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  1. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Dont let the door hit your ass[/quote]Bit harsh the lads had no end of $hit off his own fans, granted sometimes hes hardly helped his cause. But most of the crap hes had has been rather unjust. Also you know he''ll score past us when we get weeds in the cup
  2. Without wanting to sound cocky, Why dont you just tell the idiot that you''ve heard enough. Sometimes it takes someone telling them before they realize what a fool they look/sound. Also why should you have to move when its them being a pain in the ar$e??
  3. [quote user="Bert sneakers"]You really have got the lip on thinking your Hooper post was deleted haven''t you? Don''t worry I thought it was a lovely post so well done, well done. Feel better now? If you get your physio pal around to rub my stiff groin I''ll let him in on a few of Berts secrets but he has to promise not to spill the beans.[/quote]BERT your a KN0B!!!!
  4. That goes by like tomorrow without a new striker being brought in is/could be the 3 points that we needed to stay up at the end of the season. Come on please Mr McNally get someone in asap. Stop the low baling with the offers and get us the player/players we need to crack on with the rest of the season
  5. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I think despite today and last week we have a great chance against Spurs. We have done well against them in the last 3 games, and the players will be embarrassed after today and determined to bounce back. Hopefully.[/quote]Did you watch the game today GP, If you did youll see we wont even get a GOAL against spurs. Love your optimism however i just think your whats called DELUDED. Were on a loosing run and after today the players confidence must be shattered. what a difference 6 months has made to the players
  6. We end up getting a decent striker in tomorrow or monday to divert the fans attention from the utter dross that had to be witnessed by too many today
  7. With Lambert and McNally there were hardly ever stories about who we were going to sign, Yet now it appears that lots of our transfer targets are being announced to the world. Especially with Hughton saying that we are looking at Kamara. Could it be Hughton?? As nice as it is to know a little of who were looking at, i''d much prefer it if we could sneak about doing our business without other clubs knowing. I know agents will do it but this window seems to be far more public than normal.The only other time i can think of where our approach was made so public was fat Fry trying to drum up the price for C.M.Sdiscuss OTBC 
  8. Come on Millwall draws probably best tho extra game and then they go out LOL
  9. Hi all ive got two tickets for the Luton game in the Lower Barclay £15 for the pair. Were unable too attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Buyer to collect or pay by paypal and i can send next day delivery for £5
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