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  1. its early days, and can''t day much after only 8-10 min, but I am thinking the signing of kamara might be just what we need.  I hope so anyways.  hooper, meh.
  2. [quote]   Just means we can have a realistic plan B and maybe plan C.     [/quote]no way. don''t believe you! plan B occurs at 86 min gone. so when is plan C?
  3. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="superzach"]if we play with two up front where does that leave wessi?[/quote]Are you the same "superzach" as the opening poster? If not, it''s an uncanny coincidence.[/quote]yup. forgot i had the first account and signed in with it at work. derp.
  4. if we play with two up front where does that leave wessi? a think a front two of any of beccio, holt, kamara has goals in it.  and i wonder if holt needs a few games on the bench to re-motivate him?
  5. [quote user="Baracouda"]i think we should try him as one of 2 holding midfielders... (ok tin hat on). I think with Hoolahan''s energy, and passing ability, and even though small, and a little light weight he will get a bit stuck in. It would be an interesting experiment him starting the moves, and ok it could fail. But I think it has some merits.[/quote]i have often though what a difference it would make if hoops could play as the CM/AM next to the DM in a 4-4-2.  it will ever be however.
  6. [quote user="ricardo"]We missed Holt.[/quote]totally.
  7. [quote user="walks on water"]And I absolutely LOVE his attitude[/quote]totally.
  8. [quote user="walks on water"]THANKS Kei, for that cameo, please more of the same!!!!!! - and do your best to convince Chris Hughton to give you more minutes :) Good Luck[/quote]spot on.
  9. no, not suggesting him as a winger, just consider a "what if". 
  10. [quote user="First Wazzock"][quote user="Tim Dawson"]Ok im preparing to be shot down here and maybe its my reaction to another 90 minutes miserable football, i too like everyone else on this board was delighted when we were promoted back to the premiership. But at points last season the constant harping about money and staying in the prem for that reason started to niggle me, but this last few weeks ive seen some of the most dreadful games ive seen in a long time, if playing in this manner is required for staying up or setting out our stall in this manner then im not sure i want to watch it. After i watch Match of the day each week i always enjoy the championship, exciting, a bit gung ho and not about the money so much, maybe im just a bit down after watching that game today but it felt like we wouldnt score if we were there till midnight. Tin hat on ready to be shot at ( ping.ping )[/quote] Totally agree. Perhaps Hughton should issue a statement of intent, something like... If we stay up this season I promise to play 2 up front and try to win (not just avoid defeat). Also I promise to change the system when I see fit and not just play the same way every week in the hope we win occaisionally. [/quote]now that *is* wishful thinking
  11. [quote user="Yellow Wall"]So just which of Jackson, Morrison, Martin or Vaughan do you think are Premiership strikers?[/quote]Despite the hopes I had for James, I do hope this is rhetorical...
  12. [quote user="The Judge"]Was at the game and saw two very average teams cancel each other out for a very poor quality draw. Thing is if you read their team sheet prior to the game how many of those players wouldn''t you put in your team ahead of ours ? Berbatov, Dunn, Riiese, Sidwell, etc etc all assembled at significant cost and no doubt significant wages. So at least our average side is a cheap average side ![/quote]I for one would swap BJ for Sidwell and Berbatov for our latest Leeds refuge.  Sigh...if only we could afford the wages.
  13. it might not be pretty but is it something we have to endure to reach PL status for next year? It''s dire, it''s boring and terribly frustrating, but if it secures our place in this league for next year, and the opportunity to buy better players during the summer, than I personally have accepted I will have to endure this sort of tension for the rest of the year.  CH approach is more sound than Lamberts, and has more longevity, but with the limited skills and quality of our players, will be rather dull for a while still.  We are only 11 draws from PL status for 2013-2014.  and it may well be 11 draws....
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