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  1. There are things that went on behind the scenes prior to his departure and which none of us are privy to (and may never be) that might explain his reaction.
  2. My analogy wasn''t the best. It''''s a bit like being taken paint-balling as a team-bonding excercise.
  3. I don''t thin we will go down, also the players could pretty much have their own holiday of a lifetime every other week if they wanted to. A bit like me or you choosing to to have a take-away or eat in . Well it is me anyway.
  4. Isn''t this a bit of a misnomer like second season syndrome?
  5. Surely the Smiths song is Heaven Knows I''m Miserable Now?
  6. I suppose if (when) we stay up that is cause for celebration. If the implausible happens, then cue hasty retreat to the dressing rooms with just Holt saying his farewell.
  7. Never mind a one or two year plan, he needs to ensure we beat West Brom that should be all he/ we should be focused on. Recriminations can come later. Well sooner rather than later.
  8. Why do a lot of you think the Championship will be a walk in the park IF we go down? Because it won''t be.
  9. Draw or lose but Wigan still have too much to do IMHO.
  10. Striving to be mediocre, the odd upset against Man U and Arsenal and not even a good cup run to get excited about. It''s a difficult question. If it was all on a bit more level playing field with a European Super League with all the big teams out of the way, then maybe. I wonder what Stoke fans would say?
  11. Don''t go underestimating what a difficult league it will be to get out of IF get relegated, which we won''t. For starters RVW won''t be here IF we do.
  12. Let''s hope they''ve learnt from the Worthy and Gunn scenarios as in keeping a manager past the sell by date. What contract is Hughton on BTW?
  13. I still don''t think Wigan will avoid the drop, but my goodness we need to improve big time next season I think Hughton will be given 10 games or so before the board pull the plug or not.
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