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  1. Has your contact at Longwater Petrol Station (Sainsburys for clarity) told you he is not signing? Also how would you say your name phonetically? Is it Jazz? Or J-ace? #boyorgirl
  2. Futtin Told ya pal! Second sighting...... You need to find something better to do with your time than "shooting" down fellow Canary fans who are just trying to share some news. You have averaged nearly 4 posts a day on this forum over the last 12 years. Posting on forums isn''t classed as a hobby.
  3. I know its a Sainsburys petrol station you nub end. Just didnt realise i had to specify who owned it......
  4. Not allowed phones in petrol stations. Ask your mates mum who works there.
  5. Is it not technically the petrol station at Longwater? Would my post have more substance had i put the Sainsburys Petrol Station at Longwater?
  6. Just spotted Scholesy at Longwater Petrol Station filling up his Audi. Is he going to be Micky P''s assistant?
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