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  1. The three year contract part adds insult to injury! Awful.
  2. It''s an absolute disaster. Don''t let the emotional blackmail arguers and happy clapper types shout us down. We have to have a new era of ownership at the club. I don''t care where they come from in the world. We can''t be passive as fans and exploited forever. Enough is enough. This was the last chance to turn our fortunes around after a succession of duff managers (Lambert aside) and they''ve blown it. We have to make some noise and react in a democratic and vocal way. Let them know we''re not happy. The local media are in the pocket of the establishment. but we don''t have to be.
  3. Quite right, this is time to unite AGAINST the board. We could well be relegated with this appointment, and be back to the days of Gunn. As if League 1 was good enough at any time.... the place we want to be, or should be...... you don''t let things rot until you go back to where we came from! All the work that Lambert did, is being destroyed. He was the only one of quality at the club, take him away and all the rest are incompetents. Delia has presided over 3 relegations, and 3 promotions, so we haven''t advanced under her time. If anyone with comparable money like Cullum wants to come forward, now is the time. The problem is that Delia, despite paying Chase £1 million, would probably want £100 million plus for her shares now. So it''s not going to happen. She doesn''t want to leave anyway. We have to have principles, and the time has come to turn nasty and look to the long term. With Delia as the majority share holder, we are always going to be "little Norwich". She hasn''t a clue, and never has. McNasty is no better. Boycotting the games is the only option, and protests outside the ground.
  4. Awful, awful, awful. How can we unite behind the club when things like this happen? Aside from Lambert, I haven''t had a manager I was in favour of going back years now. Grant, Roeder, Gunn, Hughton. After everything that had happened, still they don''t learn? Stunned!!!!
  5. Couldn''t agree more. Horrible Hughton. I lost faith with him after that 5-0 against Fulham, that 10 game spell never changed my view. We are now a whole YEAR on from that time! He'' an anti-football manager. An enemy of British football, a dinosaur. We are losing money because of his negativity. No tv companies want to show our games live, why would they, no attacking players want to join us. All because of his defeatism. We are more anonymous than ever in the global media. I am sorry the board and fans don''t have more pride in our reputation. You would think we were a newly promoted team, not 3 years established. What happened to a philosophy and evolution? Principles? Hughton''s style makes Howard Wilkinson look like Pep Guardiola! He has promoted the ''Little Norwich'' mentality and all the happy clappers have bought it!
  6. And the coverage of the 2012 accounts was also totally superficial; there was nothing beyond the headline figures and as far as I can see nothing, for example, on McNally''s massive bonus, which was what set the OP off.   Quite true........
  7.  I stopped reading when he started calling him Houghton. THAT IS NOT HIS NAME !!   Don''t be pedentic ..... you know who I mean. Have you seen the spelling on here.... the text speak. That I can''t understand!
  8. As least he has been made aware that not everyone is happy at the moment. He came out with the line ''that perhaps we have been living in a bubble here at Radio Norfolk'' because he didn''t realise that not everyone shares his views that all is hunky dory. He seemed quite shocked by Geff.... good!   That particular caller articulated my thoughts quite well. I was pleased that I am not alone. As this forum represents.   My upset with the coverage during my 20 years of listening is that there is no balance... everything is positive about the club, even when we were in League 1. They use reasoning and arguments to support the regime, whoever it is, and it does stand out when someone doesn''t tow the party line, like that Geff.   What the staff do at the club is opinion, not necessarily fact or reality.... but the presenters make it seem indisputable and rational. No debate is had, no alternative. Sit on the fence BBC.   Canary call is a platform for differing viewpoints but that has only been around a few years don’t forget. Before that it was dear Roy on his own. Cootie as his sidekick, when not part of the matchday squad, gave his best performances for the club in the commentary box!   McVeigh isn''t very respectful for those with a different opinion to his own... he tries to make them seem foolish. He is perfectly entitled to respond and engage in physical sparring, it is a phone-in…… but trying to paint them as ill informed isn’t right. Just because we didn’t play pro football like him, doesn’t mean we don’t have the qualifications to have an opinion. We are seasoned observers and paying customers.   Forbes is the same as McVeigh, a supporter of the establishment, but at least he has manners.   I did like Adams also, he had more democratic virtues. But he was employed by the club don’t forget! So it can only go so far!   No one wanted to do him out of a job, but he had the intelligence to know where the boundaries were for his club role, and when to be diplomatic. But it’s hardly ideal…… When he left the academy he was then free to express an unbiased opinion. However, maybe he was then bias AGAINST Roeder at the time, in the same way that McVeigh is anti-Lambert, because of HIS personal history.   Someone with independence would be better, a neutral.... any Swiss pundits out there?  
