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    Maggie: What would be an apt tribute?

    [quote user="lake district canary"]If MT had not fought the unions and other big institutions - where would we be now?    The country was in a total mess in 1979 and it was mainly due to the battles between  unions and their unelected  leaders and the elected   government.    Something had to happen to improve the country - it was on its knees at the time - and at least she had the strength of character to follow through policies that allowed the country to become more prosperous.    I know that doesn''t help people who lost their jobs and suffered as a result, but what it seems to me is that the main thing that upset people was the loss of their little bit of power that they felt they had through their union.  

    Nothing is perfect and things may have gone too far the other way now, but she did what was necessary at the time as the country was being ruined and held to ransom by the unions.    Labour couldn''t control them and if the party that was being supported by the unions couldn''t control them then no-one could.   

    She was the right person at the right time and was strong enough to stand up to the unelected few that were bringing our country down. 


    Well said LDC. Sadly, I am not surprised by some of the unpleasantness expressed in this thread but it''s still depressing to learn how many nasty, ignorant people use this MB. I am surprised that this thread was not moved to Non-Football as it certainly isn''t Norwich City related.
  2. Bogbrush

    Maggie: What would be an apt tribute?

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    I think we should have a minutes sil..........




    Perhaps we should put the fences back up and treat all fans like animals for a weekend. I think that would be fitting. Especially if some of the innocents die..




    You empty headed fool.
  3. What''s been wrong with Pilks anyway ?

    Would love to see Ruddy start against Arsenal but I guess that will be a game to early. Better to have him fully fit for the crunch matches against Reading and Villa.
  4. Ruddy clearly not good enough. Sell him ! Seriously, the importance of a fit again Ruddy cannot be under estimated.
  5. Truly excellent news. Thanks for the info AJ.
  6. Bogbrush

    Another week, another match

    [quote user="lake district canary"]There is usually room to play a bit at Arsenal. Anyone take an entertaining 0-0 ?  We have the defence to achieve that,   if the  midfield functions like at Sunderland,  we could even sneak a win.   Stranger things have happened.    Away we have coped well with Spurs, and Everton both top six teams.Well, why not?


    "There is usually room to play a bit at Arsenal."

    That''s what worries me.

  7. Bogbrush

    Ricardo's report v Swansea

    [quote user="chicken"][quote user="hogesar"]Swansea looked better than us but that''s because they are better than us with a style of play they''ve been able to continue with a change of manager - their style was and is sustainable and they''ve topped it off with a real quality player in Michu.

    We''re probably a season behind them now, as we''ve rather radically altered our style of play. As Chops has said, using passion as a reason to bash the manager is ridiculous because in my personal opinion i saw lots of effort and thought Johnson was fantastic at doing the defensive job of two midfielders (what the hell does Howson do off the ball?!).

    Everyone will yell Hughton Out but we created enough chances at home today to win a game, but conceded a couple of poor goals. Had we won 3-2 it''d have been a different story.[/quote]

    I agree with this to a certain extent. Last season I felt they struggled a bit going forward, they created the opportunities but looked like they didn''t have the player up front.

    You can''t underestimate the role Mich plays in that team now, everything seems to involve him, the players around him constantly looked for him. He is a pivotal player to them.

    People say that he is a real find, but the truth is Laudrup already knew of him, he wasn''t a find, he was a steal. Sod knows why he cost only £2million, that''s peanuts.

    Upon reflection you can''t help but feel that in a way that is exactly what we miss, and that perhaps RVW can be that player, perhaps if it had been him and not Kei today we would have seen one or two more of those chances go in?

    It goes to show what one player of that quality can do for a team. It''s the difference between a team being involved on the fringes of a relegation scrap and a team that was chasing the coattails of a European spot for most of this season.

    Just goes to show those fine margins.

    But when you look at our two results against them this season I would have taken them at the start of the season. 4pts from the two Swansea fixtures either way around is good by me. Put yourself in their shoes. They will have been gutted to have been beaten by us at their place and will be bitter that they couldn''t make their chances count today for a win.

    They have scrimped a measly point off us, one of the teams they would identify as ''beatable'' at the start of the season.

    I''m happy with that.[/quote]

    Benteke is Aston Villa''s Michu. Swansea would be fighting to avoid the drop too if it wasn''t for Michu and Villa without Benteke would be relegated by now. Two inspired signings.

