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  1. Up to now I would firmly categorize myself as negative Hughton Outer. Having said, he always comes across as a thoroughly honest and decent bloke, and I would love to be proved wrong and see him do well. I personally think the performance is going to be just as important as the result on Sunday.   I hope we try to the game from the start, rather than looking as thought we''ve already accepted defeat before the game has even kicked off. 
  2. For the last 13 months is been more like, you lose some, then you lose some more! Hughton Out!
  3. Lack of Management ability has stopped Steve Bruce or Mark Hughes getting PL jobs.  I see no reason why Hughton shouldn''t follow in their footsteps
  4. No.   His quite justifiably being lambasted for persisting with a style of play and tactics that don''t work.
  5. Impressive performance from the players, bearing in mind Hughton said pre-match the cups were not the priority. Showed a strong mentality to respond to each of Burys goals. Only have to look at Liverpool, Fulham, Sunderland, and Palace to see this a banana skin skilfully avoided.
  6. [quote user="ReadingCanary"][quote user="Derby Canary"]Hope we are not relying on promoted teams to fill relegation places this year!Cardiff ahead against Man City and really looking the part.Contrast that with our could n''t care less attitude against the mighty Hull City![/quote]Yeah i''m sure our players couldn''t care less about staying in this league......[/quote] i''d be surprised if Hooper/Fer/RVW don''t have relegation release clauses in their contracts.
  7. I''ve said it before, but, Vaughan also appears to be thriving away from Hughtons negative tactics.
  8. Another Hughton apologist talkin b******* Peterborough scored five goals against 10 men at the weekend! With our brand of anti-football, hopefully the squad can manage 5 goals by Christmas
  9. Michael Bailey has tweeted that it may be a mistake to under estimate how important the next 5 days might be for NCFC.
  10. Winnings overated is it?  Just as well as they''ve a better Manager, better squad and more ambition.  I predict a 3 or 4 nil spanking.
  11. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]1) QPR didn''t draw 2-2 against a full strength Everton game on their first game back.2) QPR bought journeymen and mercenaries not young, up and coming talent3) QPR came into the season on the back of a terrible 2011/2012 campaign. We do not.4) To compare Hughes and Hughton is laughable. Hughton got us to 11th last season. Hughes just escaped relegation5) QPR SACKED Hughes ..... and still got relegated. so Shhhh[/quote]   Elamanders 32 In 2013, Hughtons won two league games out of 21! How is that not terrible? No matter how bad QPR were last season, Hughton didn''t manage to beat them!
  12. In reality we need to keep hold of Becs. RVW and Hooper probably have relegation release clauses in their contracts.
  13. Not sure that the team selection matters too much. The worrying this is that if we win, people will post on here claiming it as some sort of redemption for Hughtons tactics.
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