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  1. Yep you are right what you wrote was. Do you want me quote your various posts ? If you were the likes of Bassong would you appreciate constantly being held to account a team that is claimed is failing and acheiving way beyond any budget expectations. Your mate Lambert left because he had no hope of keeping us up. I to agree we will probably finish up back in the championship not because of what we could acheive but what people like you are doing to the club. Lamberts opinion of this club changed when people booed after the Wigan game.
  2. Wiz you mean another player detroyed by team wiz and his negative group of supporters. Morison was on fire until he was booed for scoring 7 in 8 simply because he was keeping Holt out of the team. Morison booed because he was not Holt Hughton given severe abuse by people like you for not being Lambert - ringing any bells ?  
  3. Lol Hughton is 6th favourite to win manager of the season.   Some of our fans at the moment are making our club the laughing stock of the premier league. The only thing this is doing ( the negativity ) is convincing our top players ( Bassong / Turner / Snodgrass ) that should an offer from another club come for their services in the summer maybe they are best out of it.
  4. Theres around 3000 people that hope there are 3000 people not renewing Mr Drinkell so I am sure your ticket will be greatly appreciated by others. On the assumption we stay up I suspect we will be parading our strongest ever squad of players. If we were to go down ( 25/1 on betfair ) we would probably have the strongest team the championship has ever seen.
  5. Lambert jumped ship on the basis we had no chance of staying up. The premier league had not sussed out NCFC it had sussed out Lambert. With the players wew were aiming to put out this year under Lambert we would have been sunk without trace. Like it or not based on purchase power we are the smallest club in the premier. Staying up will push us upto the likes of Wigan. 4 years of prem football and we will be upto the mid table placings of Stoke. Alex Ferguson would have struggled to keep us up this year on our budget and the lack of quality we had inherited ( defence  wise at least ) Our star players are now Bassong / Turner / Snodgrass / Garrido / Tetty all signed by Hughton. Whilst we are moving towards a position of sustainability on the budgets available any manager that can keep us up deserves credit. Football is simply about success for clubs with our budget if you want entertainment we would need to be relegated. Some of our fans because of their attitude towards what must be done to stay up are making our club a laughing stock amongst the rest of the premiership.
  6. When we scored our second amazing he was almost in the Barcly. Would def have had a yellow card if he was a striker celebrating like that  
  7. Sing up thats quite mildI know of a 7 year old that dared to go to to another club who was told if you go there you will never play for this club again despite him worshipping NCFC one of the funniest things I ever witnessed though was a young kid having it suggested to him that it was time to go back to Colney. Kids tell it the way they see it and his response was why ? do they need some different coaches. Because of category 1 academies unfortunately some of the top producers of kids will not have jobs as existing academy staff are not going to put their own jobs at risk 
  8. Chicken I beleive the FA have caught up and understand as have Man City who are investing £500m and Stoke who if your saw Pulis the other day spent a lot of his teams break in Spain and Germany working out why they have a conveyor belt of talent being developed and he does not. We wont even have shadow squads in our club and we do not play the kids born later in the year in lower age groups. Unfortunately the premier league demands results even if you are 7 or 8. To develop kids properly will take a minimum of 7 years you cant change things overnight. Tell Messi, Inesta, Fabregas, Villa ect that you have to be over 6ft 2 to be a professional footballer. The kids that can make it are not neccesarily the ones that are the best in younger age groups they are the ones that can be developed via obvious talents that they have. Let the people that can develop these younger kids come in and give them 10 years and we will produce the most amazing kids. Pressurising kids that they will be dropped for having a bad couple of weeks or even months is not the way forward. I am not meaning to degrade any acheivements I am suggesting that if we change now it really can make a difference.  
  9. Wiz I see your mate Lambert went for it again with his subs and managed to lose it again. Thats 8 points thrown away in the last 9 games.
  10. He must be the luckiest  manager ever last in our last 19 premiership games we have lost a grand total of 5 games Good  job the likes of Arry and Lambert know exactly how to set their teams up properly. You cant have it all ways ie its his fault when we dont win but down to others when we win. Good job he was his own decision maker whn he did not listen to the fans re Turner. 
  11. Nigel surely the idea ofthe academy is to develop kids from a very young age and let them grow into footballers through the right coaching and development program ala Spain, Germany, Holland Belguim ect. Our academy ( like lots of English academies ) seem to think if a team loses @ 7 / 8 / 9 the kids are not good enough, what really is happening is we do not understand how to develop young kids into good / top footballers. Kids are time trialed and the ones not quick enough get released unfortunately a kid born in July / August will not be as fast as a kid born the previous September - its not rocket science. I willhappily get a group of under 9''s born in May  June July August ( within the 90 min cattchment to play the academy under 8''s who will all be born Sept / Oct  / Nov. I suspect the 8''s would get absoloutely hammered hence why it wont ever happen     
  12. Wiz you were famous on Canary call today. Did you realise word for word Holt was quoting some of your threads ? He did not seem to be being very kind to you lol   Must be the only club that with 5 defeats in nineteen league games want their manager out O well    
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