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  1. Really ? background checks ? [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]Maybe a different perspective from "across the pond" but nothing wromg with that - everyone here is allowd a personal firearm, subject to a background check against felony or lunacy. So what exactly is the issue you are whinging on about ?[/quote]
  2.    I think this is the only sensible response n this thread !!! I m losing  the will to read the self opinionated nonsense some of the " multiple " posters   write on here , the word wan*er repeatedly springs to mind .[quote user="The gut"]Fair opinion, however it is a bit of a custard cream disguised as a bourbon. For clarity the points you claim to be facts are not actually facts are they? Oh the irony![/quote]
  3. Spot on ![quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Ok to play devils advocate1) Anyone stepping in after Lambert would have had hell of a job winning the fans. Another reason why I dont envy the man to fill Fergies boots. Regardless of any sucess its still not "the Messiah"2) Anyone who can hand on thier heart say "They are fully satisfied with Hoots use of substitutions" is lying3) Anyone who can hand on thier heart say "They are fully satisfied with Hoots tactics" is lying4) We went from playing very exciting football to playing defensive, then our team was shackled and lost confidence going forwards. Confidence has been something we have had in bucket loads at Norwich for the last 3 years, seeing the likes of Holty lacking should have scared everyone ! Can people stop trying to jump on the moral high ground, anyone would think that any of the whiners or whingers would be happy if we were relegated. This was not and is not the case.The simple point being that after having such a comfortable position at Xmas we rid the one stop slide to a relegation battle. Based on form we should have gone down, plain and simple.Now, I for one am behind Hoots, next season will be his first proper season as he has had Lamberts squad and a few additions of his own. He can now start moving forwards with his players and his formations.If Man City and WBA show us two things they are theseA) Hoots can set up an attacking formation when he wants and he needs to trust his players moreB) We actually have a good squad of lads so you cant point fingers at anyone, 90% the dead wood is gone now and whats left is quality.[/quote]
  4. I lost interest until I read Gash ...........:P   [quote user="Reykjavik Canary"]Gary Jones from Bradford - 100K Sell Bradley Johnson to Swansea - 2.5mil Daddy Madden (if we can afford his wages) - 150K Christian Jolley - 25K Michael Gash - 75K That way we don''t need to break the bank and go the same way as QPR. Important we sign players who are willing to give everything every game for us.[/quote]
  5. Although I sort of agree with what you say Ricardo .................................I have actually heard the same thing more or less.............and I am interested to know if there is any substance to the rumour ! [quote user="ricardo"]The Hughton outer''s have to cling to one theory or another in order to continue justifying their position. I suppose a player rebellion story is as good as any other.Still a total load of unsubstantiated bull$hit.[/quote]
  6.   YES !!! ...............Please :) [quote user="Leedscanary"]... is best friends with Mrs Roberto DiMatteo. Is it time for me to have a word??[/quote]
  7.     this is what I think should happen ,,,, and for once I agree with the OP [quote user="Les"]let him go even if we stay up, Gus Poyet to take over.[/quote]
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