    The key difference for me today was that Swansea played without fear because of course there is no pressure on them either way now whilst the Norwich players understandably looked tense and nervous until somehow we managed to score.
  8. God, this thread and most others on here are just so flipping boring. And, for Gawd''s sake stop referring to posters who dare to point out the glaringly obvious i.e. that we are not safe yet, as pantwetters.
  9. [quote user="star_manic"]just looked at your link Zak. only three PL platers are currently suspended, Bunn and Evertons pair, Pienaar and Fellaini. [/quote]

    Mignolet had to get straight back up to retrieve the ball before he realised that the ref had blown for a foul. Otherwise, no doubt he would have writhed on the floor like the rest of them.
  10. Bogbrush

    Robin Sainty's EDP column today

    Excellent post Bury. I fully agree with all you say.
  11. He looks like one of the undead standing on the touchline in the snow.
  12. I have a hunch we will win 2-1. In any case, ! have to say that I think the title of this thread is imbecilic.
  13. Bogbrush

    Rob Butler

    I''m often tempted to phone Canary Call just to share with the other listeners how inane the Pink Un message board can be and how many apparently IQ challenged posters use it ..... but then I would sound like so many posters who come on here on a Monday to slate Rob Butler, Paul McVeigh and claim some sort of superior intelligence over the people who phone Canary Call. Granted that some CC callers make some pretty stupid points but I''m a Norfolk exile and I enjoy listening to most of the calls in the same way that I enjoy reading many of the threads on here.
  14. Bogbrush

    Match thread v Saints.

    Nothing to do with a lisp just somone who is thick. By theway, I thought your contribution regarding Block Quotes shortly after the match ended was a bit staged.
  15. Bogbrush

    good result

    Yes, anothsr point but to call a 0-0 home draw against Southampton a good result is a bit one dimensional. Or just plain silly.
  16. Bogbrush

    Why was Holt not subbed

    Screas for Becchio/Kamara startt. Holt is looking tired.
  17. If we continue to play like that other teams will beat us. Only good luck intervened to save us from losing today. Good luck intervened at the end but this time in favour of Southampton and some semblance of fairness was achieved. Until the points/games left ratio confirm that we are safe anybody who says that we are not still in a relegation struggle is in denial.
  18. 4-0 is Man Utd''s biggest win this season - they have done this three times, once against us of course and twice against Wigan. It was a good thing that the game finished when it did otherwise we would have quickly conceded more goals. We expended so much effort and concentration in first 75 minutes we just couldn''t maintain it. I wasn''t unhappy at 2-0 down and then by the end I was willing the ref to blow the whistle. So, IMO 4-0 did not flatter Man Utd. That having been said, we didn''t expect anything from the game and my guess is that Hughton and the players are already focused upon Southampton, a game we do expect something from - 3 points.
  19. Bogbrush


    Abu Dhabi
  20. Bogbrush

    Tom Adeyemi

    [quote user="Reasonable Canary"]I''m just saying what every reasonable fan thinks about these types, they are completely moronic and need to be put down or they think they are right about everything. Before long you''ve got wiz. Wiz and his type are the fault of every member of this forum that just let them get away with it. They are the rot in this football club and have to be dealt with[/quote]

    Blimey. Were you a fascist in a previous life ?
  21. Bogbrush

    Nearly crashed the car

    [quote user="dpit"]Wouldn''t have mattered if I had crashed. Would have got the wife to take the blame.[/quote]

    Hey, you can''t say that. It''s racist, sexist or somethingist and I take deep offence on behalf of anybody directly affected.
  22. Bogbrush

    Harry Kane been recalled

    [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]

    [quote user="refjezdavies"]No Im saying he has the biggest chin in world football and was a complete embarrassment to NCFC by the way I don''t criticise our players much so that''s saying something Spurs have done us a huge favour[/quote]

    Think that is incredibly unfair on a player who suffered a nasty injury early in the season and never got much of a chance. He was very good in the home again against West Ham early in the season - I think if he hadn''t got injured would have had a bigger impact on the season. Tottenham recalling him shows they feel he can he cover their own lack of strikers.


    Couldn''t agree more with Bethnal.