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  1. Nowt to do with accent just the bloody load of nonsense a lot of them spout , sack Hughton drop Holt get a pitch fork and run Delia out of the city which if I recall quite a few of them did want to a couple of years back. Nothing sensible to say then please save yourself the price of the phone call .Dullards.
  2. Well at the end of the day ... Cor blast me ol partner ... If I''m being honest it''s just an opinion to be fair but il tell you what if I sounded as stoopid on that ol wireless as sum ov them I wudunt bother. At the end of the day.
  3. Bang on, We are dreadful without Holt . Shall we recall Chris Martin cos he''s good.
  4. What is it with the people who seem to make it to air who can''t string a sentence together without 1) talking utter tosh about Grant Holt 2)in all honesty... 3) at the end of the day ... Well at the end of the day Hootun dun''t make subs at the end of the day. Please stick to boring your workmates with your opinions . Thanks.
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