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  1. Nedergaards Knee

    Hypothetical question number three - Stadium capacity increase

    [quote user="Alan"]Build a second tier on the "main stand" to increase capacity by 3000.

    It can be done quickly and cheaply, and it will be full most of the time.

    If you want a 7000 increase will require demolition, take ages reducing capacity for a season during building, be half empty most of the time, cost a fortune and loose the club money.[/quote]

    McNally said recently that a Stadium Upgrade would cost £20m
  2. Nedergaards Knee

    Sneak peek at the keeper away kit?

    Will Britt wore it last night. It''s Red.
  3. Nedergaards Knee

    An interesting twist ..........

    RVW let the cat out of the bag when he said "‘The plan is also to bring in an attacking midfielder and two wide players this summer."

    Non of those players you mentioned will be leaving, In fact no first team players will (maybe Holt) but we will be improving the overall quality of the squad.

  4. Nedergaards Knee

    I disagree Grant...

    [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]Firstly I think Holt will leave in the summer. Have thought this for a few months now.

    I don''t pick up any rift between players and manager at all. I think Hughton saying they have struggled to find a formula to win since the turn of the year is right. He''s been too negative but we don''t have a poacher, an out and out goal scorer and you can only do so much until that clear gap in your team is noticeable.

    For us, when Kamara and Becchio came in, our failure to score even though we signed these two players was there for everyone to see.

    I don''t think there is a rift, I just think McNally and Hughton get it badly wrong when it came to signing a striker. I genuinely think last August and last January they didn''t know what to do. They panicked and got Kane, Kamara and Becchio.[/quote]

    I think you are talking rubbish. There was no panic! Does McNally really look like they type of person to panic.

    I think they played the stupid January transfer window pretty well. We have just got RVW for only £8.5m because we DIDN''T panic.