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  1. God damnit wiz, your jealously of this club has no end does it? Enjoying your attendances?
  2. This forum recently has had scum building up on here like a piece of meat out in the rain...
  3. "This has the Cody Mac hype written all over it..and look how sour that turned out. You didn''t listern back then either." Who said we''ve ever been listening to your drivel?
  4. Attention plastics! Your leader is speaking! By his noble decree, he does order that no plastics may enter the fair ground of Portman road at the following date....
  5. Having seen the interview I have to say that he looks like he really wants to try and impress. Nice guy.
  6. Welcome to the club kei! Don''t let the doomongers get to you...
  7. Now if this were wiz, I think he would of slammed on the brakes, stepped outside and took his ipswich top off and swing it over his head.
  8. I have a feeling this isn''t going to end well. But anyway, welcome to the forums. You should know who the ''bad crowd'' is then? Don''t listen to them.
  9. It seems it''s the fashion now for me to be a binner/troll/bw.... If that was the case why I would make a thread slating Lambert?
  10. "We were very good... The lads gave everything. I can''t praise the team high enough" You have three guesses as to who said this...
  11. Replace the word Remy with Hooper... could you imagine the rage on these forums? "URRRGH MCNALLY IS A DUMBASS WHY SPEND £10M" " Unreliable..." "No plan B!" Sigh...
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