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  1. Anyone blaming Martin for that goal is an idiot. I have seen Ramos, Pique, Hummels, Boateng, Bonucci all score own goals exactly the same. Its bad luck not bad defending. Any other player on the pitch did that and it would be ''bad luck, it happens'' How many managers have deemed him good enough for our side? I side with them over most of the posters on here...
  2. And that''s forgetting Bradley''s two great goals at the start of the season...
  3. I''m only following a basic text report online, can anyone tell me what happened for their goal?
  4. Was sat next to a couple of Liverpool fans in the upper N&P. One was disabled and could hardly stand up so the stewards let him stay in as long as he shut up and to be fair to him he did
  5. Someone please fire that cunt of a commentator. Never have I ever heard such biased bullshit
  6. Bradders having a good game, Fer having a shocker
  7. Good ball from Johnson to set up Olsson, but of course he can''t pass and shouldn''t be on the pitch
  8. Ugh! I absolutely hate that twat! Don''t ever want to see him in green and yellow
  9. lol at you if you think Jackson is better than Deeney
  10. [quote user="Herman "]I''m more interested in how he got the german double s in his title line?![/quote]Copy and paste [:D]
  11. How about looking at Daniel Carvajal as well, would help solidify the back line even more, and very good going forward.
  12. Wants out of Bayer Leverkusen, looking for a move to a premiership club. Are we too small, or is it worth a go?
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