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  1. hey mate as a villa fan for me you can take him,not impressed what he has done for our club, the team looks poor the formation at times looks wrong, and we have got some big time charlies who i don''t think he can manage to be honest you get the idea they are managing him, really really concerned we are going down, a lot of villa fans feel the same, don''t know whats different at your club but he had something at Norwich but he aint got it now. i know a lot of people think villa fans are fickle but when you are doing as crap as we are and relegation threatens you got to do something,lots of calls from villa fans for di matteo.
  2. you really aint on the same planet as the rest of us
  3. hi you canaries what league are luton in ha ha fooking hell i thought we were bad, see you in the championship next seasonby the way you can have Lambert back if you want him, at a big club he is out of his depth keep your pecker up canaries the championship aint that bad                             the villa boys
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