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  1. We do Herman, the one key area where we didnt look quality last season.
  2. Took it really well, Croatia clearly struggling having to face three City boys tonight!!
  3. LDC is keeping going pretty well in the face of all the crap and feeble attempts at ridicule. The re-emboldened City 1st continues to demonstrate why the board was so much better when he mysteriously dissapeared suffering from a lack of Kahunas! Of course some of LDC''s ideas are off the wall, buts what wrong with that, its often off the wall thinking that leads to the seed of new ideas.
  4. [quote user="First acolyte the east coast role model"]"Have you two any idea how stupid you look??"- LDC "I''m not going to respond to city1st because he is trolling..."- acolyte "Oh stop it! (with smiley face)"- wiz Keeping with the doctor who theme, I believe this troll is one man with multiple incarnations and shades of slightly differing personalities.[/quote] why do you waste your time?
  5. [quote user="First acolyte the east coast role model"]Dearie me LDC, being deconstructed here. Why don''t you just admit you''ve fuc*ed up?[/quote] what a fucking knob head you are!
  6. The reaction would suggest that there is little respect for the needs of older fans that have been attending games at the club for many years. A sad reflection, lovely smart arse comments from posters who "buy the odd ticket" Shame on you!
  7. The worst fan is the gormless idiot in a cap who sits in the snakepit with a constant dirty tooth grin on his face, only interupted when he stick in another pasty. He talks to everyone and misguidedly thinks they are all his friends, you all know the type, a sort of BW''s cat!
  8. [quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="Mr Carrow"]With age we aquire wisdom, a sense of perspective and generally a level of civility, regretably there is always the exception that proves the rule. Congratulations![/quote] Your sole contribution to this thread has been to resort to ageist abuse. Very civil. Regretably (sic) with age, we do not always aquire (sic) the ability to spell. [/quote] Agiest abuse, you are overly sensative or seeing insult where none exists dear boy. Ironic that you critisise my contribution, which was accurate if brief, and chose to respond with pedantic spelling corrections.
  9. With age we aquire wisdom, a sense of perspective and generally a level of civility, regretably there is always the exception that proves the rule. Congratulations!
  10. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]As far as I''m aware, there is absolutely no chance of Vaughan staying. He doesn''t want to be here and doesn''t like the area as he is one cool dude. At least I think that''s how he would describe himself.[/quote] So many posters seeming able to read the mind of James Vaughan, why would he turn down the chance to play in the EPL if it was offered. I cant understand this "he doesnt want to be here" crap, he surely want to be a Prem player. Please explain how you draw your conclusion!
  11. Have always liked Tierney, good character and enjoyed watching him play, it really is a measure of our success that we can now let players like him go without worrying about who will replace him. I''m sure he will be very successful at Bolton.
  12. not sure about your penultimate sentence Evesham, but yes a bizare season, and will need some reflection for it all to sink in. Yes the football hasnt always been great but the whole emotional ride has been exhilarating!
  13. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Howson isn''t good enough..... I''m still saying it despite 2 goals[/quote] Your halo is begining to slip a little Jas!
  14. [quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="Mr Carrow"][quote user="Jan van Chopsburg"][quote user="Webbo118"] [quote user="Mr Carrow"]There does seem to be a pretty fundamental flaw in in Webbo''s thinking here?[/quote] And the pretty fundamental flaw is what exactly? [/quote] Which is, why the hell do you care what someone who sits behind you does? [/quote] le chat est ors du sac .............lol[/quote] Or even est hors du sac - good attempt though. [/quote] silent h
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