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  1. If we go down and are contractually obliged to go through with this purpose he''ll be up for sale immediately, will never set foot in the Fine City.
  2. Indeed, if you''re desperate to see Rip Van Winkel book yourself a weekend break to Lisbon sharpish.
  3. I know! We''re talking about kids who might forge careers at League 2/Conference level.
  4. It just winds you up so much more when you''re actually at the game ...
  5. You think RVW would be up for London Road on wet Tuesday night? Nah, me neither.
  6. Man the barricades! I''ll be there, as will LDC I''m sure, for this MUST WIN game! Norwich expects every man to do his duty! No Reeves, No Fans, No Future, South Out!! Marmaduke
  7. I think statistics tell us that, in reality, none of this lot will ever figure in the first team ...
  8. Reminiscent of Carl Cort in his prime for us!
  9. When Theo Walcott played as a kid for Southampton against us he was useless and deservedly got pulled off.
  10. Remember seeing it happen to Nigel Jemson once when we were playing Sheff Wed. He didn''t take it so graciously ...
  11. Really let himself down. Just didn''t put a shift in tonight.
  12. I''ll be there. Predict a City win in front of a lot of excitables who haven''t been to Carrot Road before - endless renditions of City clap, clap, clap in tones so high only sheepdogs can hear them. Final is home and away.
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