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  1. Would be interested if you got sound with pictures of the Reading match. Watch now gave me pictures only.
  2. my first match v Cardiff City 31st Aug 1946. First match after the 2nd world war. 2-1 win to Norwich. Goals from Cyril Walker and Billy Furness, At least seven in that team had been with city before the war, Cyril Spiers was the manager he later left and returned to Cardiff
  3. Senior Players six weeks holiday played 45 minutes. Press quote from the manger. "They were tired". What sort of a world do we live in?.
  4. Red hot Canmeron Jerome says the headline. Same player whose goals dried up at Norwich, ? Was he too old. He has proved this was not the case. One must look at the system dictated by the coaching team which sees a succession of absentees in the vital positions in front of goal, Tip tap back or square a sin to go forward. The simple principle of the game is to score goals this seems to have been forgotten.
  5. Ricardo I thought the Vrancic tackle on John Terry had a big bearing on the outcome of the match. Giving the big feller the sort of treatment he has dished out to others over the years slowed him down somewhat and kerbed his enthusiasm.
  6. Attack is considered a form of defence, Every single goal kick by Gunn was met by the Brentford Defenders and immediately the opposition was again on the attack, Not once in the entire match did Olivera collect a Gunn clearance and most times he did not even try. His contribution to the team was very low. Come the substitution he was replaced by a player whose passed record was in many ways similar, Why in heavens name did the manager not throw on the new man who has been brought into the club to improve of goal tally,
  7. Give him some credit yes he missed the penalty but did sprint to assist his defence on numerous occasions putting in more effort than we have seen in recent times
  8. Nothing to loose drop Nelson and bring in Naismith he might jump at the opportunity and will give a much greater effort than we have seen in recent times from our so called striker.
  9. It is noticeable that Nelson makes no attempt to collect high balls sent forward by his defence he is beaten every time without making any effort to get into the air, One wonders if he is hiding some physical condition maybe the same bodily disorder that took him to the dentist in Portugal.
  10. Video presentation a vast improvement i follow delivers the goods. Chris Goreham commentary spot on with the play. Replayed major incidents. Panning in. Good streaming. Well worth an early morning 4-45 a.m. Eastern Australian Time made sweeter by two fine goals.
  11. Very poor presentation  unable to name players, no commentary, no closeups, no replays of incidents not good value at all. would have been better to  have used the  the audio system of old.
  12. Piscatorial Tractor Man, hobbies stirring up the Budgeries
  13. James Maddison how ironic. letting a talent like that skip away else where and scoring goals freehold. Entrusted with every corner and free kick that Aberdeen gets.We have 12 million pounds of unused dead wood drawing wages and  two full internationals that cannot put away penalties.Few players have the combination of play maker ball skills plus a potent finish that Maddison processes.Hopefully we will soon see him back at Carrow Rd. 
  14. To have to rely on other clubs in 1947 and 48 to be re elected to retain our place in league football have finished twice on level points with the bottom team in the then lowest division Div 3. Today''s problems minuscule compared with those times. 
  15. 90%  of city fans knew at the outset of the season that the dire need was for a decent striker and a strong commanding centre back pairing, In spite of long waiting periods these needs  were not  fulfilled. We have suffered accordingly it must go back to tightly held purse strings for  I can not believe that the problems were missed by the coaching staff
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