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  1. I some how stumbled across this article today and it made me realise how far we have progressed in the last 4 years. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/may/03/charlton-athletic-norwich-city-championship-relegationIn 2009 we were hoping to sign David Mooney permanently to help us get back into the Championship whereas we now we have the prospect of a £8.5million + striker leading the line next season. Although I have had my fair share of moans and groans this season you really have to step back and look back on what we have achieved. We are standing on the verge of a large tv revenue, the prospect of expanding the stadium, financial security and our 3rd season in the Premier League.The last two home games should be a chance to celebrate where we are at and to give the team that final push over the line...
  2. I''ve seen a number of posts on here over recent weeks discussing Hughton''s apparent negative tactics however I feel that since he has taken over he has simply been realistic.When he first took over it was clear that our defense was an issue and he responded by strengthening it worlds apart to what it was last year (17 fewer goals conceded compared to this time last year). As the seasons progressed its become clear that going forward we are not where we should be so Hughton''s tactics of containing teams and being a compact unit was the only way we were going to points needed to survive this season.If Hughton can strengthen us going forward next season as successfully as he has defensively (the signs are so far good with the signing of RVW) our Premier League future looks bright. I think we will see a whole different mentality from Hughton next season...
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