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  1. Here come the ''golden oldies''. Tilson the ''young and fit'' copper...eddie the bingo caller and city1st the poor suffolk peasant, I am sure. Perhaps it time you guys sit down before you crack a rib or something. Your trolling days are very much numbered, no longer able to bully people in real life, you have resort to the internet. Nobody can take you on in here. You''re the king of the castle and everyone else is a dirty rascal...just as the children say.
  2. Precisely Herman. The objective of this thread, and many others before it, is to divide the people of the forum into "fans" and "binners". Already, two posts after mine I have been accused of being an Ipswich fan. They have a very effective attack, to pick and pick at you, but little defense.
  3. Another attempt at a troll from the closet binner no.1. His tactic is to aim as high as possible in ambitions and when the club inevitably can''t reach it, blame the forumgoers and fans of NCFC. Why am I not suprised? Him and his little gang and minions should soon jump on me ASAP and try to ''put me right'' in the name of the confederacy of city1st. It''s time everybody ignored this troll.
  4. I''m willing to bet Mcnally wil sell him for cheap,cheap,cheap. Let''s sell him for £1M. Oops wait, I forgot Mcnasty wants as cheap as possible as much as possible. No ruthlessness in him.
  5. This is the way that Holt ends...not with a bang but with a big mac.
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