on the Toivonen story yet.
  9. There have been a spate of recent badge changes across Europe, Everton and PSG being the most famous examples.   The reason being that shirt makers (especially Nike) have put pressure onto the clubs to ''simplify'' the badges so it makes production costs cheaper and profits higher. I would imagine Nike might chuck a couple of extra £s at the clubs to agree to this of course.    
  10. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]8 million is a pretty hefty chunk of cash, especially when you consider that Redmond is meant to be valued at around 3 mil, and players like Capel are going for 5-6... I think he''s a very good young player, but yet again the British player pricing makes the fee go OTT, and for that money I''d rather we looked elsewhere. [/quote] Liverpool would be entitled to about £3m of that £8m (if the figure is correct) so you can see why the value has been pushed up so high. I also imagine Tom''s dad being Blackpool manager has reduced the threat of him forcing a move out of the club.
  11. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]Great signing for them...when is there be some concrete news of a Norwich signing...? I wouldn''t have minded him at FCR! little frustrating whatching other teams sign players...[/quote] He hasn''t signed yet - Liverpool have first refusal on Tom Ince and the fact this news has leaked suggests that Tom Ince might like some other teams to come bidding.
  12. Maybe no one wanted to sign him last season, knowing he''d be on a free next summer.   Also, Norwich will have been given a fee for the loan, which probably wouldn''t be too far off the fee for a full transfer of an unused player with one year left to run on a contract.
  13. I saw something (can''t remember which paper was saying it) that they had given up on Austin because Burnley want £7m(!) and Hull are now looking at Mboyo.   I''m not convinced about Austin, seems a very similar style of player to Becchio. Would prefer Norwich to bring in a striker with some pace.
  14. Cardiff''s spending power isn''t that big - the owner talked about £25m for new players, but quickly changed tune and starting talking about how the exisiting team was good enough to ensure survival (it probably isn''t).   Southampton''s owners don''t put that much money into the club anymore, due to family disputes, but they entered the Premier League with no external debt and are in a similar position now to Norwich. Much is made of their spending last summer, but in reality it was just them spending the money gained from being in the Premier League.   Last season after Reading signed Pogrebnyak (sp) everyone was fretting over how much money they were going to spend, it never materalised. I think Cardiff will be similar this season.
  15. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="Tak"]Coming from the man who suggested Norwich sign Isco or Nani that is a fairly hypocritical statement.  http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2922209/ShowPost.aspx[/quote] Apart from the fact that I stated VERY clearly at the start of the thread that some targets would be seen as more realistic than others, and that you''ve conveniently picked the two LEAST likely signings out of the bunch, one of whom I again VERY clearly stated that it was doubtful we could afford the wages or even attract, but that it was worth asking a simple question over for the sake of a phonecall... Aspas has since gone to Liverpool for a ''massive'' 7mil fee (less than Blackburn apparently paid for Rhodes), whilst Maher impressed at the Euro U-21''s and is still wanting to play at the top level and be guaranteed game time - something we can offer both of. What I didn''t do was pull a bunch of random BS off twitter, then try justify it by claiming it was from an "ITK" source, and then randomly attack other posters in my responses. I''ve also tried to give what I consider to be sensible reasons behind the suggestions, and again, at no point have I claimed we''ve made a bid, are likely to sign them or anything along those lines. If anything, the thread proved how narrow minded many of our fans were in regards to signing ''bigger name'' players, and that many still see us as a small club with little to offer compared to other premiership rivals... [/quote]   So it''s okay to have a ''meaningless discussion'' about transfers that will never happen, as long as you start the discussion?
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