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  1. Right, I want to make something clear first, I do not believe worthington should lose his job, and I do believe that he did an incredible job to get us promotion to the premiership with what was on the whole a workmanlike squad of players (with the exception of huckerby and Green)... In fact, those people who moan about inadequacies that have been obvious throughout last season, and use that as an excuse for impatience this season, are in my opinion, being unfair. These people should bear in mind how little money was actually spent...while trying to compete in a league where other clubs are frequently spending in the millions... I do however have questions regarding the transfer dealings when money is spent, which are mixed. Some of the better buys have been Drury, McKenzie, Francis, (I''m not counting bankers such as Huckerby and Ashton) but for every one of those there is Briggs, Heckingbottom, Easton, Marco Libbra, Doherty, and now possibly (though I know it''s early) Jarrett, Hughes, Colin who don''t look as good as the players that preceded them... We very rarely seem to pick up a well researched young talent from a lower league... People were talking about Ashton before he scored 26 goals last season for crewe, and would''ve been a great deal cheaper than £3 million... Dave Kitson was highly regarded at Cambridge (just down the road!!), why did we not spot him as a replacement for Iwan?, Players like David Nugent (now at Preston), or youngsters from premiership clubs such as paul sidwell. Even our youth players that come through, don''t (with the exception of our goalkeepers and Shackell) seem to be of the standard of Ipswich''s youngsters ... Maybe I''m being unfair, But this does seem to me to be a problem...
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