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  1. My only real gripe about this thread is the constant bleating about how much he will have to spend in January when there are 10 make or break games before Jan 1st and currently nobody knows how much he will have.  I believe that we have performed more credibly than I had hoped, particularly in the 2nd halves, and I am proud that we are a low budget team playing good football. This is as much as I expected, but with a few more 3-0 tonkings along the way, in reality. Last season was great, this season is too for different reasons, get behind the team at the games and on this site and if we are in any position where survival is possible in January I believe the money will be found. bwod        
  2. Sorry, I don''t know where those bottom 2 lines came from, reading it all again, there''s enough drivel without that last bit. PS. Should Worthy have brought on Doherty for Fleming when Ferguson came on?
  3. Just a few observations about the Everton game and how I feel it leaves us for the rest of the year. In the first half Everton played very well to their strengths and we let them, and they scored 2 good goals. The defence left the back post, but the Cahill shimmy was class on the first and Bent''s finish was Premier League standard. Helveg was like playing football with your dad, he tried a couple of tricks which didn''t work, felt knackered and when back in the house. Drury, Charlton and Fleming all made mistakes which cost us dear but were trying their hearts out. Francis was as timid as he has been in any of his timid first halves, how can you be built like Marvin Hagler and play like Hank Marvin almost every opening 45 minutes? At half time my girlfriend at her first live game of the season said that we weren''t playing as well as last season and I said that the opposition were so much better now. Ah she said, but last year they thought they were going to score and went for it from the start. Second half, the applause when they came back out sounded like only 3 people clapped, but when we saw that NW had gone for last season''s line up, although nobody said it, everyone thought we were going for it and we played like they were Walsall for 25 minutes. It was that fantastic feeling of last season again. And then they scored again, but what an effort, what a great team formation. Overall I thought Green seemed less commanding than other games, Edworthy, Holt, Hucks and Leon were magnificent, Jonson got better and better, Svensson looked bright and more inportantly fit and Francis in the second half was Paul Ince and Bryan Robson in their heyday, but only for 45, again.  So we lost again but most of the others hanging on for survival lost or drew, apart from Palace who played WBA, we are still in touch and we play most of them soon and they have some horrible games ahead. I don''t believe that we will lose any confidence from Saturday, I think we can get a result at Man City and tonk Blackburn as long as we play the full 90 like the last 45 on Saturday and believe that we can win. Also stop worrying about January spending, if we get some luck and Leon and Hucks keep battling anyone new will be a bonus not a necessity. BWOD       So, as others have said let''s play like we belong here rather than just being pleased to be involves. Attack is the best form of defence                   
  4. I have every confidence that we will win tomorrow. When watching Everton this season, often highlights admittedly, but the full game away to Portsmouth, I have been surprised by their lack of quality and the fact that they keep winning. They have a strong work ethic, but so do we, and I think they are in a false position through endeavour and luck. It''s time we got some luck ourselves and it will be Saturday. 2-0 or 3-1.  
  5. Just looking at fixtures for all the promoted teams plus southampton, fulham , portsmouth, man c, blackburn and everton and they are as follows: NCFC: WBA(a), Everton(h), Man C(a), Blackburn(h), Charlton(a), Southampton (h) and Birmingham (a) WBA: NCFC(h), Palace(a),  Chelsea(h), Soton(a), Middlesbrough(h), Arsenal(a), Man U (h) Palace: Bolton(a), WBA(h), Birmingham(a), Arsenal(h), Liverpool(a), Newcastle(h), Southampton(a) Soton: Everton(a), Birmingham(h), Arsenal(a), WBA(h), Portsmouth(h), NCFC(a), Palace(h) Fulham: Liverpool(h), Villa(a), Spurs(h), Newcastle(h), Chelsea(h), Everton(a), Blackburn(h) Portsmouth: Spurs(h), Middlesbrough(a), Man U(h), Villa(a), Soton(a), Man City(h), Bolton(a) Man C: Chelsea(h), Newcastle(a) NCFC(h), Man U(a), Blackburn(h), Portsmouth(a), Villa(h) Blackburn: Middlesbrough(h), Chelsea(a), Liverpool(h), NCFC(a), Man C(a) Birmingham(h), Fulham(a) Everton: Soton(h), NCFC(a), Villa(h), Chelsea(a), Birmingham(a), Fulham(h), Newcastle(a)     This might seem a bit stattoish, but whilst everyone has said this period is our chance, I wanted to look at where our relegation rivals were playing. Other than perhaps Southampton I wouldn''t want anyone else''s fixtures and I really think we won''t be bottom for long.     
  6. I''m with bananaman, what''s wrong with monkeys? OOh! OOh! AAh! AAh!
  7. ''Saving Private Mulryne'' was pretty hard going too.
