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    Ricardo's report v Everton

    Only edit for you, which is fair enough as you were at the river end and I was near the goal in the Barclay, the Naismith block was Martin not Garrido. Only pointing it out as the credit is fully deserved
  2. Good to know about the hesitating, I wasn''t honestly sure as couldn''t see from my seat, if so that is disappointing, but suppose adds to a supporting factor that maybe someone like Fer would have been less nonsense about it
  3. Just having a quick read through and cannot honestly believe how negative people are (well I can knowing this forum but there we go). Anyone saying we were awful/negative/lucky have no idea.

    Our tactics were spot on, Martinez focuses on passing and very little else, we pressed when needed too without over rushing and leaving space (something I will say Holt did last year on occasions but thats irrelevant). They had quality pace in Mirallas and Barkley with Fellaini having an easy time as we had no Fer to give us a taller stronger battler to compete with him, which caused slight problems.

    At the back, Martin with numerous great blocks and Turner read the game well allowing a good solid back line. Their two goals, Barkley''s was a great hit, would need another look to see if we should have closed down better, and the only downside possibly was Garridos slowness for the second.

    Otherwise, with technically our "spine" (other then RVW) out injured we were still very strong, Redmond played well, just needs to pick a pass which will come with age. Bennett did his job and great stuff from Whittaker down the right. In attack, Wes was very poor, taking players on and failing constantly, he really didn''t want to play a pass it seemed, but that is the frustration. Due to his poor performance we couldn''t fully see RVW getting chances, but he looked class! His movement caused hassles, ran when needed to and to score a header against two giant centre backs is a massive compliment. With a couple of players back from injury, we could have made better subs and pushed on but thats luck. Overall, would have loved a win but Everton played their strongest team and Martinez if anything cost them by taking the threat of Mirallas off and getting rid of a lot of pace.

    Finally, again Russell Martins blocks were incredible! I had a great view of the one from Naismith after Ruddy''s save and it was world class.
  4. Xander11ncfc

    Away Kit

    [quote user="Costa.canary"]we cant have blue, any other colour except that.  iv''e always liked orange the dutch always look good in it and very few other clubs use it , just like yellow, which would make us stand out and be different, plus the new boys might feel at home![/quote]

    Orange wouldn''t work, too close to Yellow and the only other team we ''need'' away kit for is Hull... though their away kit changed to yellow and green blocks could work

  5. Xander11ncfc

    Away Kit

    Personally I would love dark green and black hoops, think would look good, though there may be problems with tv (if I remember thats what was said about the 2004-05 away?) though if not, take erreas Italian nature into context have a Juve style black and white stripes with a bit of green mixed in...
  6. Xander11ncfc

    Hold Onto Your Hats Folks

    I suppose it brings that thought people have about one deal sparking another etc... Kone to Everton, Holt to Wigan, someone to us...
  7. Though having a big tie would be a great start to the season, I think Chelsea is up there with the worst it could be. Especially during his time at Chelsea before, and since, Mourinho is known to hit the ground running with his teams to make sure they are starting solid and use that as a platform, which does lead to a slight thinking of how they may be opening day...

    May just be overthinking but big club yes, but maybe not most ideal it being Chelsea
  8. Am I the only one who thinks in the video the kits look baggier then recently? They seem to be quite sparing in the sizing, especially if you compare to other manufacturers such as kappa or under armour
  9. The reasoning behind it not being one of the centre midfielders (aside from that Wes wasn''t having as strong a second half) is that at that stage it was not just a slight, acceptable risk it was an extreme risk. With the midfield Villa were playing Johnson and Howson has to work so hard to get even into the battle, which they did well.

    Had one of them gone off, then we would have been even more bare in the middle, which would have led to more space for players like Delph to control the game and cause more of a hassle. The substitution came later then needed to however but still a diamond with two wide players is something which only works in the world of fifa.

    The side to that arguement would be the Wes would have given the extra cover, which I do not doubt would have happened but it is different. It would have either meant Wes would not have got back as strongly as others, or from getting back and having to cover would have lost out on his attacking influence.

    So then comes whether should have been one of the wingers. With Pilks not playing at his best (fitness maybe, just the fact sometimes didn''t happen) would have been the option seen by some, but this creates its own problems. We would have become more narrow out on the left, defeating the two "big man" option a little as less chances for crossing means less options from that front. When it comes down to it playing two wingers means a lot for a team like us where our strikers have a lack of pace (or ability in general to be honest) and they become the outlet which means a lot.

    Just a slight view on maybe some of the thinking of the substitution, I can see why some think it was negative but in the context it may have been the only option. The people around me were only unhappy as to why it wasn''t Holt going off after another noshow up front, so who knows exactly why people weren''t happy
  10. Xander11ncfc

    No shots on target again?!

    [quote user="GJP"]Something that particularly disappointed me today is that Villa have got well known problems with dealing with balls into the box and we didn''t do enough to exploit that.[/quote]

    well thats what happens when the centre forward is cluelessly wandering around
  11. Xander11ncfc

    Our best 2 players today....

