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  1. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]I hope he rots away, the shithouse. Completely compromised the integrity of our club.[/quote] We all make mistakes, you''re being too harsh on him. We probably wouldn''t be in the EPL without him. One mistake doesn''t undo all the good he''s done.
  2. If we go down we''ll need him to score goals in the Championship. If we stay up I think we should consider selling him if a good offer came in. He''s been a hero for us and will always be remembered that way, but all good things come to and end. I fancy him to score against WBA, one last hurrah for the old war horse.
  3. [quote user="Ginja"][img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BJqCNKYCcAALlN5.png[/img]Probably a load of rubbish but there we go...[/quote] This is my team aswell. Pilks and Bennett should provide Holt and Becchio with decent service. Becchio has a chance to prove his worth and hopefully with Snodgrass up there aswell they can ensure that Holt stays central and doesnt drift out wide. First time, early crosses will be key. Everyone needs to deliver their performance of the season.
  4. We need 3 more points, if we lose to WBA we are almost certainly going down. One team a lot of people overlook are Fulham, they''re on 40 points with Liverpool at home and Swansea away, they could quite easily lose both. The are so many scenarios, if we beat WBA we''ll stay up I reckon...the problem is we''ll actually need to win a game of football. ..hmmm
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