  9. Well I am glad that there is more of a balanced view on this forum..... I have listened to Radio Norfolk for too long and become sick of the pro-establishment bias which oozes through the pores of all the presenters/pundits. It is a BBC thing admittedly….. ‘Auntie beeb’. Nanny knows best.   I suppose they have to maintain a relationship with the staff of NCFC so can''t be seen to criticise. They have to be granted access to the manager for the weekly interview after the game.... or should it be called Party Political Broadcast!   I have never heard a decent journalistic question asked to any Norwich manager in 20 years! Just a serious of clichés, excuses and comments about how we could do better. Never a truthful response, reality check or apology to the fans. I know this is the same with all football managers/players.... they are media trained to be the most boring people in the world so they don''t offend anyone or undermine their own position.   I am sure that the bonus and wages of the Chief Exec are not general public knowledge, I have only found one web page on it currently, and never spoke with a fan who heard of it. Never heard it on Radio Norfolk or the local TV news. I think fans wouldn''t appreciate it if they knew.... it''s a lot of money for someone who doesn''t kick a ball or coach.   Currently, he gets paid a Premiership wage for signing Championship players!   The AGM generally doesn’t get much media coverage.. it is not a very sexy subject granted, but then when it comes to commenting on anything to do with the club it is essential to have the facts to hand.   The media reports what happens on the pitch, more than off it…… but actually the finances shape the teams performances. I think the McNally bonus for last season is relevant when we have the hours of speculation over player strengthening in January.   But the supporters of McNally can''t have it both ways... he can''t take the credit for appointing Lambo (but then I blame him for losing him as well) but then not have the responsibility if the team does bad on the pitch. He appointed Houghton...... and I and many fans don''t rate him.   It is a team effort and he takes the praise when it goes well, but then should shoulder the blame when it doesn''t.   I don''t see how his impact since coming to the club has been that significant anyway.... I''m not sure that he has done much better than Doncaster. That will upset you. He got lucky with appointing Lambert, and then it was HIS ability that took the team so far. I don''t see that DM did anything so spectacular.... nothing that any reasonable Chief exec doesn''t do?   I am not totally satisfied that Lambert couldn''t have been retained...... certainly more could have been done to keep him. How about paying him HIS bonus?????   There seemed an arrogance, or naivety, by everyone, including the fans, that the ball could keep on rolling without the main man. That the players were genuinely established Premiership players. Of course we like to think the best in life, and stay positive.   It was just my interpretation in the summer that the team was in a fragile situation... they overachieved last year, second season syndrome to come and Lambert got the best out of the players. I don''t rate many of the team as individuals... but collectively they did magnificently. The manager had the minus touch... but take that away and it was always going to be a struggle.   The teams position is on a knife edge.... I don''t know which way it is going to go, like anyone else. The points to game ratio isn''t as high for the strugglers compared to other seasons, and we might be saved with 3 poor teams below us. I just don''t like the style of play, one away win, playing for draws…… but my main contention is the dealings in the transfer market.   I feel short changed with the signings made in the last two windows, we have two years of Premiership money and yet the signings, with a few exceptions, haven''t progressed in calibre. We are still signing players from the Championship and I don''t see any excuses for that. Quality is quality and players are where they are for a reason.   The gap, as we know, financially based, is so vast between the 2 leagues that I find it impossible that in the main, players signed from the likes of Leeds can succeed in the Prem. We have got lucky with many... Snodgrass is brilliant for instance, but that can''t go on forever. Pedigree is pedigree.   Many of the fans seem to assume that when Norwich buy a player from a lowly status.... suddenly he is transformed and good enough for the Premier League. Do the fans have that much faith in Houghton? Why? That''s naive. He’s not that perfect.   Chase eventually run out of luck with his policy of doing a similar thing, buying players from below and making them good.   Norwich as a club have gambled that the current squad is good enough to survive, but i don''t share that view. I feel they should refund the season ticket holders some of their money because it''s not right to make us pay Premiership prices for Championship signings. The squad hasn’t evolved.   McNally argued when fans were moaning about the cost of the Spurs League Cup tie tickets that “ all proceeds will go to strengthening in January”. At the end of the window, we ended up with the same number of strikers as before and spent maybe a few hundred thousand on the difference between Bechio and Morison. Not that we know for sure the costs involved…. We are not respected with that information, every other club make most transfer fees available for public scrutiny, except us, on every transfer since Mc came in. It would be nice to know if Bassong is our all time record signing for the history books… but we can only speculate.   