  8. I know what you mean about being disappointed with draws against top opposition, but with the team looking quite solid defensively there is a massive feeling of frustration when unless Huckerby beats 4 we do no look like scoring ever during games.  For Worthy to say he needs £25m to give us goals merely rubs salt into the wound when he''s given a recovering Sven 2 games, mcKenzie minutes, Mcveigh little more, Jarvis and Henderson nothing and we have a willing guy, but somebody more static than Iwan up front who wants to play at the back anyway starting every game. Drawing every game from now won''t keep us up and I just don''t want the people who risked 3 expensive loan signings, bought Hucks and then played 3 strikers for the last third of last season to fail because they played it too safe. I feel guilty feeling so dissatisfied but I do feel we could be doing so much better.      
  9. I''m with Leeds Canary on this, watching at home Safri had me beating my sofa with frustration and despair for most of the first half with his chronic positioning and awful passing and Damien took a good 25 minutes before he got started, his attempt to stop Defoe before he hit the post was woeful. Holt, as Robert Green said, covered the middle and both flanks on occasion and got forward too, later in the game. I felt that he rarely let us down and truly grafted for the full game. You know what he can and cannot do, if he was a Ronseal product it would say ''wins the ball and gives it to someone more creative'' Unfortunately they don''t always have a City shirt on but I believe he deserves his place following yesterday. 
  10. No mention of Matt Svensson as an alternative to Doc or Leon. If he could find some form I believe that he would be a good alternative combining the strengths of both as he did latterly last season. Admittedly he has had a series of ''mares so far. If not I would prefer to start with Leon, as Doc appears to be just an out for the long nervy punt which nobody wants to see us do at this level. The trio of pace from Hucks, Leon and Bentlet would scare a few back fours particularly when Francis does his Robo running stuff in support.  
  11. where''s the guy who sits next to charlies dad when you need him?
  12. BBC Sport say signings by midnight, european qualification by Wednesday noon. No mention of 5pm.
  13. I think it''s less about who Graham Poll supports, for me it''s his bombastic, self-promoting demeanour and his unapologetic and unconcerned approach to explaining a cock-up which nobody can prove beyond doubt did not take points from us. I believe that unlike some referees who are being praised for appearing in front of the camera, Mr. Poll craves every chance to be seen. I can imagine him ringing his missus saying, "did you see me, did I look masterful?" No, you looked like a pompous *********er!
  14. Mulryne, obviously but where would you play him and would you want to?
  15. I''m not inclined to hate either, but I feel fairly venal currently about Gordon McQueen and Gary Pallister. Arrogant but without any redeeming humour or humility.
  16. He signed with 20 minutes to spare. Lovely picture of him on official site.
  17. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What a negative, ungrateful bunch of Norwich and Peterboroughs we''ve become. Delusions of grandeur or what. Just to put it in perspective see below from a contributor on the tractor boys message board. "A 24 year old Rep of Ireland international from Spurs. They have agreed a fee, but not signed him yet, he''s due in Norwich for talks tomorrow. But we have Tony Dinning!"
  18. I''m not a big fan of the, "we tried our best but, oh well, it wasn''t quite good enough", school of thinking and given NW, DS and MWJ at the vanguard of NCFC''s approach, I don''t think they are either. They made some calculated gambles that paid off last year and I think that those they have brought in and will bring in before August end and are of the right quality, given our current status, and that they will be even more adventurous in January if they believe it can be justified. Other teams have better quality players, but I believe few have better ''teams'' in terms of spirit, application and tactics both on and off the pitch. Yes, let''s enjoy it, but not yet at least, in the Wolves supporters'', "we''ve seen the best players in the world at Molineux this season and we''re grateful and happy to go back to where we belong". Go down maybe, but die trying I hope.
  19. I know it seems really ungrateful with us being promoted as champions playing great football, signing the Scottish keeper, one of Arsenal''s best prospects, the Moroccan vice captain and the Danish captain, but I''m getting really bored and desperate with no news of any interest this week. The Pink''un just keep telling us how great Sky will be and there seems to be no real rumours of substance connected with the mighty yellers. Perhaps we''ve just been spoilt recently and should all calm down, but I don''t know what else to do other than constantly click on here or the canaries site in the vain search for excitement. Any suggestions? Couldn''t Nigel just make something up like Megson does to keep us going?
  20. Mouse, try talking from your mouth and give the guy a break. Malky was excellent during 2nd half of last season. He isn''t a Iwan who everyone could see had lost it last year. I think he''ll play a key role next year, on the pitch.
  21. I applied to lick Nigel''s boots but they didn''t fill the vacancy as they could find no-one good enough!
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