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  1. Plenty of events going on to celebrate the 40th anniversary of punk in the East. Kicks off Saturday through to December. Google it or on Facebook. Looking forward to Buzzcocks at the Waterfront next week.
  2. I predict a loss. Not based on anything, just a feeling. I hope to be proved wrong.
  3. So it''s the size of the sweetener, rather than the actually ethics of it. Sadly goes on in all walks of life. See yesterday''s story about Royal Facilities Manager or whatever his title was.. Taking bungs to award work to "prefered" contractors.
  4. Has any one who works been given a bottle of drink at Christmas by a supplier, been taken out to lunch, treated to tickets for a show or a sporting event? Is there really much difference?
  5. Thanks Ricardo. I like the way you tell it like it is.
  6. If Pete comes on and says ''I couldn''t be happier'' I will literally pi55 my pants.
  7. Or look at the poor quality of opposition we''ve faced so far...
  8. Doesn''t ring any bells with me. When would thus have been worn?
  9. You''re right i am getting them mixed up Lapps. It''s the depressing nature of the posts...
  10. Petes idea of fun is a minutes applause, or silence, preferably with a pie and/or a fag on the go.
  11. Lovely Babs. Don''t know what her name is though.
  12. Yes, those two have a lot of hate for each other. Or in Millwalls case, a hate for everyone.
  13. Bloody autocorrect how does result become exult. Is it even a word that has been used since the Dawn of Christ.
  14. Sometimes if Norwich had a mid-week away match and it was running late or it went to penalties, you wouldn''t know the exult until the next day. A true story my friends.
  15. Strange because this is also one of the fiercest derbies as voted for by, can''t remember 4-4-2 or something?
  16. What have I missed? I''ve been at Burghley, how middle class.
  17. Haven''t been to what I call a big gig in ages, have tended to go to smaller local venues with not so well known bands lately. I guess with what''s going on in the world and what happened at Le Bataclan, it makes sense.
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