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  1. I urge anyone who is showing signs of hesitation, or being unable to go after sitting down for a while, just doing little dribbles instead of a strong stream, or who goes several times a night, or who needs to know exactly where the toilets are in a theatre etc and plans their seat accordingly, to seek a Doctors advice. Especially if you are of a certain age. The above was me and thankfully had an enlarged prostate diagnosed and removed, and thankfully not cancerous. Too many men have a hang up about anything waterworks related. Believe me a finger up your arris is the least of your problems. Happy to report I now pi55 like a racehorse, can hold my drink and stop my stream at will. Great cause, good luck with your bike ride.
  2. You would like to think that most decent supporters know there''s a line you just don''t cross.
  3. The lower Barclay of old was half way to near the top next to the separating railings clustered around Bernie.
  4. God, some of you lead some miserable f u c k ing lives.
  5. I''d be very happy with this. Although we all know that nobody is really good enough...
  6. As the temperature drops on the drunks out in Clapham. I turn on the TV, it''s like punk never happened.
  7. Regardless what you think of him, to have Pardews name mentioned as a possible replacement means we still have some credibility to attract a decent name. Contrary to clubs a shamble comment that often gets thrown around.
  8. I went to the zoo the other day. It only had one animal. It was a Shih Tzu.
  9. What a miserable human being if you wanted him sacked after Wembley. I am assuming it was immediately after our win, and not a later occasion you sat at a bar at Wembley.
  10. I''m curious as to how this turn of events would happen. Turkeys voting for Christmas springs to mind.
  11. Don''t worry, soon be someone in place to whinge and whine about.
  12. I saw some scum fans playing football with a hedgehog, so I thought I''d step in to help the poor thing. I needn''t have bothered though, it was already 2-0 up.
  13. See Announcement, Code of Conduct board, above.
  14. The drummin'' ain''t half bad either...
  15. So, in summation (as usual). If things go wrong, it''s Delias fault. If things are going well, it''s somebody else''s doing.
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