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  1. You could say the same for every ticket. I'm sure plenty have let others use their memberships. Regarding this gentlemen though, if he did buy 40 tickets with 40 memberships that is unfair. It should be the same maximum as what it is online - 4 This has been the case for years and will be the case at every club. Players will get x amount free but some players won't have anyone going to the game so will let others use their tickets. I know players used to get 4 free tickets for every home game but that was 10+ years ago. In the south stand, central area there are often free seats which are the players seats which they don't always use. I would guess at least a few hundred tickets for every big away game will got to players/staff at the club. It will all die down in time though in my opinion.
  2. So did some people that queued at Carrow Road didn't get a ticket? I'm shocked by that, in previous occasions I think the club have held back a large number so everyone that physically goes to Carrow Road gets a ticket. Approx. How many of the people that went to Carrow Road didn't get a ticket? I doubt this will make you feel better, but for those that didn't get a ticket, I've been to the London stadium to watch football and it is the worst ground i've ever been to. Zero atmosphere or football experience. Miels from the pitch etc. Upper tier is bloody miles away.
  3. I would go lower. Upper you will need binoculars. Worst football ground i've ever been to.
  4. The majority of tickets were between £30-40 which is around the same price as they are now when you factor in a £50 membership. Last season average price would’ve been less than £30. a few of the bigger teams would’ve been more last time we were in the Prem (I remember paying around £48 for Man City!), but even then sometimes our prices were lower because we were the lowest graded game.
  5. Yes and they were general sale tickets. That was a tenner an adult ticket in October half term. I’m not sure how much kids tickets were but I reckon a fiver at most. Exceptional circumstances which resulted in a massive following. I’m not saying spurs won’t sell out. But i think it will go to general sale.
  6. I agree but also think our fans have misjudged our away support. If you want to go to all the London games, you need a membership. If you just want to go to 1 or 2 of the London games then you might need the membership but it's bloody expensive. If you're a northerner then I don't think you need the membership.... But I understand people buying for peace of mind and that's the reason i'll probably crack and end up buying one!
  7. Last season we averaged 1900 away from home and I think over the last 10 years it's hovered between 1500 and just over 2000. The majority of allocations in the prem are 2500-3000. All the big clubs, it's closer to 3000. Last time we were in the prem only two games didn't go on general sale, it has been reported, which I quite believe. There is a chance that things don't go to plan and we struggle away from home and support dwindles. I think people are massively over estimating our away support and the demand for tickets. I think the only games that won't go to general sale are potentially: West Ham, Chelsea, Palace, Bournemouth, Arsenal, Watford. - That's 6 games, I'm going to also assume that at least 2 of them will be moved to a stupid kick off time or friday/sunday meaning around 4 games won't go to general sale. Spurs is mid-week, it'll go to general sale. Liverpool is a Friday night. I'd be surprised if it sells out before general sale. In my opinion the membership is only worth it if you want to go to the London games and 100% do not want to miss out. The big equaliser is the fear of missing out on tickets, which is why i'm still considering buying an away membership.
  8. I hope to. Are Norwich fans normally kept behind after the game? I need to shot off st the final whistle, ideally!
  9. Ill be drinking in be city rather than near the ground. Sinclaira oyster bar near Victoria station has local beer, is cheap and attracts football supporters on a Saturday.
  10. Has anyone else still not received tickets for Sunday? I was advised they would be here the end of this week but its obviously cutting it a bit fine now. Also pubs? City centre or near the ground? Cheers
  11. Vaughan is not in the 5 man squad and therefore can''t play.
  12. I''ve not had money taken from my account or received tickets, possibility club didn''t revive my application so will have to give them a call I guess. If we didn''t have this Stone Age system of applying we wouldn''t have problems like this.
  13. Have those of you who applied for Man City away had money taken out of your bank accounts yet? Also any idea on how many we sold? Should be a sell out regardless of what happens against WBA
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