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  1. I am not ITK or posting from twitter related sources. But I would like Norwich consider bidding for Jelle Vossen of Genk. A young Belgium international who would suit our team and signings policy of young and hungry players who compete at international level. Just see his WIKI page for stats and you tube clips of goals scored (I know YouTube is not the best media to rely on) I think this chap was originally linked back in Paul Lambert''s tenure, but I can''t be 100% sure of that fact. Now if you believe the media Newcastle are sniffing around him to sign him instead of Gomis. If we sign this type of player and get a number 10 Attacking midfielder/striker like Ola or Fabio from Juve our attacking options will be set for the season. One more Central Defender - no suggestions from me on that one. Then we will have a more than capable squad at our disposable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jelle_Vossen  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQAYkqe65KY  
  2. All I will say is don''t be fooled by the transfer fees quoted by the media! Also remember RVW transfer fee was paid out of last seasons budget. Remember who would have thought we would sign RVW with bigger clubs interested. It''s up to the players attitude and ambition. Nathan is a fantastic acquisition for Norwich and has the right attitude and ambition to play first time football in the EPL. Interesting times for the canaries and squad additions.
  3. Wiz you are an amusing chap!  Are you a parody of yourself, like those hooligan types calling themselves the "Chaos Crew" on that tweeting thing?   I look forward to seeing you at the game on Saturday. You loyal supporter you.   Or did you just say "That goal was definitely offside" while listening to the radio.   Have you ever called Canary Call?   You would be a hoot!!!!!!!!!!   Stay happy my dear fellow and keep supporting our boys in yellow.       OTBC  
  4. Here! Here! Nigel I echo your sentiments exactly.   Well I suppose we could be in Villa''s position. Their fans will be inconsolable at the moment!
  5. My word!!! Insulting each other on forums this really is ridiculous. Forums are there for debate not to vent your anger because of a bad day at the office or relationship problems!   My post was food for thought not a springboard for abuse.     Unbelievable Jeff!!!   OTBC  
  6. Mr Fleck,   I totally agree with everything you said, I am also a season ticket holder and I am very concerned by our toothless attacking options, especially playing the defensive 4-5-1 formation and defending too deep inviting pressure.  We need to be able to change formation where the situation dictates and we need playing staff on the books to implement this.   I am sure everything is being done behind the scenes to make this happen.   My post was not aimed at having a dig at everyone, just a reminder of realism and patience required.     I also totally echo your sentiments about relegation to the Championship.   OTBC 
  7. I have been reading some posts with reference to this transfer window. I have never read such negativity towards our club. You would have thought we either had Glen or Bryan managing the team and Doomcaster holding tight the purse strings like a few years back heading to League one obscurity.     Unless I have been living on another universe? We are sitting 13th in the Premier League, in the best financial position we have been in for quite some time.      Fans or so called fans complaining about our transfer dealings to date. I would bet know one who posts in this forum actually is "in the know" of what meetings/phone calls, enquiries, bids are taking place on a daily basis throughout this transfer window and summer season. It is pure speculation from the media and PR machines (Agents) for their clients to be sold at the best possible price for the club/player and agent.     If Sky sports/talk sport and social media like twitter didn''t exist, speculation would not be able to spread and the PR machine would come to a grinding halt.      It''s all a media game played by agents to drum up business to sell their client to the highest bidder. I say let the staff at Norwich City get on with their job and not pester them on twitter like I see David McNally is being hounded currently and wait patiently for official news when a bid has been accepted and a press conference has been called to announce the signing(s).     Let''s just get back to talking about the football being played and tactics (or in some games lack of)  and not media speculation which helps line the pockets of football agents (middle men taking their pound of flesh for doing little)       Just a suggestion, why don''t you take a twitter and sky sports/talk sport holiday until February 1st. 
  8. I have been supporting Norwich City since for 20 years now and season ticket holder. So i''m not one of these trolls and post transfer rumour twoddle. Ok we are all getting impatient because of outwardly as a club we don''t talk about transfers and leak stories to Sky Sports like the likes of QPR and West Ham for example for the fans to hook into and get all excited about. We aren''t even featured on deadline day around the ground segments on Sky Sports. But should we be worried about this? I say no! I know that there will be posters on here naming no names which will lambast me for me for my relaxed attitude, but I think we should stop refreshing newsfeeds and twitter accounts and wait until there is official news from the club about incoming and outgoing playing staff. Of course I am no fool, and I am of the same opinion as everyone here that we need at least 2 new forward attacking players and maybe another winger/playmaker to aid our premiership survival. But just sit back relax and wait for official news. Look at other teams around us and their transfer policies before we get down and pessimistic for our chances of survival. OTBC   
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