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  1. Thanks Ron. Dou you take it up the ares as a norm?
  2. As i have crashed your forum today I will say that Alex Neil seems like a good manager for your team as lambert did. He has no money, if he keeps you up which seems unlikely he might get you back. I''d have him at the villa after the lambert sherwood Garde dembarkle.
  3. You''re right BF We are gone. Good luck to Norwich.
  4. May have seen him is a bit special needs but seems like a nice guy.
  5. Not a chance in HELL you will beat both Newcastle and Sunderland.
  6. I have a season ticket to center parks works out cheaper than paying for the games won model. Couldn''t agree with you more, if I only I could earn 50k a year let alone a week hey ho.
  7. Haha indeed. When we sang that we thought he would make Villa punch above their weight as he did for Noriwch. He failed. Anyway I am only here to wind you up and you are being too nice! So I will sign off with good luck chaps, I expect you will go down with the Villa.
  8. One win against brom and you all think you are safe is very funny reading. Sunderland and Newcastle are both better teams than you FFS even we beat you! So is clearly us you and one of the 2 NE teams, Palace won''t get dragged in. You will probably lose Brady, Redmond, Howson in the window suspect Ipswich will finish above you next year. We will be top 2. Keep positive guys but I can''t see how you can get out of it!!
  9. 1 - 3. A first half hatrick from Lambert who realising you are so poor picks himself out of position as a striker. A late consolation goal from one of your defenders from a dodgy free kick decision after Holt tripped on his laces.
  10. We probably will sing there is only one Paul Lambert may I add some others that are quite likely You''re shit and you know you are Going down going down ..... Can we play you every week 10 men and you still can''t score, maybe. Sure there will be more as sure as I am we will walk away with the 3 points. You''ll be fine in the championship it''s a league you may be able to challenge in. ;)
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