Surely if he states that he will use the fans money for transfer targets, then if he doesn’t get anyone in, then he hasn’t fulfilled his end of the bargain?  He’s tried to sign players but failed. Worth another bonus?   Someone made the comment that we were in the loop to buy Hooper…. Well that’s not good enough. You either sign a player on the dotted line or you don’t. He has control, it’s his job!   Bids can be PR exercises anyway… fans assume they indicate ambition. They are means to an end that’s all, the first step.   If McNally is such a skilled operator why didn’t he have more irons in the fire….. the Premiership attracts the best players in the world from every country in the world.. except for us. We have 9 scouts… all in Europe. That is not enough. Wigan have signed 5 players from Honduras… but without scouts we are not going to find them. We don’t seem to have the contacts of our rivals, signing the Michu’s of this world. We don’t seem aware of players outside the UK market. It’s a bit like all the signings Lambert made from his German contacts!   Even the few that we do know of like the Sporting Lisbon striker….. we didn’t sign him anyway so what good did it do us?   Oh… the summer I hear you say, do it then, buy players then….. which I heard Houghton mentioned. Remember, we were saying that a year ago… “if only we can stay up we can sign all these great players”. Change the record. What if we are in the Championship again? At least Bechio can score some goals at that level!   I don’t believe that any of our rivals would sign the players we do, like a Swansea, and I don’t think that many of them would like to buy our current players. We, the fans, and the board, still seem to have a championship mentality, ‘Little Norwich’ …. We have to move beyond that…. Slowly but surely.   Of course I am moaning, but then this is the outlet for it. I care.   I just think it’s a shame that we could have blown this excellent position we were in last summer. I don’t want to go back to the championship for maybe 10 years like before. ‘Prudence with ambition’.   McNally has created a culture in his time of bottom down dealings... where the club retains all information for itself, and the media doesn’t hold the club to account. The establishment cooperate with each other to keep the fans out of the loop. But then we are just consumers according to many on this board..... we think no more of the club than we do a product in a shop. We choose our club like coke or pepsi, we change every week and it means nothing. There is no passion in football fandom apparently. No loyalty. I don''t know why I''ve had a season ticket for 20 years.  
  10. Whether his performance has been good is open to debate, I would argue that spending all summer looking for a striker, and then January... and not getting one in of top flight quality is not good enough. We are averaging one goal a game and won one away match all season. We will see on the pitch at the end of the season. I don''t see that the club has progressed since the summer, less points than last year. Unwatchable style of football. Football is a business. What sticks in the throat is when you receive calls as a season ticket holder begging you to donate money to the academy. Like with the season ticket academy payment.... it seems emotional blackmail... not like a business, over issues like this. I don''t think many fans of tesco feel the passion and devotion for the ''brand'' that a football fan does. With the ticket prices going up and up, we do have the choice not to attend, we vote with our money, but it is easier not to visit a particular shop on principle, rather than stop going to the football ground you have attended for 50 years. It''s a shame that football clubs aren''t closer to the public sector model, rather than private. Where we are given information. I''m not a socialist, and know it''s not an ideal world. Fans don''t have the power anymore than any other consumer, but we can give an opinion, they can''t take that away. People on here do try to stifle debate and seem to automatically side with the hierachy. As though everything they do is perfect. Questioning the board is nothing to do with love for the club. The club is bigger than individuals.... they are just passing through. As you say, McNally would soon jump ship if someone offered him more money.
  11. If this is true, I don''t know if it is, why isn''t it worth discussing? I suppose it is boring, but is it any different to all those that question the bonuses at Local Government level? Why does the local media not report this issue, like the situation of making all incoming transfers fees undisclosed? Is the club not accountable and transparent? I feel it''s a shame that the independent Supporters Club is no longer running to question issues like this. It is the fans money after all. http://www.sportsdirectnews.com/sports-business/7592-canaries-chief-pockets-1m-bonus.php
  12. Why do you assume staying up is a given? With our players and management! Why do the fans think the best all the time whatever those at the top do? We are allowed to criticise, we all want the club to succceed. It would be a shame to let all Lambert''s work go to waste and go back to square one. I hope we don''t regret not signing a decent striker in the windows and not trying to win some away games like at Reading and West Brom. In the long term, either this season or next, attacking football will be the winner. Not the Worthington approach.
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