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  1. I agree with everything except the final point. You have no idea how bad hughton is he is so STATIC! Cant change a team for shite!
  2. Hughton has shown he cannot learn from experience. He refuses to change the formation even when things go tits up and he NEVER brings on subs! So in short YES holt is being destroyed because he cant score in these silly tactics!!!
  3. The point is that this is a shamefull lie! Were not going for Graham at all. Spin, spin and more SPIN!
  4. GOOD! About time he stopped leeching off money which could go to something else!
  5. Maybe if Hughton listened to us fans in the summer this WOULDNT have happened.
  6. We''ve been in a relegation fight all season yet some people remain blind. COME ON EVERTON.
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