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  1. Well said. Every appointment is a gamble, let''s just hope ours works out this time. [quote user="Jonzey"] It''s also down to the individual. I see Lennon and Malky as commanding respect as a manager, Zola less so although as a player obviously he is totally respected. Adams I see as slightly weaker as a personality, and was only a slightly above average player.   But the point you''re making is what type of football they''d offer. We all want to see attacking free flowing play, but at the expense of a poor defence? I say build from the back, which for me is Malky. In the Champ he''d know how to do this very well, and then there''s far more scope for his players to attack too in that league compared to the Prem. It''s not as if he''d set our team up every week as he did when Cardiff visited Carrow Road. Perhaps too many people are judging him on that.   Lennon has built a superb attacking outfit in the SPL, which to be fair is the only way Celtic should be playing against ridiculously inferior opponents every week, they look terrifying going forward sometimes. Could he inject some of that attacking philosophy at a club in a more level playing field?   Zola? Hmmmmm I''ve never been convinced. He''s high profile, but that''s it. Never over acheived anywhere which is what you want.     [/quote]
  2. Robert Fleck did some scouting for us in Scotland, do you have the same feeling he could be a surprise candidate or has the medication kicked in yet? ;)
  3. I don''t get all the fixation with "defensive" and "offensive" tactics being continually discussed.  Neither will work, it''s all about the right balance of both. Lambert was sucessful here in league 1 and champtionship playing attacking football and as we had enough players in the squad to smash the balls in the net we reeped the benefit from his style.  In the prem it became more of a struggle when the likes of Chris Martin didn''t come up with the same ratio - no fault of their own.  We finished a good 12th though. He goes to Villa and employs the same attacking culture but it hasn''t worked through them not scoring enough hence his struggle. Hughton on the other hand always seemed to get the tactics wrong, setting us up with attacking formations and players in games which should have been more defence minded and vice verca.  Keeping it tight at the back is a must but you can''t just rely on that, you have to score goals to win games thats never changed and never will. Fergie at Utd played what you''d call balanced football, yes they attacked more than they did under Moyes but certainly knew how to defend and keep the ball out of their own net. 12 clean sheets means nothing if you go 15 games without scoring! We need a manager who can tighten us up and cut out the clumsy mistakes of the team but also give us the confidence and desire to stick the bloomin thing in the back of the net isntead of extra touches - we aint Barcelona! For me that man is Lennon, I base it on his Celtic career before anyone asks and am not fusssed he hasn''t managed in English leagues.  It''s his phylosophy I am interested in - Lambert with a bit more understanding of the defensive side of the game. Malky isn''t an out and out defensive manager, he set his team up to be the most effective he could at the time - they scored plenty of goals in the championship.  I believe he would try and get the right balance here - comparing him with Hughton is unfair - Hughton had the balance of a one legged tight rope walker! A balanced approach adopted and we will be fine whatever league we play in (hopefully 2015/16 that''s back in the Prem)   OTBC
  4. Who did you hear that off? Please let it be Neil Lennon!!!
  5. Can''t believe the negativity over a news paper report which is probably no where near the truth.  If it was true I''d be happy, Redmond is the exact type of player I personally want to see wearing the colours of our fine (financially limited) football club. He is quick, young, slightly cocky (ever heard of Darren Huckerby or Craig Bellamy?) and exciting.  I''m sure we''d all love to be sigining players from Real Madrid but face facts, we can''t afford Ronaldo - even the fat bucked toothed one! At least view him on YouTube as the intelligent poster earlier said and don''t just reject players because they don''t play well for you on football manager 2013 before you make up your mind. Buying from the "lower leagues" has served us well in the past and I''m sure it will again.   OTBC
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