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  1. I had a guy behind me in the River End once shout "get back to your own country" at Cisse at the QPR game. I gave him a scowl and that shut him up, I didn''t think about reporting him though.
  2. If I were another mid premier league team I would take Pilkington without a second thought.
  3. I didn''t "steal" the quote. I can''t remember where I picked it up from but I liked it, so I used it in an appropriate situation. I wouldn''t of put quote marks if I was trying to claim it as my own would I?
  4. Also city1st, I believe this is of interest to you. "greetings, faithful retainer. I am afraid i have had to resort to disguising myself as a cockroach to conceal myself among the masses. no doubt i shall cause some destruction but i am afraid collateral damage always happens in great causes if you understand. much like the stoning scene from the life of brian, a few words here and there will have the nonentitys crawling out. this time i hope for them to come to me rather than away. hopefully i shall locate or deduce who the ringleader of these degenerates is. as a friend i trust you to help me keep up ''appearences''. Will you? city1st"- Frodo This was a PM sent by a troll who named himself "Frodo". He was active from the West Ham game onwards for a couple of days and was quite destructive in his short stay here. He sent this message to me and, as far as I can tell, nutty nigel as well. Make of it what you will. I already have a few suspects.
  5. Ah, I didn''t see that. That changes everything nutty. Still, I also thought you were a bit of an observer, not one to get into "power struggles"...
  6. Oh dear Stig, I don''t think theres any hope for you now!
  7. I have to agree with LDC nutty, something has been up with you for the last couple of days. Not trying to be argumentative or anything, but you do seem to be having a bit of a feud with LDC and Stig recently... We''re all Norwich fans! (Mostly)
  8. Welcome back city1st. In your absence Wiz has been having a real rout on here, especially during December. I''ve just tried to adopt this maxim. "Trying to use logic against those who have abandoned reason is like applying medicine to the dead"
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