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  1. I''m surprised there hasn''t been more people slamming me for posting this, I know it''s only my word, but all the info was from a very good source, I just hope nothing changes too much during the build up to the game because I''m going to look like a mug!
  2. The idea of Redmond upfront is interesting, I think this could be the only thing that might change from the squad. But apparently he wants his strikers to create a chance for themselves just as much as he wants them to be scoring. That''s why at the moment he prefers Hooper over Ricky, Hooper has the edge about him to take a pop shot from 30 yards, where as Ricky prefers to link up and get in the box.
  3. I think Ricky will be part of Adam''s plans, but it''s too soon to adjust the team to the way he plays, not enough time for it.
  4. Every manager has to have provisional squad from the start of the week, but obviously it''s only a provisional one so can change. Chances are it wont change too much unless there''s training injuries.
  5. Yes it is, I''m good friends with Adam''s son who is a coaches with me at CSF.
  6. After a cheeky chat with the right people, I was given the provisional team that Adams wants to play. It will be a 4-4-2 diamond with one or two unexpected names in certain places. Ruddy Whittaker, Martin, Yobo, Olsson Tettey Snodgrass Howson Hoolahan Hooper Redmond Josh Murphy is also a guaranteed man on the bench. He wanted to recall Loza as well but unfortunately it isn''t permitted in the contract. He also commented on Ricky, and said he is a quality player and at a club like Everton he is a 20 goal man striker, however we don''t have the quality of players as of yet to see the best of him. I know a lot of you will think this is rubbish and me trying to get a bit of attention, but I can guarantee that the team will look a lot like this on Saturday, but it could change, this was his provisional squad on Monday. And yes, he does want to play Redmond upfront.
  7. 2pm, Russ Martin, Mcnally and of course Adams will all be present.
  8. I didn''t necessarily mean actual physical training, but they do other work relative to the next matches, watching footage of the opposition for example, and not every day of the week of course.
  9. I am a coach, and all the video shows is 4 minutes of footage, with the first exercise being a simple warm up game, and the next being fitness and controlling of movement. Considering they do 6 hours worth of training a day, I am confident that the 4 minutes shown was not what they do all day. Also, if a club was posting videos of corner routines and how they are looking to attack the goal, it would make the oppositions job a lot easier.
  10. We won''t offload Ricky, Becchio is will be off, Elmander''s loan runs out, so that only leaves us with 2 strikers. Minimum you need 3. I think we''ll get one in and then either a loan, or see Loza play a bit part role.
  11. Swansea have looked poor at home this season, and performed better away. I''m not sure if results back this up, but on a performance basis, they haven''t looked strong at home.
  12. Sunderland H Win Swansea City Win West Brom H Win Fulham A Draw Liverpool H Lose Manchester United A Draw Chelsea A Lose Arsenal H Win 14 more points and finish in 13th. Optimistic? Yes Unlikely? Most would suggest Do I believe it? As a Norwich supporter I have faith in the team to do it.
  13. Well my initial prediction was based on the fact I thought the squad had fight in them, but its lacked today. Disappointing but hopefully we can put things right next week, its never too late!
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