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  1. Another goal will take us up another place.
  2. This is the new Norwich. Have faith.
  3. I always think I should have a bet on ex players scoring against us, but I never do. Damn.
  4. You''re gonna get your fuckingheads kicked in. Oh, those were the days.
  5. This season will go one of two ways, with no in between.
  6. Frank, personally I think it''s the younger fans who gave no patience.
  7. I''m not a fan of John Humphries either. It is being implied that Lineker can''t be arsed to present MoTD2 on Sunday. Is this the case or is this mpfabrication?
  8. It''s not really Linekers fault though is it? As has been said, the BBC needs massive reform in the way it''s funded.
  9. I''ve never forgiven them for trashing the Barclay and having to share the train back to Yarmouth with the feckers.
  10. He should be able to get us to play Heavy Metal football.
  11. I don''t get why you can''t name him. If he''s prepared to meet in a public place, he should realise there''s a chance he will be spotted and named.
  12. I would have to say that most of the time, Archant stories are re-hashed from threads on here.
  13. How sad that a club could potentially cease to exist.
  14. You are eating eggshell!? Gross. I can detect the smallest piece of eggshell at a 1000 paces.
  15. Glad it went well KG. Best of luck with the recovery.
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