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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka8wjm--DDk I love that picture stoke canary though.
  2. I can''t really think of another teams fan who could possibly be so hateful towards the club. Who knows? He could be a dagenham and redbridge fan for all we know...
  3. Oh i''m sure he has friends. It just happens to be that they are all binners and none of them are Norwich fans. Funny that.
  4. Sorry about that, I know how it feels to lose a pet...happened to me one too many times.
  5. "I believe it does make the atmosphere better and increases the singing and chanting a lot more than standing" Of course, I meant sitting.
  6. For all you guys who keep saying "I CAN STAND WHEN I WANT" and "KILLING THE ATMOSPHERE" this is addressed to you. First of all, I like standing. Safe standing that is. I believe it does make the atmosphere better and increases the singing and chanting a lot more than standing. I also believe there can be methods of safe standing implemented into most grounds in the UK. In fact, I would like to happen. But, we must not have people standing up now in places like the snakepit, barclay etc. Why? Because this puts pressure on the club. Remember people, it is the LAW that says we shouldn''t be standing. If the club can''t stop all you numpties from standing up, we risk being fined, or even worse, having people ejected and tickets being taken away from people. Of course, this would generate outrage from the fans and we can''t have that. So please, just (pun intended) sit through this peroid of time. If you really want to make a difference, sign a petition or join a group and try and get the law changed. Do not try and be a rebel and make others suffer for it. /rant over
  7. I dunno, I consider myself a "great support" and i''m not "alone to stand". Does the 7 in your username indicate your age? Or IQ?
  8. Harry and baldyboy to charge into this thread flags flying high and proud in 3, 2, 1....
  9. Yes, saw this earlier. It''s ruffled quite a few feathers on facebook, and soon I bet, here.
  10. "I am not going to the Everton game because I am bored with our style of play Spoken like a true fan
  11. "So hypothetically you''d be happy for foreign owners to rebrand Norwich City as "the Dragons" and change the badge and kit colour if it meant a better chance of getting into the Premier League?" Well, if I was wiz...
  12. And to think some people have the cheek to claim he has "redeveloped" the area and "put in some new innovations"! The unpalable facts claim otherwise!
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