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  1. i would much rather have harewood than crouch, i have seen him so many times at forest and he has blossemed from a little chap to a big powerful condident bloke, plus he has played with both hucks and brennan and he has terrarised many a player. i like wingers with pace can you imagine having hucks, harewood, bently and brennan steaminrg at the opposition defences, its a mouth watering prospect
  2. i hope not. look at last season at spurs he WAS a decent player but so was pele that doesn''t make him any good now
  3. Thomas Sorenson is reportedly unsettled in the midlands and is looking for a move back north where steve maclaren is looking for a long-term replacement for mark schwartzer. David O''Leary will offer Norwich £2m plus misfit Peter Crouch to lure Robert Green to Villa Park. O''Leary is also thought to be keen on bringing Dwight Yorke back to Villa Park after a smaller transfer budget available than first perceived. I''ve gained this information from a reliable source at my local health club! this was on a rumour site on google would anyone be interested in this, but my mate still thinks that he is having a medical at arseenalll
  4. ok then maybe nemeth but what about the rest?????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. have not heard why but i bet goes to wales to be full time coach with mark hughes as he was sharing the post at the start of mark hughes reign.
  6. well i think that it is the real mark rivers and if so and not a wind up then good on ya mate for coming on the site and telling us about ya. i do actually like watching him play and i think its a bit harsh of everyone to be slating him we should try and encourge him not dis him he is after all a yella. and we can''t say conclusively that he has been lazy cos we dont know the full extent of his injury sure sometimes he doesn''t tracj back but does hucks ? we should conserve are energy''s to cheer the boys on. come on mark show them what a player me and lots of people think you are which is good player
  7. i heard that too on that dody £1.00 a min hotline on teletext they also said about marc overmars
  8. i too think that hucks will crack the prem this year i think that he has a settled life in this fine city and is the big fish in the big pond and not nise versa. dunno about a england call up but he will unsettle a lot of defenders with his direct running. also i think that neon will do the same, he too has been in the prem but didn''t make the grade but i yhink his confidence will be sky high
  9. i know i was wrong with croachy signing last week but it will happen soon, but have just heard of a mate that greeno is having a medical at the gooners, now i''m praying thats its a load of bull poo but they are adament it will happen lets all pray taht it doen''t
  10. i have just read the funniest thing in a long time can''t stop laughing my head off. a couple of chaps rekon thet they will get a load of monet through selling the likes of wright, bent and magilton and wait for it they are planning to buy some of these players because they are still a big clup.... nicky butt jason euell brian mcbride radzinski nemeth and matea kezman what a joke i''m laughing my big hairy bum al the way to bed to make love to sam fox and britney and watch steve wonder play snooker ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  11. my mother supports them my dad supports the mighty yellas he gave me extra pocket money she didn''t over eager stewards over eager police rubbish beer and pies i hate the taste of sheephumper''s mayo and i have banned it from every kitchen i have worked in least delia is famous for cooking not making marie rose sauce alan green thinks the sun shines out of their bum i lived in ipswich and hated every minute they smell rubbish reasons i know but you don''t need a reason to hate them we just do hate them hate them hate them hate them oh and forgot they banned me when i was 9 years old for singing and dancing when we scored against them in that hospital cup thingy i was in their end, god it stinks up there and they all wear burberry hats more than the rest of the country
  12. it works for us have you seen greeno bellow at the ball boys for not having a spare ball and not throwing it quicker enough. he looks even more like a scary scare crow when he does that
  13. i think if we can survive the first season we will do well, and still be there for a long time, like people say we need to stay ambitious but keep in our limits, keep hold of our best players and keep building to the future with a highly productive youth system. some people say we should look at teams like charlton and bolton. charlton yes but bolton we do''t want to be like them yes thay get classy foreign players but hey cost alot and bolton are deep in the sh1t money wise
  14. bonus pints coming in from every angle. sunday start of the season same thing. if it does not happen by sunday i''ll clean my keyboard thats all i can offer otherwise i''ll be buying everybody drinks
  15. heard it on good authority that he will sign this week for less than a million. its been said a million times already but i''m adamant it will happen just thought i''d share it with ya all
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