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  1. Ignorance is bliss so they say Indy. You can also ignore the fact that he has almost a 1 in 2 strike rate in Serie A too this season playing for a ''small'' club. Some of his goals from Cagliari this season: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjJ-AAWoEJ0
  2. [quote user="Renskay"]Here''s my little shortlist of a couple potential targets that I think would be worthwhile and reasonably affordable. - Carlos Bacca, Club Brugge - Philipp Hosiner, FK Austria - Abdel Hernandez, Sampdoria - Jozy Altidore, AZ Alkmaar - Marco Sau, Cagliari - Wissam Ben Yedder, Toulouse - Ibou, OH Leuven - Imoh Ezekiel, Standard Liege Also a controversial one I''d add is Jérémie Aliadière who has had a tremendous season scoring 15 league goals and assisting 11.[/quote] Marco Sau, Yes please! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68NBylN3qck Mute the vid, and ignore the dreadful editing, then enjoy :)
  3. I''d be more interested in Row D Seat 7''s team-talk than starting selection! Inspiring, I bet!
  4. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]20,000 now sold. [/quote] Noticed its not on tv tonight [/quote] Yes, it is. ITV4 @ 19.30
  5. Marco Sau would be my first choice as a striker option. Banging them in for Cagliari in Serie A, and would command a similar fee to the likes of Jordan Rhodes or Gary Hooper. Both footed, great technique and young(ish).
  6. Kone? - 29yo Remy? - 80K a week! Guthrie? - Duff Knee James Mcarthy? - Possibly Maloney? - 30yo Gomez? - Terrible srike rate Hoilet? - Toilet (see Gomez) Zamora? - 32yo, way past his best. I''d be looking at sub 25 year olds that can develope a long term understanding, rather than buying experienced average players from under-performing clubs.
  7. There is a reason why Reading are relegating.... those players mentioned simply aren''t good enough for the Premiership. Buying from any relegating club is hardly an improvement on what we have got, not to mention signing a player who is bound to be on almost rock-bottom confidence. Personally, I wouldn''t take anyone from Reading QPR, and Wigan, regardless of ''cut-price'' deals.
  8. 8M for one of the strikers with the lowest confidence in the top flight, reaching the twilight of his career, NO thanks. Any source for this rumour too? Also, I find it incredible that you manage to spell Wolfswinkel correctly, but struggle with ''Darren''! ''And leaving the dream''... LOL. At least make an effort if you are going to post, please?
  9. Totally agree with that Prozac. I think it''s more likely that we take Lowton off them for 3M, than selling Rusty for the same price!
  10. Not sure I would class an 8M transfer fee as ''reasonably priced'' and certainly Remy''s wage isn''t reasonable! A ''reasonably priced'' striker I would like to see us sign is Matěj Vydra. At only 20, he could be at Carrow Road for quite a while and has shown some excellent finishing for Watford this season. Can''t see Udinese wanting a huge fee for him either, but would the Udinese/Watford relationship be a stumbling block?
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