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  1. The problem with sacking Hughton now is that who would we replace him with? - O''Neill? In my opinion he is very similar to Hughton in style i.e. they both find defence the best form of attack. - Di Matteo? I''m still unconvinced by him. WBA obviously sacked him for some reason when they were doing ok (Deja Vu of Hughton maybe?) and he won the CL by parking the bus against Barcaelona and Bayern. Who else: Holloway? Tactically inept. Ince? Once again, similar to Hughton. Personally I would like to Zola to replace Hughton but I cannot see it happening as I doubt he would leave Watford. I also saw a stat when Hughton joined us that said that his Birmingham side had one of the highest shot counts in the Championship so the maybe the board identified him on this account. At this moment in time I would like to see Hughton stay, but he MUST shake the team up e.g. Wes for Elmander, Pilks for Snoddy etc.
  2. [quote user="City 2nd"]jas the barclay king wrote the following post at 2013-09-14 9:22 we are 13th.... we finished Higher last season that Pual Lambert has EVER finished in the premier league.. I also point out its our 2nd highest ever premier league finish.... so.. why should Hughton depart after a 2-0 defeat to one of the best teams in the land? 1) last season is history. We were lucky. 2) We are 13th after 4 games. 3) we have spent 12m+ on TWO strikers 4) we have scored 2 league goals 5) if such form is not arrested we will be relegation material no doubt. 6) Hughton has an absolutely abysmal win ratio, connected purely to his ineptness as a coach tactically.[/quote] 1) You could flip this and say that we were vastly unlucky last season and without major decisions going against us we could have ended up higher. 2) 1 Draw against a team that just beat Chelsea, 1 loss to a debatable decision going against us plus it is difficult to score against 10 men who are 1-0 up as they go into siege mentality. 3) We have spent the money on players that we needed. If we hadn''t signed Hooper (assuming RvW was on his way), Ricky probably would have ended up like Hart - not playing his best due to lack of any competition. 4) I''m pretty sure we''ve scored 3 (Whittaker + RvW against Everton and Redmond against Southampton). 5) What poor form? As you say last season is history so we started a blank slate which now has 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses - one of which is against a team who we would have seen anything of 1+ points as a bonus. 6) As someone else said, he''s got the same win ratio as Lambert plus he guided us to a place higher than Lambert did as well as doing better than Villa. At the moment I am happy with Hughton, he''s much better tactically than someone like Ian Holloway or Paolo Di Canio who just like to attack and hope the defence can fend for themselves plus his transfer dealings have hardly been poor (only the Becchio - at the moment - and Butterfield deals have been poor and the rumours say that they were done to get rid of Morison and by Lambert respectively).
  3. I don''t think he will leave. He''s spent a lot moulding his own team plus when he moved here I saw a tweet (I think it was from James Nursey?) and he said that Hughton would not have left Birmingham had it not been for all their troubles because he isn''t someone who just leaves.
  4. Wow, what a good idea and execution. Would really like to know who the Portsmouth tweeter is and if the one near Swindon is me. Quick question, how accurate is the map?
  5. Didn''t McNally jokingly Tweet that we had failed the 7 year plan as we did it in 4.
  6. From what I saw, in the first half we played well considering we had only played 2 other games and were against a team who were mid-season. However the second half I noticed we kept hitting balls up to the lone striker who was just getting beaten - we played as if Holt was still there and was using his physicality to win the ball. There was one moment (I think Butterfield''s chance) where we kept the ball and passed it around until we eventually got it to Butterfield who almost scored.
  7. I will, I''m staying up same as when I stayed up for the Earthquakes game. Would love to see us win this one.
  8. Probably the one against QPR at Carrow Road in 2011 as that was in first time I saw him score live.
  9. Personally I''d choose Redmond over Ince as he''s cheaper. £8 million is a lot of money for one player for a team coming up into the Premier League so they will rely on Ince to contribute a lot more. If it works, good for them but if it doesn''t they have spent a lot of money on someone who isn''t up to it yet. For £3.2 million we still have the extra £5 million to spend on other players.
  10. What a result. Fantastic result and being above Villa + last year''s finish. What a way to cap off a fantastic week.
  11. I think the cut off is that you have to be born after 1/1/90 and he was born 10/6/90 so he is eligible for the team.
  12. I do agree with Ruddy not being in the squad as he has just come back from a massive injury. I''m surprised that Foster''s back (In my opinion, he shouldn''t be because he turned his back on England a couple of years ago) especially as I thought it read Forster. For Alex McCarthy, who else is there who is good enough? More proof of Hodgson''s bias is including Lescott - who has hardly played - over Michael Dawson. Amazes me.
  13. I don''t think 6 million was ever offered. McNally said the only interest was from West Ham and they didn''t even offer 4 million for a player who had been in the form of his life.
  14. What about Max Clayton from Crewe who is meant to be the next best thing?
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