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  1. I haven''t lived in Norwich since 1979, is The Murderer''s still there?
  2. Dear Jonzey, Nigel''s not available at the moment as he''s showing a nice young chap around Colney who''s driven all the way up from Leicester so he couldn''t let him down. I''ll tell him you wrote when he gets back although he''s going straight out with Thomas to The Murderer''s I believe. Yours Mrs. Worthington
  3. macca, I would have thought stating your opinion was enough and would be acceptable even though I disagree, but resorting to personal insults in such a way is unnecessary given that Mackay has been a very loyal and committed guy. I''m sure you wouldn''t be so brave to his face so your behaviour on the board is not only unseemly it''s craven. Have a word with yourself or join the tractor boys message board where your style will be sure fire winner
  4. I''m surprised that you feel like that, it will be interesting to see who NW buys at the back and then what back four he decides to put out. Will it be loyalty or cold blooded best team on paper?
  5. I''m in Royal Leamington Spa, not really a hot bed of soccer, 12 miles from Coventry, who I''ve never liked. I''m from Norwich originally and 4 of us are season ticket holders although I''m the only one here with the ''yellers'' accent.
  6. I believe that Malky will start the season with Fleming and changes will only be made if things go horribly wrong. We had a great back five last year and for me Malky wasn''t ever the weakest link of the 5 when, on the rare occasions, we played poorly. It''s a team game in any league, we have a great ''team'' and they deserve their chance.
  7. I tend to agree with Canary Boy. The lack of really interesting news in terms of transfers for us has given rise to some fairly anally retentive speculation of late. A full page comparing and contrasting us to WBA for god''s sake! And it''s not even funny. Whatever does happen next season, one thing is for sure it won''t be anything like the various predictions ( apart from the wizard''s of course, I''ve already put my house on Sunderland going up) that have appeared on threads. Please buy someone interesting Nigel quickly or if all we can get on the message board is pseudo- intellectual / statto stuff, could someone sedate me ''til August 14th.
  8. No. Slower than malky and 5 times the price.
  9. Dear Zip I hear that Tony Mowbray and Gerry Taggart were seen pulling a dray on the Acle straight going towards Asda over the weekend. I hope this helps.
  10. Completely agree, started slowly last season but never stopped trying and in the last games looked a class act. I think he''s got a great attitude,will definitely start next season and given his own high level of self confidence will not be phased by any situation we find ourselves in.
  11. I don''t want to be negative, more a footie fan in awe I suppose as we''ve been away so long, but I can''t currently see who we''re going to beat other than perhaps Palace and Megson''s Drays!
  12. At the risk of appearing ingenuous, I really hope it is Mark Rivers and if it is good luck to him.
  13. The Canaries site have played down the Mirror story. Let''s hope they''re telling the truth.
  14. I''ve not been on for a while and thought this three page saga may have the same amusing eccentricity that featured in other longer threads such as ''cheeseboard'' (add your own extra e''s as you feel appropriate) but instead found the most dullest of dull things started by Yankee Canary just dragging on and on. If he is truly an expat from Norfolk was he deported by the locals because of his buffoon like level of self importance, his complete lack of a sense of humour, the dirigible amounts of hot air he spouts or just for being very, very dull? From my own local knowledge I know that all these have been at least burning offences in Norwich and District for centuries, so perhaps he got off lightly by just being asked to leave. NMTDick
  15. Can I be the first to say that, coincidentally I saw Alan Smith at Colney, in Tesco etc etc........
  16. Can I be the first? Coincidentally I saw Alan Smith and at Colney............................
  17. I think that we should take guaranteed promotion as early as possible, hopefully tonight around 9.30 pm, we''ll then go on to celebrate at every game home or away for the rest of the season just as maniacally and more than the last few home games have been. We''ve still got the Championship to worry about, nobody other than baggies fans wants a team led by Geoff Hors''n''Cart rather than HCUK to win the league.
  18. I think we should give Malky a chance as he seems to have the guile to deal with the quickest and most skillful in Div 1. Wolves supporters I have spoken to say that despite leaking loads of goals as a team, Paul Butler has been outstanding this year and many supporter''s player of the year, and I''d put Malky well ahead of him.
  19. If he "doesn''t even like football" he should get a West Brom season ticket!
  20. What about Leigh Bromby, he seemed pretty good. Is he still at Wednesday?
  21. I agree wholeheartedly with Tumbleweed. Iwan Roberts should have played as not only is he a great servant for the club he does sterling work for the International Monetary Fund, was instrumental in creating the first roadmap for peace at the G8 summit, orbited Uranus whilst playing for Huddersfield, has close links with Al Jazeera and came a close 3rd in the St.Leger in carpet slippers. And he can hold the ball up. Svensson, Pah!
  22. What about the one that secures promotion in 2004! I don''t care if it goes in off Malky''s a**e!
  23. Dear DD, I''m perfectly happy with my views on Iwan, great servant etc., etc. but the way Norwich played against Stoke without him is the way I like to see Norwich play. Whilst I acknowledge that our first choice centre backs are low on pace they are not static and are also highly combatitive without constantly giving free kicks away. Pace up front, whilst admittedly not essential, does as football changes start to become a prerequisite unless you have the touch and vision to compensate.
  24. The sooner Iwan announces he''s going to retire and the better. Less threads like these disappearing like threadworms up their own fundament. The speed at which the team played, including Sven who is no slouch, was exciting and penetrative, Iwan is a wardrobe who can rough an already beaten defence in the last 15.
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