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  1. wait a sec just let me get my jackie guys!!!
  2. aw come on guys lets not get rowdy who wants to pop down to the nelson with me??? come on ill buy, great lads you are. but fuck if my head aint killing me
  3. it isnt shandy mate i aint no wimp im a lad nothing wrong with some captin morgans rum!!! ill raise a cup to this thread! thanks lads
  4. thank you for taking this seriously mate thanks for being a proper lad
  5. im not sleeping this of you knobeds i need to get my point acros
  6. yeah real funny but my point is true even though im pissed like a porpoise.
  7. i would love him here at least he can score!!!!
  8. i tweeted him but he didnt reply! i hope he took it on board though! we need that striker more than ipswich town need some fans!!!!!
  9. the number on your tickets for general games tw@t! have you EVER been to a game before????
  10. im pissed as a skunk but i still know when i talk SENSE
  11. did anybody watch newcastle, west ham, qpr, reading and all the others! We can''t score! Who agrees with me that we have to get a striker now, if we dont then more games are at risk of going the same ways as those other games. a big target man, somebody to kick the players into gear and score. we need somebody who can BANG THEM IN! anybody want a shot at hooper! I DO! we need to let the club know this!
  12. Where is it my my friends? 16 days have gone bye and Houghton has not signed anybody. Not even a striker!!!! I think its about time Mcnally put his foot up Houghtons arse. We need to sign a striker quickly, hopefully hooper, otherwise were in a real danger of GOING DOWN! I just need to voice my opinion because this has been getting on my nerves for days and I am SICK of hearing silence from the club! New striker now!
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