    Howson was class except for that little period, which just seemed like possibly down to fitness, getting himself back at to full pelt took a bit more then needed. Although if anything his problem meant he was having to hold the ball longer due to lack of movement.

    Bennett was class, considering the size of Benteke, always felt confident at a 50/50
  12. Xander11ncfc

    Darrent Bent

    Another (and maybe better) shout if looking at teams who have ''excess'' strikers or ones who may want away is Le Fondre. I know he didn''t play on saturday but I am sure someone said they thought it would be crying out for him, or their Reading friend said something. Plus his interview today means may want out?

  13. Xander11ncfc

    The Clear Out To Begin

    Another player who will be coming back of course is Ayala
  14. Xander11ncfc

    Hughton take a wthi interview

    We are essentially making the same point here. By even saying anything against the ref Hughton is taking some risk. My point with Warnock was has can have that freedom, as you have said, but I also mean that he was essentially saying managers should have more right to some freedom without this so called risk.

    But anyway, I am happy with what Hughton said, he has questioned it and though I know it won''t make the slightest difference at least thats something.
  15. Xander11ncfc

    Hughton take a wthi interview

    When managers in the premier league get any decision against them, they will come out and defend these decisions in a blink of an eye, had it been the other end Wenger would have said nothing but the decision because thats his style. Fergie is another who often states stuff as over the top and against his side (RVP ball situation as one major example).

    As for him cracking under pressure I don''t agree, he has come out and said something, which I agree with what I said he could have happily gone further without "cracking". It is just the unfortunate way of the premier league that managers will often throw their toys out of the plan. Warnock on final score actually seemed delighted to show a view and not be under such extreme restrictions, now I am not a fan but he makes a valid point about how little allowance for speech the lower managers get
  16. Xander11ncfc

    Hughton take a wthi interview

    Firstly it would show some passion which I am sure many fans seem to think he lacks.

    Secondly, although yes it may be seen as slightly stupid, the top managers do it week in week out and get away with it, so sometimes you have to play their game. Its a admittedly childish viewpoint but if the FA and top mangers are going to do it then sometimes it has to be played that way.

    It probably wouldn''t make the slightest bit of difference in reality, but sometimes you just have to stick your neck out and say what needs saying
  17. Xander11ncfc

    Hughton take a wthi interview

    Hughton take a risk with interview, its been a long day thats all I can say as some form reasoning to the awful typing...
  18. Xander11ncfc

    Hughton take a wthi interview

    and sorry about the title... Not quite sure what happened there went dodgy...
  19. Xander11ncfc

    Hughton take a wthi interview

    Sorry if he has already said something and missed it, but he has to come out angry! This has been too many times this has happened to us in general, and the smaller teams.

    I don''t care if he gets a ban, a fine or anything, he has to tell the FA how much of a disgrace the reffing was and show some passion as to how were had confirmation of safety stolen away from us today!
  20. Having just honestly done it, I had us only beating West Brom, drawing with Reading and Stoke, losing the rest and we still stay up. Even if I change the West Brom to a draw we are still above Stoke and Sunderland.
  21. Has he been fully fit this season? The problem of having really only him as a left winger this season means that when he is fit enough to play he usually plays. I just seem to have a sense he hasn''t been 100% a lot when playing.

    That saying he does make a massive difference to the team and I honestly think when he is fully fit and playing will (yes needs improve consistency) he is up there as one of our best players
  22. Xander11ncfc

    Lack of effort by Holt

    I said about Howson today twice. To the person next to me I said he was doing everything brilliantly until he passed the ball, some great runs but his passes just weren''t happening. I also think in the second half he gets a lot of credit for really upping his game, think the worst and near best of him were seen today.
  23. Xander11ncfc


    Kamara played a huge part in both goals today, for the first when he just ran at the swansea defence, they were clueless about what to do and then played a great pass through to Bennett for the cross. Winning the foul for the second too shows what a great job he did, not to mention winning basically everything.

    It''s difficult to say why he doesn''t run directly at players more, may just be because of being a player on loan in a big league and not wanting to take risks, or fitness. But if he did run at players a little more that would be great
  24. Xander11ncfc

    Lack of effort by Holt

    Another point towards the Hughton being too defensive and "ruining" Holt, at extra time Bassong went forward at a goal kick to try and go for the winner, nothing from the manager but Grant Holt actively goes over and tells him to get back instead of attacking... One moment but certainly nothing based upon the manager...
  25. I think the major answer to the defensive strategy is based upon the fact we didn''t sign a "big" striker in the summer. we were clearly after a striker but it was seen that defence was our main focus. If we had kept under last seasons go for it attitude, I personally feel we don''t have good enough stirkers to have continued in the way which we did last year (teams knowing us better etc).

    Also, the closest thing some will look at is Villa. The reason they can attack sometimes in the "Lambert" style is because of their attacking options, specifically considering it all how many points they would have without Benteke... I don''t exactly know but can certainly think of his goals winning them points, he may be the only reason (if they do) they survive